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Smash Galaxy: Star Bright, Star Fight
Official logo made by Thepuddlecat (tbc).
Developer(s) Nintendo
Button Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Button Studios
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Space Fighter
Series Super Smash Bros.
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan November 12th 2018
25px-Flag of USA November 19th 2018
25px-Flag of Europe November 19th 2018
25px-Flag of Australia November 20th 2018
Take to the stars with your favourite Nintendo characters from throughout the ages - Mario, Samus, Pikachu, Bowser, Link, Kirby, and many, many more! Your Star Fight starts now!
Nintendo's descrption of the game at E3 2018.

Smash Galaxy: Star Bright, Star Fight (often shortened to just Smash Galaxy.) is a crossover space-fighting game in which multiple characters from various Nintendo games take to the stars and skies of various Nintendo worlds. The game was developed in a collaborative effort between Nintendo, Ubisoft and Button Studios. It was released as a launch title for the Nymbus on November 12th, but was also released on the Nintendo Switch on the same day.

Smash Galaxy was made as a unique take on the Smash Bros. series with a new gameplay style inspired by games such as Star Fox 64 and Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Star Fox characters are featured very prominantly on the box art and other promotional material due to the game's similarity to the Star Fox home series.


Standard Starfight

The Standard Starfight mode is a mode in which you have standard matches with friends or CPU. Once you select the mode, you are asked if you want to play locally or online. The mode uses standard health settings and stats and items can be turned off and on. There are 6 battle settings you can pick to change the objective of the game.

Battle, in which you must drop your opponent's health bar to zero.

Pursuit, where you must escape from another player chasing you, you can be either the escapee or the pursuer.

Protect, the mode where you must protect an item which is unique to a player that is large in size from being destroyed by the other team, opponents defeated are brought back after a short time, although the respawning can be turned off.

Boss, in which you must defeat a boss, you can all work together as a team or compete to see who can deal the most damage. If competing, you can defeat other players briefly.

Coin, in which you must collect scattered coins, you must end the match with the most coins to be a victor, hitting enemies makes them drop coins, although enemies cannot be defeated.

Race, in which you try and beat opponents to the finish line of a streamlined course, defeating opponents briefly puts them out of commission.

Escort, in which you must protect an item until it reaches a certain point. You can choose if you wish to be attacking the item and trying to destroy it or trying to defend it.


These are the characters, their stats and their ship designs usable in game. Some characters have the same stats, making them identical. Although this does not hinder the playing experience.



List of Characters

SSB Mario Series Super Mario SSB Mario Series
Mario SSBUltimate Vehicle A wheelless, space-traveling version of the B-Dasher with a pod built over the cockpit, which also has a F.L.U.D.D affixed to the back.
Advantages Jack of all trades.
Disadvantages Master of none.
Basic Attack Fires the F.L.U.D.D.
Win Animation Mario fist pumps as Cappy appears and cheers.
Lose Animation Mario looks glum as Cappy appears and tries to comfort him.
Map Icon The logo that appears on Mario's cap.

Donkey Kong
SSB Donkey Kong Series Donkey Kong SSB Donkey Kong Series
DonkeyKong SSBUltimate Vehicle A large barrel with a glass windshield, and a rocket on the bottom of the barrel. Two wooden Coconut Guns are attached to the sides.
Advantages High power with the Coconut Guns
Disadvantages Low defences due to the ship mostly being made of wood.
Basic Attack Fires coconuts from the Coconut Guns to attack.
Win Animation DK pounds his chest.
Lose Animation DK slams down on the control panel, shaking the ship.
Map Icon The DK logo on his tie.

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series The Legend of Zelda SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Link SSBUltimate Vehicle An altered Master Cycle Zero, with no wheels which trails cyan light. He has Daruk's Protection active, giving him air breathe.
Advantages High defence due to Daruk's Protection.
Disadvantages Low attack due to the arrows not being too powerful.
Basic Attack Shoots arrows from the side of his Master Cycle Zero.
Win Animation Unsheathes his sword, holding it in the air as it glows.
Lose Animation Link holds his head in his hands.
Map Icon Farore's symbol.

SSB Metroid Series Metroid SSB Metroid Series
Samus Gunship (Smash Galaxy) Vehicle Samus rides her gunship from her home series! It looks just like her helmet, kinda narcissistic.
Advantages High accuracy, as Samus is a good markswoman.
Disadvantages Low handling, as the ship is complicated to control.
Basic Attack Blasts beams from the two energy cannons on the side of her ship.
Win Animation The top of the ship opens as Samus is raised on a podium.
Lose Animation Samus' ship light darkens as you can see her inside, shaking her head.
Map Icon The Screw Attack Symbol

SSB Yoshi Series Yoshi SSB Yoshi Series
Yoshicopter Vehicle Yoshi takes the form of the Yoshicopter!
Advantages High defences.
Disadvantages Hard to steer.
Basic Attack Yoshi fires a stream of fruit juice from a his mouth, just like he did in Mario Sunshine.
Win Animation The Yoshicopter looks cheerful and bobs up and down.
Lose Animation The Yoshicopter looks sad.
Map Icon A Yoshi egg

SSB Kirby Series Kirby SSB Kirby Series
Warp Star Kirby Vehicle Kirby rides the Warp Star and carries the Star Rod
Advantages Easy to control.
Disadvantages The stars shot are not very powerful.
Basic Attack Kirby carries the Star Rod and swings it to fire stars.
Win Animation Kirby does his Victory Dance from his games.
Lose Animation Kirby falls back so he's laying on the Warp Star and falls asleep.
Map Icon A Kirby star

