Slime Render

SPECIES Slug (Snail subspecies)
BIRTHPLACE Snail Village, Dark Woods

Slime (full title: Slime the Slug) is one of the main characters appearing in the Dark Woods series, making his first appearance in Dark Woods. He acts as the mentor of Hein throughout the games, and often explains the basic game elements.


Before Dark Woods

Although never stated in the games and interview explained that Slime always has been an inhabitant of the Dark Woods, and even was around when it was Eden. Like many of the fauna he was always able to talk and managed to avoid any kind of transformation into a horrific creature.

Dark Woods

Slime is the first person Hein meets within the Dark Woods. Slime provides Hein with a lot of information throughout the game, explaining his new powers and what the Dark Woods exactly is. He resides in the pocket of Hein's jacket and climbs up to his shoulder to give explanations. He also appears in the 'bag menu' where he sometimes gives further details on certain objects.

Dark Woods II: New Woods

Slime continued to stay with Hein and tagged along with him, Lily and Raid through their next quest. Once again he provides information on how to use the powers of each individual. He does not provide much to the overall story however and only is there to give tips and hints.

Dark Woods III: The Plague Returns

After many years of aging in the Dark Woods Slime reached a certain age in which he could assume a new form. He now is more humanoid and one of the tallest characters in the series as opposed to the previous games. He first meets them after they defeat Spirophobia and leads them to the Snail Village. It was revealed he became the leader of the village, replacing the Hermit Snail. After the protagonists defeated Punk Slug, Slime decides to go with them to the circus tent as he still wants to be of help to them. He may be asked for advice throughout the game.

Dark Woods IV: Descend

Slime appears again in Dark Woods IV with a passive role in the story. He hangs around at the circus tent along with the other survivors, including the snail people. He can be talked to whenever needed and he will elaborate at various topics (in contrast with Nostradamus who only gives advice on what to do next).

Near the end of the game Isis heads to the circus tent where she attacks Slime and takes his soul resulting in his death. After Eight is defeated he is given a proper burial.


Throughout the game Slime acts as a guide and this is reflected in his personality. He is a very wise being that knows a lot about the lore of the Dark Woods but is always interested to learn more, that being one of the reasons he accompanied Hein. In addition to that he also has a good sense of justice and knows what is wrong and what is right. He can be quite sarcastic at times, especially against Hein.

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