Solaire (SSBHassle)
Symbol SSB DarkSoulsSeries
Universe Dark Souls
Smash Appearances
Super Smash Bros. Hassle
Official Debut Dark Souls (2011)
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Wrath Of The Gods
Home Stage -
Tier S [2]

Solaire of Astora is a character in Dark Souls. Solaire is first found just in front of the bridge that leads to Undead Parish, gazing at the sun. Speaking to him here will give the player the White Sign Soapstone and allow Solaire to be summoned to fight the Bell Gargoyles as a Gold Phantom.

In the Super Smash Bros. Hassle tier list, Solaire is ranked at 2ND. Solaire is one of the strongest characters in the entire game, as well as having a lot of finishers. He is a heavyweight, making him difficult to KO. He also has amazing ground game and can kill under 90% damage. He also has strong KO and aerial options, such as his up aerial, and side smash. Solaire also has low lag on some of his attacks, like his back aerial, and forward air. Solaire also has decent edgeguarding, and a surprisingly great recovery for a heavyweight, and he can combo you multiple times. He can also sweetspot the edge pretty decently, and he also has amazing throws, such as down throw being used as a punish option, as well as amazing frame data. Despite all of these pros, he does have some cons. He is kinda slow, both on ground and attack-wise. He also has a large hitbox, making it easy to hit him. Solaire also has one of the worst chaingrabs out of the entire game. However, all of his pros greatly outweigh his cons, and he has been seen as a very viable character in both competitive play and casual play and he has seen amazing tournament results.

Special Attacks

Special Move Title Description Damage
Neutral Special Lightning Spear Solaire raises his hand and channels briefly, while a lighting bolt materializes on his hand. Then he throws it. 27%
Side Special Darkmoon Blade Darkmoon Blade buffs Solaire's attacks for a short period of time, similar to Shulk's Monado Arts. Once Solaire uses this attack, a shockwave surrounds his body, and anyone close to Solaire when he uses this attack takes damage. 10%
Up Special Homeward Solaire teleports. Electric surrounds his body when he performs this attack. 23%
Down Special Heal Solaire kneels, raises his Sunlight Talisman, and an aura appear around him, healing him for a %. If Solaire is above 150%, he uses Great Heal instead, healing for a higher %. 0%
Final Smash Wrath Of The Gods Solaire emits a shockwave around him, that inflicts damage and pushes nearby opponents away from him. The closer the opponent, the farther they are pushed. 57%


  • Up taunt: First Bump gesture.
  • Side taunt: No way gesture.
  • Down taunt: Have Mercy gesture.

Character Selection Screen

  • You can hear Solaire pull out his Lightning Spear

On Screen Appearance

  • Solaire appears in the screen similarly to how members of the Warriors of Sunlight covenant when summoned for helping players, doing the "Praise the Sun" pose.

Victory Animations

  • Solaire does the Praise The Sun stance.
  • Solaire pulls out his Lightning Spear and points it upward.
  • Solaire kneels down and heals himself.

Fan Cheer

Male/female cheer "A-STOR-A!"

Losing Animations


Victory Theme

Dark Souls Theme [0:00-0:05]

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