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Smash Sisters Unite!
Request15-Smash Sisters Unite! The game logo
Developer(s) Iceboys12co.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s) Japan: February 23, 2010

USA: March 5, 2010

Mode(s) Story Mode, Classic Modes, Bonus Modes, etc.
Age Rating(s) T for Teen
Media Included Wii disk
Smash Sisters Unite! (大乱闘スマッシュガールズ:ユナイテッド·フォー·ファン!Super Smash Girls: Unite for Fun! )is a fighting game that is a spinoff of Super Smash Bros. Series created by Iceboys12co.. It was made for the Wii only, and it was created in 2010. It was the game that started the "Smash Sisters Series"


It's Princess Peach's royal Birthday, and everyone was invited, including the blue-haired Star Spirit Girl named Mylan. Mylan wishs Peach a happy birthday, and as well as her friends. When suddenly, a fireball blowup a wall, and It was Bowser, King Dedede, and this new enemy Princess. They attempt to blast the heroines away, but Mylan created a barrier to protect the critizens. They retreated into their base, Now It's up to Peach, Mylan, and Daisy to save world and find their friends.

In the first level, Prince Cosmo, who is Mylan's true love, tries to defend the princesses who are on a play having been taken hostage or went to stop the villains. He tell the girls that the villains is working for the evil princess they noticed eariler. They traverse through the City to reach the end of the level. At the level, they meet Waluigi holding Mona hostage. After he's defeated in a one on one match, He ran away and Mona joins Peach, Mylan, and Daisy.

Once the heroines leave the City, they find themselves in the Field flooded with Goombas, Waddle Doos, and Kritters. After through levels of this world, They find Birdo fighting King K. Rool but she loses in front of the four girls so Birdo joins the group and ready to battle King K. Rool. After defeating him, Birdo joins them.

They traveled to Hyrule filled with Bowser's Minions instead of the usual foes that are found there. Afterward, The girls found Zelda about to fight Bowser. After the fight, Zelda joins the team while Bowser retreats.

They traveled to Sarasaland which is Daisy's home kingdom. When the six reach the end of SarasaLand, they will find Tatanga, and defeated him. And then, Toadette, Paula and Ashley pop out and joins the team. They went to the Staduim and it was empty, but King Dedede and the Evil Princess fall from the sky. The Evil Princess reveals as Karina, as she reveals her evil plan to become the Queen of the world. After the battle of them, They escapes as the girls follow them.

They went to Icy Mountatins where the base was headed. After they reached the base, They faced Bowser and King Dedede again and this time he got Nana and Moma, Dawn, and Starly! After they defeated them, They wented to Dark World, and Nana & Moma, Dawn, Starly joins the team.

They traveled to Dark World where the Castle headed to stop the MasterMinds. After they reached the highest level of the Castle, Bowser, Dedede, King K. Rool and Karina is fighting Rosalina, Jigglypuff, Kystal, and Samus. After the battle, Bowser, Dedede, King K. Rool Finally admits defeat Karina esacpes to the Unknown place. Mylan said that the world is in peace for now, but she's unable to marry Prince Cosmo, because she's too young. She told the team that the only way to get her to become Adult is to find the Paronda Cube. But She also said that Karina is Actually escapes into Outer Space and went to a Space Colony.

Mylan creates a Space ship to get them there. They wented to Space, and spotted Karina on the Space colony. After the few last levels, The Space Colony transform into a flat battlefield that look awfully familiar (The Final Destination from Super Smash Bros series) and they find Karina there and she hold the Paronda Cube. After the final battle, Karina who barely getting up, and the Cystal out of Mylan's necklane shoot a blue laser to Karina which knocked her off and knocked the dark black ball with eye(Not confused with Dark Matter from Kirby) out of her body which turns her back to normal. It transforms into a Shadow Version of Rosalina named "Skoúro" told the heroines that She was possess Karina all along and she'll take over their bodies. This is now the final battle between the Main Heroines and Skouro.