SSB Star Fox Series Star Fox SSB Star Fox Series
Starlink Arwing Vehicle Fox drives the Arwing, which is based off of it's appearance in Starlink.
Advantages The lazers deal a lot of damage
Disadvantages Low Handling.
Basic Attack Fox fires his usual lazers
Win Animation The Arwing briefly does a "barrel roll" in celebration.
Lose Animation Fox looks down and crosses his arms
Map Icon The Star Fox logo

SSB Pokémon Series Pokémon SSB Pokémon Series
Pikachu SSBUltimate Vehicle Pikachu rides a lightning bolt shaped space ship.
Advantages The ship has extremely high speed, made to suit the electrical Pokémon's preferences.
Disadvantages Hard to steer, the speed is hard to handle.
Basic Attack The ship shoots bolts of electricity.
Win Animation Pikachu cheers and jumps around excitedly.
Lose Animation Pikachu's ears droop as he looks sad.
Map Icon The Pokemon TCG logo for the Electric type.

SSB Mario Series Super Mario SSB Mario Series
Luigi SSBUltimate Vehicle Luigi rides a version of the Poltergust that's big enough to have him in, a glass cockpit replaces where the ghosts would usually be contained and Luigi sits there with E Gadd by his side.
Advantages The Poltergust's defences are very heavily enforced.
Disadvantages The Ghostly Waves have trouble recharging, making it fire less frequently.
Basic Attack Shoots waves of ghostly energy from the nozzle of the Poltergust.
Win Animation Luigi and E Gadd cheer as the nozzle of the Poltergust shoots confetti.
Lose Animation Luigi looks down sadly as E Gadd pats him on the back.
Map Icon A green L.

SSB EarthBound Series Earthbound SSB EarthBound Series
Ness SSBUltimate Vehicle Ness rides a spaceship modelled after the Flying Man, a glass cockpit covers the top part of it's face.
Advantages PSI Rockin is extremely strong.
Disadvantages Ness takes time to be able to use PSI Rockin again, so it doesn't fire often.
Basic Attack Blasts PSI Rockin'
Win Animation Ness does his "Fuzzy Pickles" pose.
Lose Animation Ness looks glum and brushes off his cap.
Map Icon A logo reminiscent of his hat.

Captain Falcon
SSB F-Zero Series F-Zero SSB F-Zero Series
Falcon Flyer Vehicle Captain Falcon rides the Falcon Flyer, there's no visible cockpit, but he's definitely in there.
Advantages Captain Falcon always focuses on speed, so the Falcon Flyer is one of the fastest vehicles in the game.
Disadvantages The incredible speed of the Falcon Flyer comes at the cost of his ship barely hitting shots.
Basic Attack Fires twin blue energy beams
Win Animation The Falcon Flyer does an air loop.
Lose Animation The Falcon Flyer briefly catches aflame.
Map Icon The F-Zero logo in Smash Bros.

SSB Pokémon Series Pokémon SSB Pokémon Series
Jigglypuff SSBUltimate Vehicle Jigglypuff rides in a space pod that looks just like her, the eyes are made of glass and if you look through one, you can see Jigglypuff steering.
Advantages Incredibly easy to control.
Disadvantages Near paper thin Defences
Basic Attack Shoots pink song notes
Win Animation Jigglypuff cheer and jumsp.
Lose Animation Her ears droop as she looks downwards.
Map Icon The Fairy-type logo from the Pokemon TCG

SSB Mario Series Super Mario SSB Mario Series
The Odyssey Vehicle Peachs pilot the Odyssey, and if you look through one of the windows, you may occasionally spot Tiara!
Advantages The Toads are great marksmen, having high accuracy.
Disadvantages The cannon shots aren't too powerful.
Basic Attack Shoots hearts from two cannons sitting on the Odyssey's deck, being piloted by Toads.
Win Animation Peach opens the door to the Odyssey (Wearing an astronaut suit) and cheers with Tiara.
Lose Animation Tiara and Peach look sad as Peach dramatically falls to the floor.
Map Icon The crown logo she has in the Mario Kart games.

SSB Mario Series Super Mario SSB Mario Series
Bowser SSBUltimate Vehicle Bowser has tamed and is riding a young version of the Lord Of Lightning.
Advantages The purple lightning bolts he fires are devastating.
Disadvantages It takes a long time for the small Ruin Dragon to charge his blasts.
Basic Attack Young Lord Of Lightning fires purple electrical volts.
Win Animation Bowser laughs menacingly as the Lord Of Lightning roars.
Lose Animation Bowser crosses his arms in fury and growls as the Lord Of Lightning roars.
Map Icon Bowser's logo.

Ice Climbers
SSB Ice Climber Series Ice Climber SSB Ice Climber Series
IceClimbers SSBUltimate Vehicle The Ice Climbers ride a unique ship that's modelled after an icy comet. One cockpit sits at the top, the other at the bottom.
Advantages High accuracy
Disadvantages Controlling the ship is quite slippery.
Basic Attack The ship fires a large ice cube.
Win Animation The Ice Climbers hop and dance happily.
Lose Animation The Ice Climbers cry.
Map Icon The Eggplant logo from Smash Ultimate.

