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Snively is a platforming game by Vaccum Inc. for the Nintendo 3DS.


The gameplay is a free roam 3D platformer, with a heart based life system. Using the touch screen, the player can choose beetwen playing Snively and Lily, and using R button, they can change within their abilities. The player will gain more abilities trought the game.


The story begins in a small village in center of a large forest. The humans there are living in harmony with nature; the forest was a truly peaceful place.

All people there are friendly with each other... in a section of the village, there lives a 14-year old Snively with his girlfriend Lily. It was very peaceful... until some people came to raid the forest to increase their territory. Most of the people were kidnapped; although, Snively and Lily escaped and decided to free the forest from raiders.


  • Snively - The titular hero and main protagonist of the game, he has the power to control nature. He has been obsessed with nature for as long as he can remember, sharing his hobby with his childhood sweetheart, Lily.
  • Lily - A girl living who lives in the Forest Village alongside Snively, her boyfriend. She is very respected in the village, and alongside Snively, controls nature, but unlike Snively, she mainly uses her powers to heal.
  • Rinon - A man who controls light and uses it to protect the village. He was one of the people who avoided getting catched by the raiders. He can generate light balls and float.
  • Deymond - The main villain of the game. He haves unnatural ability to control poison, which gave him an infamy around the continent. During the events of game, he attacked the forest to make a hideout for his group to take over the world. It's better said than done, but he is very determined and patient.


  • Drel - A small country in which the Forest Village is in. A very peaceful country, and the king of Drel haves name Niciel.
  • Forest Village - A big village, in which all the people live in harmony with the nature. Snively and Lily are rather important in the live of the village.



  • Light Screen - A barried made of light power. Snively uses them to protect himself from any attacks. Learned automatically.
  • Vine - A small vine generated by Snively to attack and catch enemies, and also catch things above him. Learned automatically.
  • Leaf Ball - A ball made of sharp leaves by Snively as an attack. Snively can use the attack as a projectile and attack switches from afar. Teacher by Rinon.


  • Heal - A small staff made of wood by Lily to heal herself and Snively. Can be used infinitely in overworld, limited times in dungeons. Learned automatically.
  • Sharp Wind - A wave of wind that's used by Lily to attack. It isn't attacking very much, but it attacks every enemy on map. Learned automatically
  • Lure Scent - A scent used to Lily as a supporting attack. The scent lures enemies which are nearly to go to Lily and attack them. Teached by Rinon.


The game includes big amount of archievements.


  • Beggining Adventurer - Rescue Rinon and defeat the first Boss.


  • Tangling up and Down - Use Whip on 50 enemies and defeat them with it.


  • Annoying Healer - Use Heal ability 20 times.


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