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Slaughterbus Forever is a sequel to unfinished project Slaughterbus developed by Laughball Interactive. The game's theme is Robot Rock / Oh Yeah by Daft Punk.


Slaughterbus Forever features a story that moves at a pace the player decides, with new chapters starting at their control. Due to its length, it can be found here.


Slaughterbus Forever is an open-world game best described as a hack-n-slash; though details are very different, it features similar camera angles and controls. Players control the titular Slaughterbus, exploring 7 hub worlds and fighting enemies. Heavy emphasis is put on customization, with weapons being attachable to a myriad of points. Also available are sidequests and collectibles, that reward players with additional currency.


Name Info Sidequests
The Final Stronghold
One of the last remaining outposts of Spacethority, Devalon-IX is a barren world torn apart for resources. The surface is covered in charred ruins and half-finished machinery, but taking the massive elevator down leads to a Spacethority laboratory built around the planet's core.
Available from start.


Name Info Collectible Group



Name Info Attachment Points Cost
T-Rexitronics Slaughterbus's iconic tyrannosaurus rex head orbitters. These have a short range, but lock-on to nearby enemies automatically and deal heavy damage. Sides default weaponry
Fist Missiles Large missiles topped with metal fists. They take a long time to reload but are a strong long-range option. Sides, Roof, Hood, Bottom default weaponry
The Prophetic Eye A massive floating eyeball, said to have once belonged to an oracle. It fires off weak beams of light, but auto-locks at a much farther range than most projectiles. Sides, Roof 3000 Credits


Name Info Type Cost
Ancient Death Metal The ancient alloy Slaughterbus was forged from at the birth of the universe. Balances speed and defense well, but not exceptional at either. Armor default mechanics
Sentelenium A mysterious metal found hidden away by Distortion Mist on Earth. This gives Slaughterbus incredible defense and only affects acceleration as opposed to top speed. Armor 5000 Credits
The Flames Chaotic Dual thrusters, foretold in ancient myth to be fueled by the Power Chaotic. Balances speed and defense well, but not exceptional at either. Thrusters default mechanics
Speed Demon Thrusters powered by ancient demon runes, created from the crystalized blood of Gagmier himself. Incredible speed meets low defense; however, fuel is regenerated after every successful combo. Thrusters 5000 Credits
Hypersonic Shred A powerful engine that feeds off the hypersonic energy wavelengths generated by death metal. Average fuel capacity and no special effect, but it'll get you where you need to go. Engine default mechanics
Sunset Solar An engine powered by a fragment from a mysterious star speculated to have godly power. Compared to similar high-end engines it has low fuel capacity, but when full speed is achieved Slaughterbus warps short distances, making him harder to hit. Engine 5000 credits

Paint Jobs

Name Info Cost
Slaughterbus Classic Kick it old school. Yellow-orange with Slaughterbus's name painted in dark red on the left side. default paint job
Bus 108 A familiar foe, from days of yore. Off-white with red angular decals and black tinted glass. 250 Credits
Election Even in rebellion, Slaughterbus supports fair local goverment. Grey-blue with some yellow stripes and a large "Vote Oinkley" decal on both sides. 250 Credits
Slaughterzilla The king of kaiju meets the czar of slaughter. A dark green-grey scale pattern with blue tinted glass; uniquely, this applies the pattern to weapons too, and makes thruster flames blue. 750 Credits
Svargabus The war between gods means little to Slaughterbus, but sometimes camo is necessary to accomplish his goals. Dark purple with gold-tinted glass and The Threat's insignia on the hood. 750 Credits