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series The Legend of Zelda SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Zeldaultimate Vehicle Zelda flies through space independently, surrounded by a glowing Triforce symbol.
Advantages High Firing Rate.
Disadvantages Not powerful defensively.
Basic Attack Zelda shoots a light arrow.
Win Animation Zelda creates a spark as the Triforce glows brightly.
Lose Animation Zelda sighs as the Triforce slightly fades.
Map Icon Nayru's symbol.

Dr Mario
SSB Mario Series Super Mario SSB Mario Series
DrMario SSBUltimate Vehicle Dr Mario drives through space in a redesigned space pod made to look like a Megavitamin. It changes colour combinations every time you play!
Advantages Slowly heals damage.
Disadvantages Low speed
Basic Attack A small side cannon fires Megavitamins.
Win Animation Dr Mario cheers and flips a Megavitamin.
Lose Animation Dr Mario thinks.
Map Icon A Megavitamin.

SSB Star Fox Series Star Fox SSB Star Fox Series
Assault Arwing Vehicle Falco pilots a slightly altered Arwing from Starfox:Assault
Advantages High speeds.
Disadvantages Low accuracy.
Basic Attack Fires standard blue lazers.
Win Animation The Assault Arwing does a barrel roll.
Lose Animation You can see Falco inside, crossing his arms.
Map Icon An image of Falco's head, his stock icon in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Young Link
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series The Legend of Zelda SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
YoungLink SSBUltimate Vehicle Young Link pilots a large light blue pod with fairy wings that even flap with movement! It looks similar to Navi.
Advantages Easy to control.
Disadvantages Not too powerful.
Basic Attack Young Link attacks by shooting fire arrows
Win Animation Young Link cheers inside of the pod.
Lose Animation Young Link looks sad and covers his face with the Keaton Mask.
Map Icon An image of Navi.

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series The Legend of Zelda SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Ganondorf SSBUltimate Vehicle Ganondorf charges through space without a ship, empowered by his dark magic. His appearance, as in Smash Ultimate and Melee, is based off of his Ocarina Of Time design.
Advantages Extremely Powerful
Disadvantages Slow
Basic Attack Ganondorf shoots balls of electricity as an attacking method.
Win Animation Ganondorf laughs as the Triforce Of Power glows.
Lose Animation Ganondorf growls as his aura flares up.
Map Icon Ganon's face.

SSB Pokémon Series Pokémon SSB Pokémon Series
Mewtwo SSBUltimate Vehicle Mewtwo, covered in his psychic-power enhancing suit from Pokemon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back, he flies through space, covered in psychic energy.
Advantages Quite strong attacks.
Disadvantages His Psybeam takes a decent amount of time to recharge.
Basic Attack Mewtwo fires off a Psybeam.
Win Animation Mewtwo bursts out of his armour and laughs.
Lose Animation Mewtwo's armour glows blue as he shudders slightly in anger.
Map Icon The Psychic type symbol from the Pokemon TCG.

Mr Game and Watch
SSB Game & Watch Series Game & Watch SSB Game & Watch Series
MrGameandWatch SSBUltimate Vehicle Mr Game and Watch flies through space in a 2D spaceship designed after his style and appearance that changes based on perspective, making it seem 3D.
Advantages Almost never gets hit.
Disadvantages Paper thin defences.
Basic Attack Shoots a small 2D lazer gun.
Win Animation Mr Game and Watch rings his bell.
Lose Animation Mr Game and Watch falls down in his ship and sighs.
Map Icon A bell icon.

Meta Knight
SSB Kirby Series Kirby SSB Kirby Series
MetaKnight SSBUltimate Vehicle Meta Knight pilots a shrunken down version of the Halberd.
Advantages Strong defences.
Disadvantages The Halberd, while shrunken down, is still big enough to be an easy target to hit.
Basic Attack Curving beams are fired from the deck.
Win Animation Meta Knight flies atop the Halberd and poses.
Lose Animation Meta Knight flies to the top of the ship and turns away from the camera.
Map Icon An icon of his mask.

SSB Kid Icarus Series Kid Icarus SSB Kid Icarus Series
Pit SSBUltimate Vehicle Pit drives the Lightning Chariot
Advantages Fires rapidly
Disadvantages Not very powerful.
Basic Attack Fires arrows from Palutena's Bow.
Win Animation Pit does his "heroic quote" from before he fights Pandora in Uprising.
Lose Animation Pit holds his head in his hands.
Map Icon The Kid Icarus logo from Smash Bros.

SSB Wario Series Wario SSB Wario Series
Wario Motorcycle Vehicle Wario drives his bike through space, it uses the same technology as Dribble and Spitz's taxi in Warioware Gold, allowing it space travel.
Advantages Very high defences, strange for a bike.
Disadvantages Very difficult to dodge things.
Basic Attack Shoots garlic from a side cannon on his bike.
Win Animation Wario cheers for a bit and lays back to pick his nose.
Lose Animation Wario gets mad and slams down on the handlebars, denting them.
Map Icon Wario's "W" logo.

SSB Metal Gear Series Metal Gear SSB Metal Gear Series
Snake SSBUltimate Vehicle Snake pilots a slightly adjusted fighter jet.
Advantages The rockets it fires are heatseaking, which makes them especially effective in space. They almost always hit.
Disadvantages Since neither Snake nor the jet are adjusted to space travel, it's hard to control.
Basic Attack Shoots heatseaking rockets.
Win Animation Snake smirks and lays back a bit.
Lose Animation Snake bites his lip and sits quietly.
Map Icon The Metal Gear "!" logo.

