Slushie Spotlight is an umbrella game created by Candy Dynamics released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. The game is a follow up to a cancelled previous umbrella game, Slushie Player, and carries over some mechanics and ideas that were planned to be used in that game.


Slushie Spotlight is a two-dimensional fighter with some unique gameplay aspects. The game uses directional inputs for special and aerial attacks similar to the Super Smash Bros. series, but, unlike that series, the goal of a battle is not to defeat your opponent by knocking them off-screen but to collect Slushie Points, which are dropped when fighters either use their attacks or are hit by attacks. Each fighter starts with an equal amount of Slushie Points unless a handicap is applied, and there are five different colors of Slushie Points, Red, Blue, Violet, Green, and Gold, and all of the amounts of each color for a fighter are visible at the bottom of the screen with meters represented by cups. The first four colors correspond to each fighter's special attacks. When fighters use a special attack or are hit by one from an opponent, they will drop Slushie Points of the corresponding color. Using normal or aerial attacks will cause fighters to drop an equivalent amount of Slushie Points from each of the four standard color varieties unless they have none left. Obtaining more Slushie Points for a color will also increase the power of the attack it corresponds to, but the fighters in the lead will always be more susceptible to dropping Slushie Points. Unlike the other four colors, the Gold Slushie Points will always start at zero and corresponds to the fighter's most powerful attack known as their "Final Slush." The gold Slushie Point meter can only increase and cannot be depleted except through using the Final Slush, but gold Slushie Points will drop at random when attacking. A Final Slush can only be used when the gold Slushie Point meter is full.

There are two main game modes which are known as Perfect Slush and Ratio Slush respectively. In Perfect Slush, the goal of a battle is to have the most Slushie Points of all fighters by the end of the match, while in Ratio Slush, the goal is to be the closest to having a perfect ratio of Slushie Points with each Slushie Point meter (excluding the gold point meter) half full by the end. Players can set the timer before a match and add any additional restrictions or rules, and Final Slushes can also be turned off.


Following the end of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Wilson Fisk, in prison, contacts his associates to discuss creating a new, more powerful version of the Super Collider.




Character Description
Mad Piano
Mad Piano is a strange piano that first appeared in the Super Mario 64 level Big Boo's Haunt. It seems to be a regular piano at first, but getting close to it will cause it to open up to reveal sharp teeth on the inside, biting anyone that enters its path. It can also use music-based attacks.
NiGHTS is a Nightmaren from Nightopia, the realm of dreams. They are a playful jester-like creature with the ability to fly. In their free time, they enjoy playing their signature instrument, an invisible flute. Their attacks mostly involve NiGHTS' transformations and persona masks.
The Bombastic Bag-Man
Peter Parker's alter ego, the bombastic Bag-Man! He has the abilities of a spider, given to him after an incident involving a radioactive spider. Now that he's lost his brand new black costume, he's forced to wear a Fantastic Four suit and a bag over his head. However, he has lower defense to attacks on his backside because of a "Kick Me" sign placed on his back.
Scott Cawthon
Scott Cawthon is the creator of the popular Five Nights at Freddy's series who appears as the final boss of the Hard Mode of the spin-off game FNAF World. Most of his attacks use other video game characters that he has created such as Freddy Fazbear, Chipper, and Coffee.
Wendy Corduroy
Wendy Blerble Corduroy is a teenager from Gravity Falls, Oregon who used to work at the Mystery Shack. Her family life shaped her into becoming a capable fighter, which proved useful in her many experiences against supernatural forces in the town. Her attacks mostly consist of using an axe, but she can also fight using her bare hands, and she is able to grab and dropkick opponents.
Maxwell 2
Coming from a family of 42 children, this rooster helmet-wearing... person uses a magical notebook that can summon anything written in its contents. Maxwell summons monsters and other objects to fight, giving them strange attributes by applying adjectives to them. His sister, Lily, has also given him her magic globe, allowing him to teleport.
Captain Marvel
Carol Danvers, known under her superhero alias as Captain Marvel, was a pilot in the US Air Force before an encounter with the alien race of the Kree that led to her gaining immense power. She has powers that allow her to blast foes with intense energy and fly at high speeds, making her incredibly strong at her full potential.
DC ScroogeMcDuck
Scrooge McDuck
The world-renowned trillionaire Scrooge McDuck is always looking for an opportunity to earn more money on his adventures, and surely he'll find a way to make a fortune on this one, too. He might be an old man, but that doesn't mean he's not skilled. He's always determined to come out on top, and he has access to both his pogo-stick-like cane and his riches when fighting.
Val and Hue
Val and Hue don't usually work together as much as they fight against each other, but their colorful abilities can make them a strong team. Aside from running and punching as they can in Runbow, Val and Hue also use a variety of attacks based on power-ups from their home game.





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