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The Solflare is a hybrid game console manufactured by AM Studios as their return to the market. It is a streamlined tablet-and-gamepad device.



Physically, the Solflare draws influence from the Nintendo DS, Wii U, and Switch, but many of the ideas can be traced back to earlier AM Studios consoles that preceded the modern hybrid console.

The Solflare console and game controller can be connected in a clamshell fashion or used wirelessly. There is a primary touchscreen on the console, allowing it to be used independently for touch-based games; and a secondary one on the controller that can be used to display additional information in supported software. A stand folds out from the back face of the console, and optional grips unfold from the back of the controller.

The console includes a power button, volume buttons, and a headphone jack. Both parts of the Solflare include pause, share, and system menu buttons.

The main controls on the controller are two circle pads, a standard eight-way directional pad, four face buttons, two shoulder buttons, and four back buttons. Players' middle and ring fingers are intended to rest on the latter. The controller also includes rumble, speaker, gyroscope, microphone, and camera support.

Though primarily a handheld, the console can be detached and docked into a small HDMI-out cradle to broadcast its video output to a larger screen.


The main menu of the Solflare is a grid of app icons. Though apps can be launched with a single button press, players also have options such as viewing an app's manual, newsfeed, or soundtrack.

The Solflare features an online service, which ties Solflare user accounts to named aliases that can be used for online gameplay and services. These aliases are used as account nicknames, and can be exchanged to send friend requests.

The online service also unlocks the ability to use related services, such as a voice chat system, software shop, and cloud backup service, for free.


It's lonely here without you. Please consider developing for Solflare.

Names in other languages

Language Name
Japanese Solflare (太陽ソルフレアー)
Chinese 耀斑
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