Pokemon Trainer
SSB Pokémon Series Pokémon SSB Pokémon Series
PokemonTrainer SSBUltimate - Solo Vehicle The Pokemon Trainer pilots a space capsule designed after a Pokeball.
Advantages Easier to dodge out of the way of attacks.
Disadvantages Not good at defence
Basic Attack Shoots Pester Balls from Pokemon Snap.
Win Animation The Pokeball opens as Pokemon Trainer cheers.
Lose Animation The Pokeball opens as the Pokemon Trainer falls to the floor, implied to of "blacked out", they are very clearly still breathing, to avoid any confusion on them possibly dying.
Map Icon A Pokeball.

Diddy Kong
SSB Donkey Kong Series Donkey Kong SSB Donkey Kong Series
DiddyKong SSBUltimate Vehicle Diddy Kong flies through space with the Rocketbarrel Pack.
Advantages Diddy can dodge with ease.
Disadvantages The peanuts aren't too strong.
Basic Attack Shoots peanuts from his Peanut Popgun.
Win Animation Diddy tosses his hat in the air, does a loop and catches it.
Lose Animation Diddy looks bored before he drops his hat and catches it in a panic.
Map Icon A red circle with yellow stars on, the same logo he has in the Mario series.

SSB EarthBound Series EarthBound SSB EarthBound Series
Lucas SSBUltimate Vehicle Lucas pilots a space travelling version of his ironing board. A strange choice.
Advantages His PSI Love covers a large amount of screen.
Disadvantages Near no defences.
Basic Attack Fires off PSI Love.
Win Animation Lucas cheers, but slips and falls back onto his board.
Lose Animation Lucas looks sad and begins to slightly tear up.
Map Icon A minimilised version of Lucas' face. Identical to his Smash Ult stock icon.

Sonic and Tails
SSB Sonic Series Sonic SSB Sonic Series
Sonic SSBUltimate Vehicle Tails pilots the Tornado as Sonic stands on the wings.
Advantages Tails' complete mastery of his ship makes it one of the fastest vehicles in the game.
Disadvantages Sonic takes some time to get back to the Tornado after an attack.
Basic Attack Sonic spindashes the enemy
Win Animation Sonic does a victory dance as Tails cheers.
Lose Animation Tails looks sad as Sonic shakes his head.
Map Icon The Sonic logo.

King Dedede and the Waddle Dees.
SSB Kirby Series Kirby SSB Kirby Series
KingDedede SSBUltimate Vehicle The ship itself is a space pod designed after the head of Dedede's hammer, but if you look through the cockpit, Dedede is just eating and sleeping, while the Waddle Dees do the work! They don't seem to mind though.
Advantages The Waddle Dees are quite accurate, due to King Dedede being surprisingly good at giving correct orders.
Disadvantages All of the Waddle Dees need to work in perfect co-ordination, so it's hard to dodge attacks.
Basic Attack Waddle Dees shoot stars from cannons.
Win Animation Dedede pats his stomach as the Waddle Dees cheer
Lose Animation The Waddle Dees panic as Dedede gets angry and barks unheard orders.
Map Icon King Dedede's Star Allies logo.

SSB Pikmin Series Pikmin SSB Pikmin Series
DolphinnThing Vehicle Of course, Olimar pilots the S.S Dolphin, his personal ship that he managed to buy back after Pikmin 3. Onions follow him closely.
Advantages Olimar's a great pilot who can steer well.
Disadvantages It's really hard to dodge attacks automatically, so you must rely on Olimar's handling.
Basic Attack Pikmin are fired from the Onions.
Win Animation Olimar sighs in relief.
Lose Animation Olimar lowers his head and sighs.
Map Icon The flower that is Pikmin's icon in Smash.

SSB R.O.B. Series R.O.B. SSB R.O.B. Series
ROB JPN SSBUltimate Vehicle R.O.B flies through space with his jet thrusters!
Advantages His defensive capabilities are great!
Disadvantages His accuracy leaves much to be desired.
Basic Attack Fires off eye lasers.
Win Animation R.O.B looks happy and spins his arms..
Lose Animation R.O.B's eyes glitch out.
Map Icon The R.O.B logo in Smash.

Toon Link
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series The Legend of Zelda SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
ToonLink SSBUltimate Vehicle Toon Link steers through the stars on the King Of Red Lions.
Advantages Easy to control.
Disadvantages Weak defensively.
Basic Attack Shoots cannonballs.
Win Animation Toon Link cheers as the King Of Red Lions chuckles.
Lose Animation Toon Link kicks the floor as the King Of Red Lions winces before Link realises what he did and looks sheepish.
Map Icon A silhouette of the Wind Waker.

SSB Star Fox Series Star Fox SSB Star Fox Series
Wolfen Vehicle Wolf pilots a Wolfen.
Advantages Devastating attacks...
Disadvantages In trade of defences.
Basic Attack Shoots red lasers.
Win Animation The Wolfen twirls and Wolf cackles.
Lose Animation Wolf growls as the ship shakes.
Map Icon Star Wolf's logo.

