Soliel Male
125 lbs

23 (mentally) years old

Soliel, the sinister sulking engineer.
POWERS Prowess with machines


BIRTHDAY March 18th
OCCUPATION(S) uHive mechanic





Tight spaces


Social interactions
Open spaces



Soliel is an artificial Beorn created by uHive, acting as a mechanic for the company's uBee drones. He was created by PabloDePablo (tbc) as a foil to Sherpa, further exploring various aspects of uHive - primarily their inner workings, along with the genetic variance possible in clones.

Soliel is one of the best mechanics uHive has, primarily working with the uBee drones at their base of operations but occasionally working for hire. Originally intended to be a social figure, Soliel was rejected by the company that ordered his cloning, for not being cute enough. When he escaped termination, he started living inside the walls of uHive, tinkering with machines until they hired him. He's much less harmless than their usual assassins, but just as cruel verbally.


Soliel is a Beorn with indigo fur, most notable for his height. He is even taller than Boare and has none of the extra fur or bulk, making him look very lanky for a Beorn. He has a long purple tongue and three very curved claws on each hand. His pupils have sharper points compared to other Beorns, and dark fur patterns underneath his eyes give the impression of heavy bags. He wears a scarf with two long tails trailing around him, with yellow, orange, red, and fuchsia stripes, resembling a sunset. He also wears honey-colored bandages on his elbows, running down to his wrists.


Soliel is a very eccentric individual, with a deep disdain for other people. He generally avoids physical conflicts where he can, but he's rude, sarcastic, and unhelpful towards others, lacking any empathy. He works for uHive only because the arrangement gives him a home and plenty of time alone. He's a very talented engineer and programmer, but hates technical terms and never explains his work.

Despite his incredibly abrasive exterior, Soliel also has an anxious streak. He has a deep irrational fear of open spaces; he chooses to sleep inside very tight gaps in the walls of uHive's base, even though it requires him to bend his lanky body uncomfortably. He fully understands he's not the most proficient fighter and avoids insulting Sherpa to avoid her wrath.


Soliel was created by uHive as part of a bulk order of Beorns from an anonymous source on Huxxabu. This batch of clones prioritized intelligence and social skills over physical prowess, and were intended for use in roles such as political or corporate endorsements, riding off Unten Bluzen's fame. The client rejected Soliel, claiming he was too strange and unappealing for their uses. Before uHive could decide whether to terminate him or sell him off for cheap, Soliel gained consciousness and escaped capture, living in the walls of the uHive base for weeks. He quickly developed a knack for machines and used uHive's own communication systems against them to apply for a job, an offer they reluctantly accepted.



Powers and Abilities

Soliel was specifically designed to be less physically strong than most other Beorns, but that doesn't mean he's without his own unique abilities. He possesses a sharp intellect and is skilled in engineering and programming. He has gotten quite skilled at communicating with uHive's uBee drones, even modifying a few for personal use and building tools for controlling them. He's also flexible enough to live inside uHive's walls, although this seems to be an acquired skill rather than a biological one.

Specific Abilities


  • Genius Intellect - Soliel is very intelligent, and a very fast learner. His areas of expertise are mechanical engineering and programming, but he also has some understanding of biology, particularly uHive's cloning process.
  • Flexibility - Soliel has trained to fit his lanky body into gaps and maintenance tunnels within uHive's walls. This also happens to make him great at escapes.


  • uMatic Spanner - A large pipe wrench-like tool Soliel uses for both work and combat. It's large enough to require two hands and has a holographic projector in it, allowing it to be used as a computer. The jaws can be launched on an energy rope, allowing the tool to be used as a mace or grappling hook.
  • uBees - Soliel has extensive experience working with uHive's uBee drones. He's developed easy commands for them and can control them in swarms of up to two dozen. Unfortunately for Soliel, his commands can be overridden by direct uHive control.
    • HUNNY•POT - A personalized model of uBee built by Soliel. Its torso has been expanded on, giving it a large storage area inside, and it has four additional arms ending in hexagonal shields. It is primarily used to deliver goods to Soliel, but is also capable of combat, utilizing its shields as blunt ramming weapons.



Sherpa is the one person Soliel will willingly hold back against. He understands her strength, having seen her work in action, and fears her. If the two are in the same room, he'll fall strangely quiet.

Fenrir of the Flame

Soliel sees Fenrir as a fool. While uHive management has encouraged him to be polite with such a powerful potential investor, he'll often get around this by trying to trick him, taking advantage of his own inability to describe his work to sound like a mysterious exciting start-up.


  • Soliel's design was heavily inspired by the sun bear, a very lanky species of bear with a long tongue. His name is also derived from sol, in keeping with this theme.


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