Snarkhor'd is a dragon that appears in Paper Luigi. He tries to trick Luigi into giving him his Waffle Coins. However, his roomate, Pigley, stops him. He fights Luigi and uses all of his objects in his Magic Bag, but even the Mega Star fails. In the end, he reveals he found the NW piece of the Marvelous Compass and flies off to Rumplebump Volcano with it in his belly. When Luigi confronts him, the compass piece's power transforms him into a monsterous demon with a jewel on his head, his weak spot. Luigi defeated him by throwing Blooey at him. However, Blooey fell into the lava, and jumped out immediatly, burning. Blooey hit the jewel and defeated Snarkhor'd. He is turned back to normal, and later is seen in shops around the Waffle Kingdom, doing various odd jobs to earn his money the right way.