This page refers to the character of Solum created by Mirai Moon (tbc). For the game created by JesseRoo (tbc), see "Solum".
It's time to live.
Solum, Before Life

SPECIES Superhuman
CURRENT STATUS Alive (13 years-old)
Presumed deceased (26 years-old)
AGE 13
BIRTHPLACE Within the Everything
Father (desceased)
Mother (deceased)
Older brother
Christine Marie Cabanos

Adriana Quod Solus, more commonly known and referred to as "Solum", is a major character introduced in Viva la Rose Warriors who serves as a major non-playable character that is central to the plot of the Rose Warriors series and the greater Bola Parasola. Introduced in the short story Before Life, which served as a teaser to Viva la Rose Warriors, Solum is aware of the events taking place within the Bola Parasola multiverse despite the fact that she remains trapped within a small room.

During the events of Viva la Rose Warriors, it is revealed that Solum is actually a Superhuman, who holds the power to send her memories into the past or future. While depicted as a 13 year-old girl throughout the entirety of the series, she carries memories sent back to her from her 26 year-old self.

Physical Appearance

As a thirteen year-old, Solum is a short girl whose most prominent trait is her long brown hair that past the middle of her back. She has purple eyes and wears a similarly-coloured shirt with sleeves that are far longer than her arms, which often means it is impossible for one to see her hands. She also wears dark purple slacks and black shoes. Her appearance, with her shirt being too large and her pants too short, suggest that she does not care for her appearance.

As a twenty-six year-old woman, Solum's appearance is radically different. While her skin still pale, she now hides one of her eyes under a cloud of short, yet spiked, white hair, with a single strand hanging from the top of her head that reaches to under her left eye. Due to excessive use of her power to send her memories to the past, her eyes have become a clouded golden colour. She now wears a long dark grey dress with black undershirt and leggings that hide most of her skin. Unlike before, she makes less of an effort to hide her hands away from sight, plainly revealing the four dots that have been burned into both of her hands.


Prior to the Fracturing

Very little is known about Solum's history. Despite being the central protagonist of the Rose Warriors series, she doesn't interact with the titular group at all throughout Viva la Rose Warriors, with her simply appearing in cutscenes and at the end of the game. Prior to the Fracturing of the Bola Parasola it is suggested that her parents were both killed in an accident and her older brother abandoned her. She also has a very quiet and paranoid personality, and is often frightened when in the presence of others.

At some point before the Fracturing she was imprisoned within a grey room by a man she only knows and refers to as "The Old Man".

Viva la Rose Warriors

Solum makes very small, but important, appearances in Viva la Rose Warriors, often appearing in cutscenes where she is shown writing about events that have transpired previously in the game, or speaking to the old man that imprisoned her. Many of these cutscenes have little significance on their own, but when strung together reveal that it it Solum that is causing all of the events of the game together. A few characters that the Rose Warriors interact with through the game are aware that their story is being written by Solum, and refer to her as "the author of our world".

At the end of the game, the Rose Warriors face off against Palkia and Dialga, beings that hold control over space and time respectively, hoping that their defeat would allow them to restore the universe to its original state. Their actions instead cause pain to Solum herself, and the defeat of these beings cause her to be released from the cell she lived within, albeit in a comatose state.


Though the events surrounding it are unknown, the 26 year-old Solum sends her final memory to her 13 year-old self, which shows the old man planning to kill her. It is unknown whether or not the old man succeeded, but when asked about it the old man hints that she is destined to be killed by him.



  • Solum's real name, Adriana Quod Solus, can mean "dark and alone". Her surname, "Quod Solus", is (at least according to Google Translate) Latin for "and alone", while the name Adriana means "dark".
  • Though not revealed in the Bola Parasola or the Rose Warriors series, Solum's older brother is Cardinal.
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