Villager and Isabelle
SSB Animal Crossing Series Animal Crossing SSB Animal Crossing Series
Villager SSBUltimate Vehicle Villager and Isabelle work together to drive the Beetler from Mario Kart 8. Isabelle even gives some advice.
Advantages High handling, Isabelle's a great teacher.
Disadvantages Not powerful.
Basic Attack Shoots Animal Crossing leaves.
Win Animation Isabelle cheers as the Villager blushes.
Lose Animation Isabelle looks sad as Villager worries.
Map Icon The Animal Crossing logo.

Megaman and Beat
SSB Mega Man Series Mega Man SSB Mega Man Series
Mega Man SSBUltimate Vehicle Megaman flies through space with the help of Beat, holding on tight.
Advantages High firing rate.
Disadvantages Low defence.
Basic Attack Shoots his Mega Buster.
Win Animation Megaman fist pumps as Beat cheers.
Lose Animation Megaman powers off as Beat struggles to lift him.
Map Icon The Megaman gear logo.

Wii Fit Trainer
SSB Wii Fit Series Wii Fit SSB Wii Fit Series
WiiFitTrainer SSBUltimate Vehicle Wii Fit Trainer rides on a Wii Balance Board, surrounded by a multicoloured bubble which protects her from space.
Advantages Slowly recovers HP when not attacking.
Disadvantages Not too powerful.
Basic Attack Multicoloured poses are shot out into space, as Wii Fit Trainer poses on her balance board.
Win Animation She stretches, then performs some push-ups before smiling at the camera.
Lose Animation Wii Fit Trainer slumps in a chair, her head in her hands.
Map Icon A green silhouette of a posing trainer with a white background.

SSB Mario Series Super Mario SSB Mario Series
RosalinaandLuma SSBUltimate Vehicle Rosalina soars through space with her Luma.
Advantages Good steering.
Disadvantages Low defence.
Basic Attack Shoots Star Bits.
Win Animation Rosalina cheers as the Luma dances
Lose Animation Rosalina falls back as the Luma holds her up.
Map Icon The Grand Star

Little Mac
SSB Punch-Out Series Punch-Out SSB Punch-Out Series
LittleMac SSBUltimate Vehicle Little Mac pilots a boxing glove shaped ship.
Advantages Good offence.
Disadvantages Low range.
Basic Attack Shoots boxing gloves.
Win Animation Mac shows off his champion belt.
Lose Animation Mac groans and begins to eat a chocolate bar.
Map Icon The Punch Out logo.

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series Super Smash Bros. SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
MiiGunner SSBUltimate Vehicle A completely customisable vehicle.
Advantages Jack of all trades.
Disadvantages Master of none.
Basic Attack Fires beams from the equipped attacking parts.
Win Animation The Mii smiles.
Lose Animation The Mii looks sad.
Map Icon You draw your own icon.

SSB Pac-Man Series Pac-Man SSB Pac-Man Series
Pac-Man SSBUltimate Vehicle Pac-Man pilots a ship based on his original look.
Advantages Balanced stats.
Disadvantages No advantages.
Basic Attack Shoots Power Pellets.
Win Animation The ship spins in a circle.
Lose Animation The ship reenacts the original Pac-Man's death animation.
Map Icon The Pac Man logo.

SSB Xenoblade Series Xenoblade SSB Xenoblade Series
Shulk SSBUltimate Vehicle Shulk pilots a ship designed to looks kinda similar to a Mechon. It's design is mostly original.
Advantages High dodging capabilities.
Disadvantages Low power.
Basic Attack Shoots sword beams from the Monado.
Win Animation Shulk looks cheery.
Lose Animation Shulk sighs.
Map Icon The Monado.

Dark Pit
SSB Kid Icarus Series Kid Icarus SSB Kid Icarus Series
DarkPit SSBUltimate Vehicle Dark Pit flies through space utilising Viridi's powers.
Advantages Quite powerful.
Disadvantages Cannot fire his arrows often
Basic Attack Fires arrows from his Silver Bow.
Win Animation Dark Pit says something snarky and folds his arms.
Lose Animation Dark Pit looks angry, but calms himself and looks away from the camera.
Map Icon The Forces of Nature logo.

Bowser Jr.
SSB Mario Series Super Mario SSB Mario Series
BowserJr SSBUltimate Vehicle Bowser Jr. rides a modified Koopa Clown Car, which is adapted for space travel.
Advantages Since his vehicle is so small, he's hard to hit.
Disadvantages In turn, his attacks aren't awfully strong, either.
Basic Attack Shoots Bullet Bills out of his Clown Car.
Win Animation Bowser Jr jumps out of his seat and cheers.
Lose Animation He throws a tantrum, crying and banging his fists against the walls of his clown car.
Map Icon A clown face resembling his vehicle.

