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Smash Tactics
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Developer(s) Fantendo
Publisher(s) Phony Entertainment™
Platform(s) PC, Nintendo DS, Wii
Genre(s) Real-time strategy
Release Date(s) January 32nd, 2008
Mode(s) Singleplayer (Skirmish, Story), multiplayer (Skirmish)
Age Rating(s) T (violence)
Media Included Unknown

Smash Tactics (Japanese: 任天堂くらっし, Nintendō Kurasshi, "Nintendo Clash") is a real-time strategy game, and a crossover of multiple Nintendo universes.


Smash Tactics is characterized by typical real-time strategy gameplay. Every player starts with a Home building near some natural resources, and some workers. The workers initially have to gather resources, in order to build structures and units such as fighters for the army. There are three types of resources:

  • Gold - The main resource, found scattered around the map in Gold piles, somewhat scarcely.
  • Fuel - Is found in Fuel reservoirs around the map, less scarcely than Cash. Generally, units that are more specialised, and not only for simply attacking, are more expensive in Fuel.
  • Food - Food resources are harvested from sources mainly planted/built by workers, but may be found naturally in rare cases. Food is mainly used for unit training.

Expanding one's arsenal require these resources, gathered by workers.

After having collected resources, the player may start training units for their army, and research upgrades, and eventually go on to destroy the enemies' bases, or prevent their own from being destroyed.

As the game progresses, each player advances into further Generations, enabling to build more powerful units, structures and research. Advancing into the next Generation, however, is a process demanding in resources and time.

There are two main modes: Single player story mode and multi player Skirmish mode (which can be played by one player). In Skirmish mode, which is "regular" matches, the goal is to destroy the enemies' Home buildings.

The story mode contains other modes and objectives.

Units and factions

There are multiple playable factions in the game with varying playstyles, possessing different advantages and disadvantages.

Each faction provides the player with a range of units, each one being unique. Among the units, there are heroes, workers, fighters, and spellcasters, although some units can be considered hybrids (except for heroes). Units can be roughly categorized:

  • Heroes are the strongest units in the whole game, and can only be built once.
  • Workers perform work, such as gathering resources as well as repairing and constructing structures.
  • Fighters simply fight in battle.
  • Spellcasters cast spells that manipulate enemies or aid allies, inside or out of battle.

Units also are classified as different 'Armoury' types that fare better or worse against other types, allowing various counters.

Heroes can collect experience points and level up, making them stronger. Note that experience points are not accumulated strictly by killing enemies - each Hero has a set of tasks, which when fulfilled give experience points.

See /Units for a list of units and structures, including further information.

Mushroom faction (Mario universe)

Hylian faction (Zelda universe)

Hocotate faction (Pikmin universe)

The Hocotate faction is unique in their working units, the Pikmin. Pikmin are stouter than other workers, perform many tasks somewhat better, and double as fighter units. In return, this makes the Pikmin more expensive.

They can also not begin constructing mechanical buildings – the foundation has to be laid by a nearby Hocotate ship or Ship pod, after which the Pikmin can start constructing it.

Some other attributes unique to the Pikmin are their large amount of Biological buildings, some of which may have the ability to move, and regenerate health. Units of the Pikmin species also have the ability to Bloom – one of these units will, after having existed for a while, grow stronger.

This makes the Hocotate faction arguably the hardest to control.

Donkey Kong faction

Kirby faction

Pokémon faction

An ability unique to the Pokémon units is the ability to 'morph' into a Poké Ball, highly increasing their defense and health regeneration, although they will be unable to move or perform any other actions in this form.

Metroid faction

Botanical structures

Botanical structures, as opposed to mechanical structures, is a type of structure. They only need to be planted, and will build themselves after that, and the worker is free to do anything else. Botanical structures also regenerate health when they're fully built. The downside is that they are repaired much slower than mechanical ones.


The story mode is a one-player campaign mode including certain objectives and scenarios. There are ten missions per campaign.

Mushroom Kingdom story mode

Bowser gets really tired of Mario. To end everything, Bowser decides to kidnap first Mario and then Princess Peach. Saving them is all up to Luigi.

