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Slanito Poison Toad
Slanito (2019).png
Art by Samtendo09 (tbc)
Slapsnot (Embarrassing nickname)
SEXUALITY Heterosexual
SPECIES Toad (species) (Precisely a Poison Toad)
AGE Unknown (Approximately between 20 to 30 years old)
ZODIAC ♊ Gemini
HEIGHT Varies, usually just taller than normal Toads.
WEIGHT Varies, usually heavier than normal Toads. lbs
NATIONALITY Mushroom Kingdom (formerly), Toxic Land (present)
ALIGNMENT Evil or neutral, depended on the situation. Former good
CLASS Former landlord, genius
Science, having his enemies to suffer or in troubles, leadership, going into dominant position, fair treatment to minions
Unethical leadership, lack of pragmatism, disproportionate punishment, blind justice
WEAPONS Poison Mushroom, portions of any sort, machinery
SERIES Super Mario Bros. (series)
Super Mario Team-Mania (Gear Games' Marioverse Canon)
Super Mario: Elemental Journey (Real first appearance)
Do you even think most of you will ever changes!? Ha! You should start thinking deeper than this, because I am sure that one of you had never learned his mistakes, and never will!

Slanito, Super Mario Team-Mania

Slanito P. Toad, also known as Slanito Poison Toad or just Slanito, is a Poison Toad debuted in Super Mario Team-Mania.



He was a normal Toad who is a landlord before getting dismissed after having enough of the other Toads' cowardice, the Princess Peach getting constantly kidnapped and Bowser's constant troubles, both who seems to never learn their lessons.

He becomes the main antagonist in his debut, who declares that the Mushroom Kingdom will alway be in trouble and even unable to take measures against the tyrant, and steal the Coins and other valuables in order to mock Peach, and then stole Bowser's Koopa Troop and his castle as a way to give him a distance and as an attempt to disarm him.

Slanito had become more ego-maniacal ever since, probably because of his excruciating past mentioned as above, and continues by giving orders to the stolen troops to steal the Kongs' Banana Board and even Coins that Wario and Waluigi's so-called "Well-Collected Coins", making the mischievous Toad the common foe of many people.

After his defeat, he had learned his lesson but still believes that the Mushroom Kingdom will never change, but after his punishment and a good wreck from Bowser, he becomes more neutral most of the time.

While still causing more yet minor troubles, Slanito will not hesitate to join Mario and friends only if Bowser had or will also cause trouble for him. However, he may still cause major troubles usually out of spite or in an attempt to get rid of Bowser and the Koopa Troop, as well as Peach if she opposes the idea.

After his first appearance and his role as the main villain of Super Mario Team-Mania, Slanito had quickly become one of the most popular characters made by Gear Games does to his uniqueness and well-thought concept, as well as his personality, and sometimes even triumph over Meta-Form in popularity voting contests such as Gear Games' Character Award.


Slanito does have a similar shape to a typical Toad, but is more decorated and have variable size, although his minimum size and weight is always higher than a regular Toad. He can in his regular size, to almost as enormous as Giant Bowser (New Super Mario Bros Wii.), depended on how many Poison Mushroom that Slanito had eaten. He can go beyond that, but Slanito wouldn't want to accidentally step on the Mushroom Kingdom itself.

He also has a pair of small fangs, although he is not a vampire but does use them to bite his opponent if needed. His mushroom cap is purple, with dark pink polka dots and a skull in the front dot, a golden tiara with a red orb at the middle, a coat wider than a regular Toad's (which could make Slanito being mistaken for being fat, which he doesn't like it), with stripes and a quarter-circle on each ends, and a zig-zag motion on the top of his pants. He also wears an inner coat with two buttons, which is usual for a person with high dignity and high position, as he was once a landlord.


He is known to be very intelligent, and surprisingly, have an extreme endurance of any acts of stupidity, and will only scold people who don't learn any mistakes or that continues the unnecessary acts. He also prioritizes his goals over simply bad acts, but he wouldn't hesitate to deliver a snarky comment on those who gets on his way. This doesn't stop him from being ego-maniacal, and tend to claims to be the greatest genius, and wouldn't mind considering the others who cannot learn from their mistakes as inferior beings.

Worse still, he also seems to be quite sadistic, as he enjoys to eat beings way smaller than him (unless that it is too hot, too cold, too bitter, too acid, too dirty, or too sweet), which could explain his fangs even further. Although he preferably uses it as an actual "finishing move" or when he fall on his front as a counterattack, because he doesn't like to receive yelps from those who witness it or the victim could have time to escape or even to deliver a counterattack. He also enjoys playing mind games with others, as this allows him to take advantage from his opponents who uses brawn over brain.

Despite the above, even Slanito does have his limit. He is not outright evil "in every second" and does have a reason and motivation to do so, and refuses to seek death and destruction. And ever since his defeat, he becomes more neutral, although he still thinks that the Mushroom Kingdom will never get any better in terms of peace-making and stick with "Bowser causing troubles and mostly dares to kidnap Peach". And if Bowser had caused or will causes troubles on Slanito and the latter one only caused small mischief, the Poison Toad will not hesitate to join Mario and co. to stop the evil Koopa King.