Duck Hunt Duo
SSB Duck Hunt Series Duck Hunt SSB Duck Hunt Series
DuckHunt SSBUltimate Vehicle The duck and dog work together to pilot a ship based on the NES Zapper.
Advantages Very accurate.
Disadvantages Not good at dodging.
Basic Attack Shoots blasts of light.
Win Animation The dog laughs as the duck flutters around his head.
Lose Animation The duck gets angry as the dog looks sad.
Map Icon The Duck Hunt Logo

SSB Street Fighter Series Street Fighter SSB Street Fighter Series
Ryu SSBUltimate Vehicle Ryu pilots a ship designed after the original Street Fighter's arcade cabinet.
Advantages High damage.
Disadvantages Low range.
Basic Attack Fires Hadoukens.
Win Animation Ryu crosses his arms.
Lose Animation Ryu falls back onto the seat.
Map Icon The Street Fighter logo

SSB Fire Emblem Series Fire Emblem SSB Fire Emblem Series
Corrin SSBUltimate Vehicle Corrin flies through space in his Dragon form.
Advantages His shots slightly stun opponents.
Disadvantages Low range.
Basic Attack Fires blasts of water.
Win Animation Corrin roars.
Lose Animation Corrin growls.
Map Icon The Fire Emblem logo

SSB Final Fantasy Series Final Fantasy SSB Final Fantasy Series
Cloud SSBUltimate Vehicle Cloud takes flight with the Highwind.
Advantages High agility, making dodging easy.
Disadvantages Low range.
Basic Attack Fires sword beams.
Win Animation Cloud nods solemnly.
Lose Animation Cloud looks stressed before regaining his composure.
Map Icon The Final Fantasy logo.

SSB Bayonetta Series Bayonetta SSB Bayonetta Series
Bayonetta SSBUltimate Vehicle Bayonetta pilots a ship designed after the demon known as Gomorrah
Advantages She can briefly slow down time when attacks are dodged.
Disadvantages Low defence.
Basic Attack Fires bullets.
Win Animation Bayonetta mocks the opponents.
Lose Animation Bayonetta looks bored and sits back.
Map Icon The Bayonetta logo.

SSB Splatoon Series Splatoon SSB Splatoon Series
Inkling SSBUltimate Vehicle The Inkling flies through space, thanks to the Inkjet
Advantages The Ink from the Splattershot deals more damage if the opponent is inked.
Disadvantages Low defence.
Basic Attack Fires the Splattershot.
Win Animation The Inkling flips their Splattershot into the air.
Lose Animation The Inkling whines.
Map Icon The Splatoon logo.

SSB Mario Series Super Mario SSB Mario Series
Daisy SSBUltimate Vehicle Daisy pilots the Sky Pop, but repainted with a flower motif.
Advantages High speed
Disadvantages Low accuracy
Basic Attack Daisy fires bright orange beams with petals floating around them.
Win Animation Daisy cheers and jumps up excitedly.
Lose Animation Daisy stomps on the ground of her ship and crosses her arms in anger.
Map Icon The flower logo she has in the Mario Kart games.

SSB Metroid Series Metroid SSB Metroid Series
Ridley SSBUltimate (Meta) Vehicle After being wounded numerous times, Ridley resorts to his Metal form to defeat his opponents.
Advantages Incredible defence.
Disadvantages Low range.
Basic Attack Blasts electrical fires.
Win Animation Ridley laughs viciously.
Lose Animation Ridley roars in anger.
Map Icon Ridley's stock icon.

Dark Samus
SSB Metroid Series Metroid SSB Metroid Series
DarkSamus SSBUltimate Vehicle Dark Samus flies through space herself with no ship, thanks to her rocket boosters.
Advantages High mobility, due to her size.
Disadvantages Low steering capabilities.
Basic Attack Fires Phazon beams from her arm cannon.
Win Animation Dark Samus stands normally and flies in a small circle before posing.
Lose Animation Dark Samus' lights dim as she slightly drops down.
Map Icon Dark Samus' helmet

King K. Rool
SSB Donkey Kong Series Donkey Kong SSB Donkey Kong Series
240px-King K Rool SSBU Vehicle King K. Rool rides around on a large galleon made for space battle.
Advantages High attack power.
Disadvantages Extremely slow.
Basic Attack King K. Rool fires powerful, but slow-moving, cannonballs from the front of his ship.
Win Animation King K. slaps his stomach, cheering loudly.
Lose Animation He stomps his feet in frustration, crossing his arms angrily.
Map Icon A logo resembling his face, similar to his SSBU stock icon.

SSB Pokémon Series Pokémon SSB Pokémon Series
Incineroar SSBU Vehicle Incineroar's ship is designed after a fireball, fit with fire blazing out of the engine.
Advantages Incineroar's attacks are really easy to land on opponents.
Disadvantages The ship's defences are lower than average.
Basic Attack Fireballs are launched out of the vehicle.
Win Animation Incineroar grins, pumping his fist in the air.
Lose Animation Incineroar growls.
Map Icon The Fire-type symbol from the Pokémon TCG.

Piranha Plant
SSB Mario Series Super Mario SSB Mario Series
Piranha Plant SSBU Vehicle The Piranha Plant hides inside of a large ship designed after the pipes from Mario, a huge, robotic Piranha Plant head sticks out of one end and snacks on nearby opponents.
Advantages The Robo Piranha Plant's bite attacks are absolutely devastating.
Disadvantages Terrible range.
Basic Attack The Robo Piranha Plant's head extends slightly and bites at nearby opponents.
Win Animation The Robo Piranha Plant laughs.
Lose Animation The Robo Piranha Plant growls
Map Icon A logo resembling their head, similar to it's SSBU stock icon.

SSB EarthBound Series EarthBound SSB EarthBound Series
Paula Vehicle Paula drives a spaceship designed after the pink teddy bears usable as decoys in Earthbound.
Advantages The Teddy Bear Ship has powerful defences.
Disadvantages Paula isn't too skilled at piloting her ship, so it's hard to control.
Basic Attack Blasts PK Freeze
Win Animation Paula cheers and hops around.
Lose Animation Paula looks sad and crosses her arms.
Map Icon A logo reminiscent of her bow.