Donkey Kong Island story mode

King K. Rool steals Donkey Kong's Banana Horde and flies to the top of Donkey Kong Island. Donkey Kong must fight his way through K. Rool's highest ranking Kremlings to reach the tyrant for a final battle. DK can only use Kongs and Animal Buddies, while the opponents use the Kremlings.

Dreamland Under Seige story mode

In Dreamland Under Seige story mode, Nightmare attempts to corrupt Dreamland by ultimatley Destroying the Fountain Of Dreams to disable the use of the Star Rod. Letting him dominate dreamland with ease.


Missions are part of the campaign game where you must forfill the objective of the mission to progress. 3 Preset missions are given, Then you must complete those to go onto the next 3 and So forth... To get to the tenth mission, You must do every mission to unlock it. The tenth mission shall be a battle with a Hero, A Villan, And 3 Units.

Mission Number Mushroom Kingdom Hylian Planet Hoctane Donkey Kong Pop Star Pokemon
List of Missions
Mission 1

The Kidnap: Reach the

harbour with Luigi, You can

plant Critter Pipes to get

Units for defense

(NES Era Only)


Arrival on Hoctane:

Build 10 Building and

avoid your home being

destroyed by enemy

Pikmin (NES Era Only)

Going Ape:

Defeat 8

enemy Neek and

build an Animal Crate.

(NES Era only)

Copycat: Use the copy

ability Kirby has to destroy

Enemy home (NES Era Only)

Mission 2

Aboard:Survive an attack on

a boat with Luigi and a Critter

Pipe (NES Era Only)

- - -

A Super Tough Pink Puff:

Survive a attack on the

fountain of dreams by

Knuckle Joes and Smirros

(NES Era Only)

Mission 3 - - - -


Mission 4 - - - - - -
Mission 5 - - - - - -
Mission 6 - - - - - -
Mission 7 - - - - - -
Mission 8 - - - - - -
Mission 9

Memories of 7: Defeat all

Koopalings with only a

Critter Pipe

- - - - -
Mission 10

Bad Guys: Defeat Mr L

and Bowser, You are armed with

3 Boos

- - -

Unnatural Nightmare: Defeat Nightmare,

Kirby is armed with 3 Lovelys


Heroes are the most powerful units in the game. They are relatively unexpensive for their power in late game. They become stronger and level up as they fight enemies.

Heroes level up by fulfilling various achievements specific to the character, for example destroying three enemy buildings, or killing ten enemies with some special move.

Mario Bros.

Mario (and Luigi) are the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom. Their special moves include Jumping (jumps upon low-defense enemies for big damage or up to a high hill), Fire Storm (a hurricane of fire (Green when Luigi uses)).


The hero of the Yoshi sub-team, yoshi can eat and swallow his enemies.


Link is the hero of Hyrule. Two of his special moves are Bomb (plants a bomb in that can't be seen with all units, which will explode when stepped on or when commanded, they can do damage to all units and some structures), Wolf Transform (transforms into a wolf, increasing speed, health points and attack speed, adds the Sharpsight and Burrow capacities, but removes Bomb and Gale Boomerang capacities, and lowers attack and defense) and Gale Boomerang (stuns and damages an enemy from far away).


Olimar is the hero of Hocotate Planet. Some of his capacities are Grab (throws a Pikmin to a high place or at an enemy), and Recall (there is a little chance that an enemy unit may be converted).

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is the hero of DK Island. Earthquake (slams hands into the ground paralysing some foes) and Giant Punch (can deal huge damage to one enemy) are two of his special moves.


Kirby is the hero of the Kirby team. Capacities of his include Harden and Copy. While using copy, he can use other abilities, such as Donkey Kong's.


Pikachu is the hero of the Pokémon team. He uses many eletrical attacks.


Samus is the hero of the Metroid team, who utilises many long-ranged and powerful attacks.


Villans are the main Antagonists of the Mission Campaign modes, The main villans which appear are listed here:


A Basic Villan which uses punches and powerful flames, He is however very slow


A Feared villan in dreamland, A Fast, Rapid attacker, But his attacks do not do much damage.


  • Phony Entertainment was originally going to call it "Nintendo Wars", but there was a series called that already, so they changed it into Smash Tactics/Nintendo Clash.
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