Final Fantasy (スライム Slime) is a fantasy role-playing video game created by Brock Dilley, developed and first published in Japan by ZEON in 1986. It is the first game in ZEON's Slime series. Originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Final Fantasy was remade for several video game consoles and is frequently packaged with Slime II in video game collections. The story follows a man named Charles, who takes on the role of Slime General to save Crotan by retrieving the Elemental Rocks and returning them to their crystals.


At the beginning of the game, the player can choose between two starting towns: Freety or Crotan Town. Depending on the choice, the player receives different types of slimes: Power types, good at attacking, or Defense types, which are good for staying safe and healing. The game is split up into difficulties: if in Easy mode, the enemies are less powerful and you start up with more slimes; if in Medium, you get an average amount of slimes and the enemies are slightly more powerful; and in Hard mode, you get much less slimes and the enemies are even harder to beat.

In the overworld, the player character is able to explore the world, followed by his army of slimes. The plot of the game is followed by moving through the world and getting quests from locales, like most traditional RPGs. Unlike those, however, the game has a much different combat style: while building an army of slimes, you can combine and uncombine Slimes to change speed, power, elements and other stats.

When combining Slimes, a convoluted system is followed: when you combine two slimes of the same type, they retain elements, and when you combine different types you get a fix. For example, mixing two fires will make a Fire x2, but combining two natures and two waters, you will get a Mud x4. The possible elements are named below:

  • Red/Fire, which is powerful against Nature.
  • Blue/Water, which is useful against Fire and Mud.
  • Yellow/Nature, which is great against Water.
  • Green/Mud, which is great against Fire
  • Purple/Steam, which is good when battling Fire
  • Orange/Poison, which is super effective against Steam.
  • Brown/Darkness, which is neutral.



Slime takes place in a fantasy world named Crotan with 5 continents. Crotan's magical properties are all contained in 3 crystals, which power the three basic elements: fire, water, and nature. The crystals contain such power that many temples were created to protect them. Despite this, long ago an evil being destroyed most of the temples and released the power of the crystals, upsetting the balance of Crotan. Due to this, each continent only has about 3 major villages and the entire population of the world is rapidly decreasing.




Made by Brock Dilley. TBA

Versions and re-releases

Slime has frequently been remade for different platforms, and sometimes packaged with Slime II.

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