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Part-Demon, Anti-Hero
16 years old
Art by Exotoro (tbc)
NAME Slimery
SPECIES Human (formerly)
Half-human, half-demon (currently)
ALIGNMENT Chaotic Good (currently)
Evil (formerly)
POWERS / WEAPON(S) Pyrokinesis, high durability, slight heat resistance, flight, regeneration
WEAKNESS(ES) Regeneration takes way too long
Loses the ability to fly when wings are damaged
BIRTH DATE August 13
AFFILIATION(S) Lucifer (former boss)
Demons of the Infernal Underworld (former partners)
OCCUPATION(S) Dish washer
RELATIONSHIPS Azuri* (current girlfriend)
Lilith (ex-girlfriend and tag team partner)
FAMILY Slimery's parents†
FRIENDS Lukey, Caff
ENEMIES Lucifer and his demon army, The Count Down

Azuri, Lukey, fires, cotton candy, cracking jokes about Hell, spicy foods, spaghetti, resting during his own leisure, taste of demon blood, living on the surface of Earth, fried shrimp, feeling warm, toast


Lucifer and his demon army, being deceived/used, The Count Down, having problems sleeping, religion, people thinking he is a monster, having to wear footwear, dish washing, anyone stepping on his tail, wearing something different


Slimery is one of the many OwtheEdgehog (tbc)'s original characters and is the very first one as well, created all the way back in 2014 (under the name of "Brandon"). Slimery is a half-human, half-demon character, so basically he has the body of a human, traits of a demon creature, which is displayed by his wings, tail and horns (and possibly because he is a pyrokinetic user). Slimery formerly worked as a lackey of Lucifer, being the only half-demon in his army and one of his strongest and skilled warriors, though after learning the whereabouts of himself and his own parents, which he did not know about because of amnesia during his time in the Underworld, he rebelled against Lucifer, living a life in solitude as of now, and is on the run by other demons.


Slimery is a light-skinned humanoid character who, being a half-human, half-demon character as stated above, has two demon wings, a red arrow-shaped tail behind him and red horns sticking out of his head. He has blonde hair, wears a green shirt and dark-blue, low saturated shorts. He has red irises, has abnormally claw-shaped fingers, and is commonly seen barefoot, mainly because he prefers not to wear any footwear.


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Slimery's main power is pyrokinesis, which allows him to manipulate fire varying from his hands to the ground with his mind without any kind of problem. Evident by his wings, he can also fly, but when they are damaged and/or broken, he is limited to flight by a ton, to the point he cannot fly no longer. He can also use his horns and his tail as a small dagger of some sort. He also can regenerate and recover some fatal damage, like being pierced in the eye or losing one of his limbs, albeit it takes forever for the regeneration to finish, and while regenerating he feels immense pain (though he gets used to it after a while), to the point where the agonizing pain can kill him.

Slimery can open up portals, similar to Heralds. However instead of portals that lead to other universes, they only lead to Infernal Underworld due to his affiliations with it, though he is rarely shown doing this, as this might lead demons into coming out his portals and causing havoc. He can also disappear and reappear in a puff of flames, use his claw-shaped fingers to scratch and scrape his enemies, send out heat waves from his body to keep people warm, especially in cold areas, some slight heat resistance, so when the floor becomes hot he has little to zero problems with it, and send flames up from his body, turning his hair into a literal flame.

Another power which is limited is that Slimery can extend his limbs to almost-absurd lengths and shapeshift, though this is limited to his fingers. He can also corrode materials like wood, metal and stone within the palm of his hands, though he does this very slowly and it is not used as much.

In terms of natural abilities, he is somewhat strong and very durable, being able to lift almost anything (though for heavy objects, he has a hard time doing so) and survive some of the hardest falls and crashes and ignore some critical conditions, granting him nigh-immortality in many human eyes, though in reality, he can still be injured and killed through unnatural means (murder, suicide, etc). He also can take in very spicy food without cooling it down, and will not being affected by it. It is even seen when he consumes the Hell's Ramen item in Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil, where he recovers 2% damage and does not spit out fireballs as the others would normally do.

Specific powers & moves

  • Demon Shot: Slimery conjures up a ball of hellfire and tosses it forward to inflict burn on his enemies (if they are not immune to fire). He can throw this flaming projectile in an arc above him, below him in the air, or straight across. Originates from one of his special moves in His Battle.
  • Devil's Flight: Slimery can rise to the sky using his wings, although this is limited when his wings are damaged.
  • Diving Hornbutt: Slimery leaps from the ground, and dives downwards horns first to bury his enemies to the ground. Originates from his down special in Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil.
  • Flamethrower: Slimery rears his hand back, before thrusting it forwards, unleashing a torrent of flame that travels a short distance forwards. It can cancel projectiles, repeatedly damage foes in range, and push them away. Players can hold the special button and input directions to aim the fire. Concept taken from Somebody495.
  • Flameport: Disappearing in a puff of flames, Slimery reappears in another location. A safer way to teleport to other areas than using portals, but it is limited. He can also do this with other people near him, but their clothes (or even themselves) may catch fire. Originates from one of his special moves in His Battle.
  • Hellish Charge: Slimery seems to be shrouded in fire, even levitating over the ground for a little bit. After a second of charge-up, he lunges forwards, horns first, intent on striking foes. He has some fairly high armor during this, so it's a little hard to make him flinch. Though, this armor is only present during his charge.
  • Hellish Portal: Slimery holds his palms forwards, forming an orange spark in front of him. Then, the spark expands into a circular portal that's taller than him. Once the portal is formed, it produces a wave that travels a short distance forwards. If an enemy is caught in this wave, they're suddenly pulled into the portal. What follows is a cutscene of the caught enemies winding up in Hell, where they're then assaulted by demons, before being launched a fair time afterwards.
  • Hellish Strike: If done on the ground, Slimery will leap up a fair distance. He rearranges himself such that his horns are pointed downwards. He then lunges downwards at high speeds, slicing through foes, and sending enemies flying away if they're near the landing spot. If done in the air, Slimery will simply go right into rearranging himself. Can be canceled out with an air dodge, though he'll be in a free fall state.
  • Horn Rush: Slimery runs (or flies) forward to attack with his horns, sometimes twirling around in a corkscrew drilling fashion. Originates from one of his Busters in His Battle.