After the final battle, Skouro explored, and Mylan grab Karina out of reach. After their escape, The Heroines give Karina back to health, and she can't remember what just Happen. Mylan told her that it's a bad dream. Peach gives Mylan the Paronda Cube, and Finally Mylan is old enough. Mylan and Prince Cosmo marry at last and becomes King and Queen. They wented back to the Mushroom Kingdom, with their couples and friends, while Mylan, Cosmo, and Karina wented back to Skies of Wonder . They at last live in well-dervesed peace, dued to the fact that Mylan is now married to Cosmo. The Game ended with Peach winks and smiles giving the player a thumb up.

After beating Story mode for the VERY first time, it will unlocked a stronger Adult verison of Mylan.


The Gameplay in Smash Sister Unite! is the same as SSB. The Playable characters was female instead of BOTH males and females like the original series does. The Assist trophies are Males that can help your characters There are 8 Starters and 8 unlockables and including a bonus character if the player beats Story Mode for the first time which makes 17 characters. There are only 12 starting Assist Trophies and 4 unlockable Assist Trophies which makes 16 Assist Trophies.

Playable mode

  • Story Mode: Play as the girls to save the world from the evil masterminds
  • Classic Mode: You must fight characters in random order, and then face Master Hand.
  • Battle Mode: Play against your friends or CPUs in battle.
  • Bonus Mode: You can beat "Break the Targets!" or "Board the Platform" from Classic Mode.
  • Option: Basically changes your option.


Princess Peach Toadstool- Nicknamed: Peachie. She was the princess of the mushroom kingdom and the main hero of the game. She's good character for starters. boyfriend?: Mario

Princess Daisy- She was the princess of SarasaLand and friend of Peachie. She was fast, but she's kinda weak. boyfriend?: Luigi

Toadette- She was the female counterpart to Toad and also a friend of Peachie. She was small and like Daisy, she was fast. boyfriend?: Toad

Mona- A Girl who seem to have a crush on Wario. She have good strength, but have middle magic and speed. boyfriend?: Wario

Birdo- A "birdo" who first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2 as a male, and turned into a female ever since. She have a good strength, but have low speed. boyfriend?: Yoshi

Jigglypuff- a normal-type Balloon Pokemon that introduced in the first Generation. She's have a ability to fly, and have good strength as well. boyfriend?: Kirby

Princess Zelda/Shiek- Nicknamed: Zeldee. She was the princess of Hyrule and the serious friend of Peachie. She have a excellent Magic, but have a low defence. boyfriend?: Link

Starly- She was Starfy's adventurous sister. She was small and have a OK defence and speed. boyfriend?: N/A

Nana and Moma- Nana was Popo's sister while Moma was Popo and Nana's younger cousin. They was teamed up and have a OK strength, but not good defence. boyfriend?: N/A

Dawn Hikari- She was a female pokemon trainer in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Her pokemons was Piplup, Ambipom, and Lopunny. (Note: Her pokemons are all female.) boyfriend?: Lucas

Samus Aran- Nicknamed: Sammy. She was a bounty hunter, who was the last of her original home planet: K-2L. Her strength and defence was great, but she's laked of speed. boyfriend?: N/A

Mylan Starlight- She was a little Star Spirit Girl who have wonderful powers. She was small and she have excellent Magic and Speed. boyfriend?: Prince Cosmo

Rosalina- Nicknamed Rossy. She was the adopted mother of Lumas. She have a excellent Magic, but low defence. boyfriend?: N/A

Paula Polestar- She was a girl who uses PSI. She have a great Magic, but middle speed. boyfriend?: Ness

Kystal- She was a Vixen in the Star Fox series. She have a Good Strength and Speed, and got great Magic. boyfriend?: Fox

Ashley- She is a witch that has a devil assistant named Red. She have a Excellent Magic, but she have a low Defence. boyfriend?: N/A