SSB Pokémon Series Pokémon SSB Pokémon Series
791-Solgaleo Vehicle Solgaleo runs through space without a vehicle.
Advantages High Defences.
Disadvantages Low mobility.
Basic Attack Solgaleo shoots Flamethrower to attack.
Win Animation Solgaleo glows brightly and roars.
Lose Animation Solgaleo shakes his head while growling.
Map Icon The Steel-Type logo from the Pokémon TCG.

SSB Pokémon Series Pokémon SSB Pokémon Series
792-Lunala Vehicle Lunala flies through space without a vehicle.
Advantages High mobility, allowing her to easily evade attacks.
Disadvantages Low defences.
Basic Attack Lunala uses Shadow Ball, launching a fast-moving sphere of darkness into space.
Win Animation She spreads out her wings, smiling as they glow different colours.
Lose Animation Lunala sadly shakes her head, folding back her wings.
Map Icon The Dark-Type logo from the Pokémon TCG.

Calisto Chase Da Silva
SSB Starlink Series Starlink SSB Starlink Series
Calisto Vehicle Calisto drives the Pulse, a red, metallic spacecraft designed for maneuverability.
Advantages Very high speed.
Disadvantages Low damage-per-second.
Basic Attack Fires lasers from her spacecraft, which home in on foes but deal little damage.
Win Animation Calisto leaps out of her spacecraft, cheering.
Lose Animation She starts crying, holding her head in her hands.
Map Icon The "A" from the Starlink: Battle for Atlas logo.

SSB Kirby Series Kirby SSB Kirby Series
0.2.Marx Render 1 Vehicle Marx uses the form he takes when powered up by the wish-granting Nova and flies through space.
Advantages Very good firing rate.
Disadvantages Low accuracy.
Basic Attack Marx shoots rapid light arrows.
Win Animation Marx cackles menacingly as his eyes turn snake-like.
Lose Animation Marx glares at the camera.
Map Icon His icon from Kirby Star Allies.

SSB Scribblenauts Series Scribblenauts SSB Scribblenauts Series
Bathtub Maxwell Vehicle Maxwell rides the flying, spotted bathtub pictured in the promotional art for Super Scribblenauts.
Advantages High Handling.
Disadvantages Low Mobility, so you have to utilise your handling and skill to dodge attacks.
Basic Attack Maxwell fires small, fake, exploding Starites from his Notebook.
Win Animation Maxwell pulls out a Starite and spins it around.
Lose Animation Maxwell lays back in his tub and sighs.
Map Icon The Notepad icon from his games.

Banjo & Kazooie
JSSB stage logo - Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts Banjo-Kazooie JSSB stage logo - Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts
Banjo and KazooieSSBV Vehicle A spacecraft modelled after Kazooie, with a windshield in place of her eyes, through which Banjo can be seen piloting the vehicle. The ship's "wings" have built-in laser guns.
Advantages Jack of all trades.
Disadvantages Master of none.
Basic Attack Fires laser beams from the guns on the wings.
Win Animation Banjo cheers while Kazooie flies around him happily.
Lose Animation Banjo appears stern while Kazooie perches on his shoulder, ashamed.
Map Icon An jigsaw piece, akin to the series' logo.

Mach Rider
Machriderlogo Mach Rider Machriderlogo
Mach Rider Render Vehicle Mach Rider, of course rides his bike, it's been more adapted to space travel with more powerful boosters! He kept the wheels on so he could go back to normal racing any time.
Advantages High Speed
Disadvantages Low defence due to lack of armour.
Basic Attack Shoots bullets from his twin miniguns
Win Animation Mach Rider pumps his fist and puts his hand to his visor.
Lose Animation Mach Rider clenches his fists and slams down on the bike handles in anger.
Map Icon A logo similar to his helmet.

SSB Excitebike SeriesB Excitebike SSB Excitebike SeriesB
ExciteBiker Vehicle Excitebiker appears alongside Mach Rider! His bike is similar, but more adapted to defensive measures. Just like the Mach Rider, he still prioritises speed, even in zero gravity.
Advantages High Speed
Disadvantages Low Attack.
Basic Attack Shoots small red lasers from the front of his bike.
Win Animation Excitebiker does a flip on his bike and holds his hands up in victory.
Lose Animation Excitebiker crosses his arms and sighs.
Map Icon A red wheel logo.

SSB Mario Series Super Mario SSB Mario Series
Lubba OSSB Vehicle Lubba's ship is designed after the helm of Starship Mario, complete with a steering wheel, flower beds and the company of several Lumas and Toads.
Advantages Lubba's high defence means he can take many hits before taking damage.
Disadvantages Starship Mario moves very slowly.
Basic Attack Star Bits are launched from cannons at the front of the vehicle.
Win Animation Lubba cheers and celebrates his victory with several Lumas.
Lose Animation Lubba frowns while the Lumas cry.
Map Icon A purple star

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series The Legend of Zelda SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Makar Vehicle Makar flies through space in a wooden spaceship held up by a Korok Leaf.
Advantages The ship's small size makes it easy to dodge things.
Disadvantages Low defences.
Basic Attack Fires Korok seeds.
Win Animation Makar cheers and plays his leaf instrument.
Lose Animation Makar sighs and plays his instrument sadly.
Map Icon His mask.