His Battle

Slimery makes his debut as one of the fifteen playable characters in His Battle, being one of the eight characters unlocked from the start. Slimery specializes in creating traps on the ground, being able to double jump thanks to his wings and being fast and agile in both the ground and air, though he suffers from having poor defense, so most strong attacks can pierce through his defenses, and it does not help when his health decreases, as his special ability is limited each time a chunk of his health is shaved, to the point he cannot use it anymore.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Starlight

In this game, Slimery's appearance is altered to be the opposite of what he looks like, since the game takes place in an alternate reality. Here, Slimery has angel wings, a halo, footwear, a blue shirt, and green pants. His moves and story are different too. The only thing he retains are his blonde hair, and light skin color.

Zeonyte Academy

Appearing in the Fantendo Heroverse, Slimery debuts in that universe in this game, appearing as a Rank D character. Similar to Mika and Hinata, Slimery can manipulate flames and can open portals to summon demonic creatures.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil

While Fantendo Smash Bros. Starlight is Slimery's Fantendo Smash Bros. game debut, the real deal (not an alternate reality version of him) is formally introduced in this game. Slimery is an unlockable character, and can do multiple jumps, and some of his moves can set enemies on fire.



Slimery worked with Lucifer back in the day, signing a contract for him so he will work with him in the Infernal Underworld for the rest of his life unless he decides to quit. Slimery carries out Lucifer's deeds of killing most humans whenever needed. However, this did not last as long as the latter thought, since Slimery found out the truth of his own whereabouts and his own parents. As a result, he left Lucifer and all the other demons in the Infernal Underworld, causing Lucifer to set the contract that Slimery signed on fire. Slimery developed a great hatred for him and his lackeys afterwards, which will probably remain until Lucifer's untimely demise.

Infernal Underworld Demons

Slimery developed some sort of friendship with the demons along some of them he is not really keen on being friends with. The ones that were his friends treated him like he was apart of the gang of sinful demons, treating him with respect. After Slimery left the gang out of pure disbelief after finding out the truth about himself, the demons that he made friends with were shocked, though some were not really surprised.


Lukey and Slimery were mortal enemies at first when Slimery was working with Lucifer. They occasionally clash with each other, with each clash almost costing Lukey's own life. After turning against Lucifer, he visits Lukey's house for cover from the demons that are chasing after him. He became a household member of Lukey's own house afterwards, along with Caff, dealing with dish washing, much to his dismay.


His current girlfriend. Slimery was annoyed with Azuri at first, but slowly warmed up to and befriended her after meeting her the first time. Although they are not dating as of now, he does has feelings for her, but prefers not to mention it to others (especially keeping it a secret from Lukey).



  • Slimery is one of the oldest characters of OwtheEdgehog (tbc); at early development, he was named "Brandon" (which is, in fact, Ow's real name), and was a Kirby fan character at the time. He was just a Sword Kirby recolor with a green body and purple shoes, and ice abilities, being the "puffsona" of Ow for a while, though over time he was turned into a puffball with blonde hair, black shoes, a green body (which, those colors stated, indirectly represent the colors of the Jamaican flag*) and a purple raccoon tail. After a while, he decided to change his name into something different, the first that came to mind was Slimery, based on his old DeviantArt account username (which was absolute cringe by the way), and kept with that name. By the time 2016 came, he was turned into a half-human, half-demon character (despite still being drawn as a puffball on some occasions), which is his current appearance as of now.
    • This also means he has the most changes out of any character in OwtheEdgehog (tbc)'s batch of original characters.
  • It should be noted that the name "Slimery" is just a "deku" nickname given to him back in the days he was working for Lucifer, but he prefers to be called that instead of his real name (which, of course, he does not know).
  • Slimery's birthdate, August 13, is a nod to his creator's birthday, which is on the 13rd of August.
  • Slimery shares some similarities with Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. They both are characters who formerly work for someone in the depths of Hell (in Scorpion's case, he works for Quan Chi, and to an extent, Shinnok, in the Netherrealm, while in Slimery's case, he works for Lucifer in Infernal Underworld), were tricked and deceived into doing something (Scorpion was tricked into killing the original Sub-Zero, while Slimery was tricked into wiping out most of the human race), and after learning the truth, they vowed vengeance against said person they worked for. They also have the ability to teleport and use hellfire for their moves. The differences between them is that Slimery is not a wraith/spectre, he is a half-demon and is not immune to death.
    • In His Battle, some of Slimery's special moves are similar to Scorpion's special moves in some Mortal Kombat games; most notably his Floor Eruption and Flameport moves.
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