Adult Mylan- She was a grown-up verison of Mylan. That is because The heroines give her the Paronda Cube to make her older and able to marry her "prince charming". She's like the Younger Mylan but have more excellent Magic and Speed. boyfriend?: Prince Cosmo


  1. Peach
  2. Toadette
  3. Birdo
  4. Samus
  5. Dawn
  6. Nana and Moma
  7. Mylan
  8. Zelda/Sheik


  1. Daisy (unlocked by Beating Classic Mode in any difficulty)
  2. Rosalina (Unlocked by beat Classic mode in expert difficulty with Peach or Daisy without continuing)
  3. Starly (unlocked by beat Bonus 1(Break the Targets!) with all 8 starting characters)
  4. Jigglypuff (unlocked by beat Classic Mode with Dawn)
  5. Mona (unlocked by Beating Classic Mode with any character on any difficulty in less than 20 minutes
  6. Paula Polestar (unlocked by complete classic mode on Normal difficulty with no continuing)
  7. Kystal (unlocked by beating classic mode with Zelda on normal or higher diffculty with no continuing)
  8. Ashley (unlocked by beat Bonus 2(Board the Platform) with all 8 starting characters)

Bonus:Adult Mylan (unlocked by Beat Story Mode for the first time)

Asisst Trophies









8.Prince Cosmo




12.Fox Mccloud


1.Ness (unlocked along with Paula)

2.Falco (unlocked along with Kystal)

3.Lucas(Pokemon) (unlocked along with Jigglypuff)

4.Mr. Game & Watch (unlocked along with Ashley)


Starting Stages

1.Mushroom Kingdom


3.Great Bay


5.Ice Mountain

6.Grass Field


8.Peach's Castle

9.Skies of Wonders

10.Cosmo's Kingdom

Unlockable Stages

1.Ashley's Mansion (unlocked along with Ashley)

2.Final Destination (unlocked along with Adult Mylan)

3.Dark Castle (unlocked along with Ashley)

4.The Battle Stadium (unlocked along with Jigglypuff)



Smash Sisters Unite!: Super Mix Edition is the new release of "Smash Sisters Unite!" released in May 3, 2010.

Features includes 5 unlockable characters(Paula, Daisy, Starly, Mona, Krystal) playable at the start, which makes 13 starting Characters. It also includes the new 5 unlockable characters:

  • Lavora (unlocked by beat Classic Mode in expert difficulty with Princess Peach on hard without continuing)
  • Kumatoro (unlocked by beat Bonus 1(Break the Targets!) with all 8 starting characters)
  • Leaf [Gldaceon, Espeon, Vaporeon] (unlocked by beating classic mode with Dawn on normal or higher diffculty without continuing)
  • Adeleine (unlocked by Beating Classic Mode with any character on any difficulty in less than 20 minutes)
  • Tiny Kong (unlocked by complete classic mode on Normal difficulty with no continuing)

There's also a new Story Mode Extra after you beat the Story Mode once. After completing Story Mode Extra, It will unlock a Normal Karina and Jirachi. This re-release also have new stages, and the textures is cleaner.


Please notices that the Manga based on the game is sightly differented and altered.



Please notices that like the Manga, the Anime based on the game is sightly differented and altered. (Smash Sisters Unite! (Anime Series))




(Here the soundtrack of the game)

Name in Different Languages

Languages: Name: Meaning:
Japanese 大乱闘スマッシュガールズ:ユナイテッド·フォー·ファン! Super Smash Girls: Unite for Fun!
Spanish Hermanas de Smash uníos! Smash Sisters unite!
Korean 슈퍼 스매시의 자매 Super Smash Sisters
German Zerschlagen Mädchen Unite! Smash Girls Unite!
French Smash Soeurs unissez-vous! Smash Sisters Unite!
Italian Sorelle Smash Unite Smash Sisters United

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