SSB Fruit Punch Series Fruit Punch SSB Fruit Punch Series
Punch Pearoplane Vehicle Punch pilots the Pearoplane, a vehicle made by an unknown inventor in his home land.
Advantages Punch slowly heals damage dealt.
Disadvantages Punch takes more damage from attacks, he's easy to bruise!
Basic Attack Punch shoots seeds from the Seed Poppers which are attached to his vehicle.
Win Animation Punch cheers and smiles.
Lose Animation He looks down sadly and sheds a tear.
Map Icon A symbol resembling a watermelon slice.

Unlocking Criteria

With 41 secret, unlockable characters in the game, there are a variety of methods that can be used to unlock these.

Character How to Unlock
Peach Play 5 online games.
Dr. Mario Win 10 games playing as Mario.
Ice Climbers Land 20 critical hits on foes.
Falco Win 10 games playing as Fox.
Young Link Win 10 games playing as Link.
Ganondorf Achieve a Galactic Smash Power of 5000.
Mewtwo Win 10 games playing as Pokémon Trainer.
Mr. Game & Watch Spend 12 hours playing the game.
Meta Knight Win 10 games playing as Kirby.
Snake Play games on every stage.
Diddy Kong Win 10 games playing as Donkey Kong.
Lucas Win 10 games playing as Ness.
Sonic Successfully avoid 100 attacks.
R.O.B. Spend 24 hours playing the game.
Toon Link Win 10 games playing as Young Link.
Wolf Win 10 games playing as Falco.
Villager Win a game with less than ten seconds remaining.
Mega Man Win a game using inverted controls.
Wii Fit Trainer Reach a speed of 10,000 kmph using any character.
Little Mac Win 5 games by crashing into your opponent.
Mii Create a Mii Pilot in the settings menu.
Pac-Man Collect 1,000 Space Orbs.
Dark Pit Win 10 games playing as Pit.
Bowser Jr. Win 10 games playing as Bowser.
Duck Hunt Spend 36 hours playing the game.
Ryu Win 10 games playing as Little Mac.
Corrin Collect 250 Stickers.
Cloud Win a game in less than 30 seconds.
Inkling Use attacks 5,000 times.
Daisy Win 10 games playing as Peach.
Dark Samus Win 10 games playing as Samus.
King K. Rool Eliminate two or more opponents with a single attack.
Incineroar Win 10 games playing as Jigglypuff.
Marx Win 10 games playing as King Dedede.
Banjo & Kazooie Spend 48 hours playing the game.
Mach Rider Win 25 Wi-Fi games.
Excitebiker Win 25 LAN games.
Lubba Win 10 games playing as Rosalina
Makar Win 10 games playing as Zelda.
Punch Play 1,000 games*.


Gameplay can take place in any of the following stages, which are all open areas based off locations from Nintendo games.

Stage Image Franchise Description
Grand Space Battlefield Space Carrier Battlefield Smashgalaxylogo In the depths of space lies this battlefield, with a huge battleship looming over you, this beautiful arena is perfect for fair matches with no obstacles!
Cloud Kingdom Cloud Kingdom SuperMarioLogo In the skies above the Mushroom Kingdom, fighters take to the skies in the cloudy land of Nimbus Arena. Fighters should watch out for Paragoombas, which can damage their spacecraft.
Ghostly Galaxy Spooky warudo SuperMarioLogo A haunted house stranded in the middle of space, made by the Boos to take residence in. Watch out for the Boos that will attack ships, and the large black hole, which draws in ships to deal massive damage!
Ultra Space Ultrawormhole EnglishPokemonLogo This action-packed stage takes place in the void between dimensions - the ultra space wormhole. If you're not careful, you'll drive into a wormhole and get into trouble with some dangerous Ultra Beasts!
Saffron City Saffron City EnglishPokemonLogo A city powered by the works of Silph Co. and their incredible breakthroughs in science! Porygons will sometimes appear from portals on the walls of buildings and try to grab you and pull you through, dealing quite a lot of damage. Electrodes will also sometimes be dropped by a Meowth Blimp that flies above and create huge explosions. On very rare occasions, Zapdos will dive down from the suddenly stormy sky and cause a terrifying storm, dealing huge damage with huger lightning bolts.
Skyworld SkyWorld view by FanPikachu Kid Icarus logo DSSB A world inhabited by angels and gods, unluckily, the Underworld army are invading and you must avoid the ensuing battle
Reset Bomb Forest Resetbomb20 Kid Icarus logo DSSB While mostly a beautiful forest owned by Viridi, goddess of nature, she'll eventually get sick of the fighters and throw down a Reset Bomb, drastically changing the landscape and massively damaging any caught in the initial explosion.
Corneria SSBU-Corneria Star Fox logo DSSB One of the most recognisable places in the Star Fox series, thanks to it's consistent appearances in the Smash Bros series, fly around, but be careful, the Great Fox might blast you down accidentally!
Venom Venom SSBU Star Fox logo DSSB This land of burning lava is quite dangerous, that is, if the name didn't already tip you off. Burning spouts of lava will shoot up, damaging players caught, look out for Star Wolf, who'll indiscriminately shoot anyone they see, even their leader!




  • The Earthbound kids were previously one character, but thanks to Exotoro (tbc)'s suggestion, they were seperated.
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