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Smile, ghostborn hero.
Anthony Smyle (as a human)
SPECIES Ghost, Human
AGE 25 (as human)
HEIGHT 5'11 ft. (160 cm)
WEIGHT 120 lbs. (as a human) lbs
BIRTHPLACE Spirit Universe
NATIONALITY American (previously)
ETHNICITY Caucasian (previously)

Smile is the main and titular character of the Ghost Smile series. Smile is a ghostborn, which means he was born as a ghost. Yearning for true life since birth and feeling out of place due to his rare status, he embarked on a quest to retrieve the Crystal of Shadows, an artifact that would grant life to a ghost.

Smile first appeared in Ghost Smile and was originally created by Cobweb (tbc).


As a ghost, Smile is a tall and relatively large ghost who has a blob/sludge like appearance with neon green eyes and a neon green mouth. As a human, Smile is a tall skinny human with long dark hair and green eyes.


Smile is a fairly nice guy who keeps to himself and is not a big fan of social interaction, preferring to read a book. Due to his status as a Ghostborn, it made him relatively unsocial. Despite this, he tries to help people when he can, but has his limits, such as when the Spirit Council forced him to help and will snap if pestered enough.

Through his adventure, Smile becomes much more experienced and mature, having been changed by his travels. Despite this, he still retains his good nature and antisocial personality. After Spooky Spirits, he decides to become a hero for those in need.



Smile was "born" in an unknown time in the Spirit Universe, he is a "ghostborn", one of the few spirits born as a ghost rather than becoming one after death. As he grew, Smile felt out of place, having never have been a human. He has never experienced true life, which is his deepest wish. He took comfort in books, staying away from other ghosts. From the books he learned about life and sought for a way to become a human.

Ghost Smile series

One day at the library, Smile learns of the Crystal of Shadows, located deep in the Frightened Forest, that holds the key to becoming human. Smile treks there, fighting off undead creatures. Once he reaches the shrine where the Crystal, Smile claims the crystal for his own but right away, the demon Mythic grabs the Crystal from him and shattered it. Smile, upon getting up, begins his quest to recover the shards.

When Smile gets the final shard ready to fix the Crystal of Shadows. Mythic appears before him. With the power of the Crystal, Smile has flashbacks from alternative realities and where he fought Mythic in various ways. Because of this, Smile learns what would work against the demon. Smile uses the Crystal both him and Mythic mortal. The two, now both mortal, fight to the death. Mythic is killed by Smile, and now that Smile is mortal he can go to Earth and starts a new "true"life.

Smile eventually get married with a human named Isabella who is not aware he was once a ghost. One day, He receives a message from the Spirit World, saying that Mythic has returned. Now he has to hunt down his old enemy and choses to renounce to his human life to return to ghosthood in which he fought Mythic once again.

In Ghost Smile 3, Smile travels through time to defeat Mythic who once again returns. Mythic is using a time machine to derail history. During this adventure through time, Smile eventually retcons his return to ghosthood from his previous encounter with Mythic. Things get even more personal for Smile, when Mythic experiment on Isabella by transforming her into a human/ghost hybrid.


Smile visits the Council of Spirits, leaders of the Spirit Universe. Although reluctant to, they tell him of the Crystal of Shadows, which will allow him to return to life. However, they reveal that the crystals have been scattered across the universe and gift him with the power of the Universal Shift, which will allow him to travel across universes.

However, the Spirit Council warms him about the ghost known as Mythic. Mythic is the reason why the Crystal has been shattered to prevent him to use it and wreaks havoc on all worlds. Smile is disappointed that the adventure is going to be worse than he expected, he accepts the challenge and uses the Universal Shift to go across the Universes and collect the all Crystals of Shadows.

He then reaches Mythic, who has molded a new universe as his lair. The two battle, and Smile prevails, using skills he had learned to at last reduce Mythic to an ash once more. As the universe begins to collapse, the Spirits Smile befriended through his quest carry him to the Spirit Council. The Spirit Council offers him a place on it, but he wishes most to be a human and live life truly. They oblige and, then, Smile is shown as a young man.

Later, because of the apparition of a new terrible foe, the Order, the Spirit Council revokes the Crystal of Shadow, forcing Smile to turn back into his Ghost form. If he wants to go back to his human life, he has to defeat this new threat first. Smile then travels through the worlds discovering that the Order is slowly taking over the worlds like a tyrant. The Order was even able to trap the Spirit Council.

Smiles eventually reaches Order, who explains his motives. Order used to be a member of the Spirit Council. Order had a brother named Chaos, who caused trouble to the universes. Eventually, the Spirit Council had to seal Chaos away, causing Order to quit, and fight to release his brother. Chaos is released but attacks his brother and fuses with him to become Ultimate Chaos. To defeat him, Smile convinces the Order, who is still part of Ultimate Chaos, to release himself from his brother and fuse with Smile. Finally Smile, now the new Order, restores Chaos to his original form and seals him away.

Smile goes to the Spirit Council to get back his mortality, but learns that since he has become Order, becoming a human would offset the balance and release Chaos again. Smile makes the decision to sacrifice life to keep the Universes in balance, and leaves to travel the Multiverse in silence.

As the Order, Smile is wandering the worlds, looking for people in need and fighting powerful entity wishing to steal his new powers. Smile would later getting trap in Chaos' world where he would have to survive the deadly games Chaos created for him. Smile ends those games by defeating Chaos and gets back to the Spirit World.


Smile has stretchy appendages which he can use in melee combat, something he is quite skilled at, and can morph his elastic appendages into various shapes. He can also possess certain creatures, just like other ghosts, and summon various Spirits who each have their own unique abilities.

His most unique ability is the Universal Shift. Smile can switch between universes. Each universe is parallel to each other. The three main universe Smile can access with this power are the Spirit World, where he is from, the Mortal World, essentially Earth, and the Mythic World, an eerie, physics-bending world where lives demons.



Mythic is Smile's main enemy and the most powerful of them. They both share the same quest to collect and use the power of Crystal of Shadows. After Smile defeat Mythic the first time, every time Mythic comes back to terrorize the worlds, Smile feels he is the only one able to stop him, and come back to fight him no matter what. One time, despite fulfill his deepest wish to become human he made the choice to turn into a ghost again just to stop Mythic.


Isabella is Smile's wife during his time as a human, she is not aware that Smile, who she knows as Anthony Smyle, was a Ghost before. Smile had to gave up on her to become a Ghost again and fight Mythic. Since Smile retconned his own history with a time machine, Isabella, who is now part-human, part-ghost due to Mythic involvement, doesn't know Smile anymore and their relationship must be rebuild.


Order was a powerful former member of the Spirit Council that Smile had to stop before he released Chaos. Unfortunately, Order freed Chaos but regret his action when he found Chaos to be uncontrollable. To stop his mistake, Order fuse with Smile so he can fight back and defeat the threat. Since then, Smile becomes the new Order.


Since Smile defeated Chaos by becoming the new Order, he has the responsibility to keep Chaos sealed. Chaos is the reason why Smile can't be human again as if he does, Chaos would be free to bring havoc to the worlds.



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