The opposite can happens, too; he can return to his wicked ways in other games since Team-Mania, although it is usually for his own gain or in order to get rid of Bowser and the Koopa Troop or make better changes for the Mushroom Kingdom (and quit his plan the moment that he realize it will only make it worse). Even if this happens, Bowser may be very likely to refuse to join Mario and co. as long as the Poison Toad mind his business with the Koopa King's goals.

Like most egomaniacs, Slanito will not admit how egotistical he can be and often boast about his talent when he succeeded anything that is not considered as easy to perform, especially in scientific manners. When insulted, he usually just wouldn't care, until the insulter will go out of hand and may cause him to lose his temper.

Slanito usually refrain himself from being emotional, but when he realize that he did go too far, he can felt remorse, but if he instead saw the result as too weak, he will express tranquil frustration, or when someone else deliberately failed him, he will not hesitate to call long names against the traitor.

How he actually treats his minions actually varies; while he never meant to do verbal or physical harm against his own minions, he can be sometimes flippant and often ask some of the braver henchmen to do his scientific experiences. This can sometimes worry the others, especially Shur and Iken, two of his best underlings.

When he saw someone failed to do an important task, he only lectures them or heavily scolded them, but no physical abuse or anything else. He can go up to claiming that he can do the task better than the one who failed, which can irritate those who failed. He often tends to refrain himself from doing this against Peach or other royalty, because he knows that it will bring him troubles. This is unless if that royalty is Bowser or other villains, but even then it's only when they are not being smart at all.


He is really intelligent and competent, even when compared to Bowser when he is competent. Like a regular Toad, his strength and speed are very good and allow him to normally fight, but sometimes he prefers to use his machinery. He is also very skilled with mind-games, and able to trick the others very well, especially against those who prefers brawn over the brain.

He can also get a bigger proportion of himself by eating Poison Mushrooms, and can also use them to poison his enemies. He can even produce these Mushrooms by using his spores out of his mushroom-cap and can produce in apparently an infinite number of it.

Slanito can also use Power-Ups like Mario and others, which allows him to take advantage of it and combines his bigger size, making Slanito a bigger threat when he really does it. When being giant, he can make a powerful ground pound by using the traditional way, or by using his cap to releases even more spores.

Being a Poison Toad, he is completely immune to any kind of poison, venom and toxic, except for hazardous chemical products. This explains how he grow up with Poison Mushroom instead of being poisoned or shrunk. Although he can alternate of growing up or instead of making his body into a toxic fluid.

He can also use black magic, which while not as prominent as Kamek is able to, can change the property of any creatures without hazardous effects, including making them bigger, or changing their element. He said that he learned it by dealing with Kamek when he prepares for his dreaded plan.

Likes and Dislikes

Slanito loves science, but will not makes experiences for sake of it, but rather to know more about it and anything else of the universe. He also likes poisonous things, and since he is a Poison Toad, he is not afraid to taste it to see how poisonous it is (and some of them could make him bigger), and giving lessons to the others to show as an example of progress.

In addition, and unfortunately for the others, he even thinks that most bite-sized beings are tasty and would not hesitate to eat them out shall he is too bothered or to finish them off. He does prefer to eat meat and sweet things over other things, but not both combined.

If there is one thing he hates, it will be someone else's inability to understand, and this really bothers him when someone else doesn't or just downright refuses to learn his/her lesson. While having an incredible endurance of act of stupidity (as he is even aware that it is part of life anyway), he dislikes being a victim of such if this result to hurt him or to damage or destroy his properties.

He also doesn't like to have bad names that are not true (noticeably being called fat, has he isn't even fat and it is his big coat that makes the others that he is, but it is rather rare), and nothing worse to grind his gears than being constantly mocked. He also becomes very embarrassed when being called by his surname, "Slapsnot".


Super Mario: Elemental Journey

While Slanito himself is not seen nor directly mentioned so far, it is confirmed that a representation of him who works for Khrysalis, namely Nega Slanito. His boss battle is unknown for the moment. This is actually the first time that Slanito had appeared, but it wasn't until Super Mario Team-Mania that he become an established and reoccurring (morally-gray) villain.

Super Mario: Turn of Events

Slanito's true debut, and is shown to be formerly known as Sophistoad, and introduces himself as the greatest genius in the world. He first have Peach to have a meeting with him at the border of the Dark Land, along with Mario and the other heroes, and he gives more details about the Impers. He also occasionally give them advices about the upcoming worlds.

He even helped the heroes to cross through the Toxic Engines, by manipulating the machinery to that the heroes can cross through with less problems, but he later get unexpectedly got captive by the Assemblocks, which is quickly dispelled by the heroes.

His true intentions turns out to be conquering the Mushroom Kingdom his own way; by exterminating Princess Peach and Bowser, as well as those who oppose him. Once the Queen Imperia had been knocked out and all of the Solar Stars collected, he combined the Paradox Staff and the Solar Stars to make the Super Solar Staff.

He resides in the Magi Castle and activate it as soon as he reaches there, forcing the heroes to foil his evil plan before the Magi Castle controls the entire Mushroom Kingdom. They eventually reached his large throne room, with Kamek helping them out of avenging Bowser, who was controlled by Imperia. It turns out that Imperia herself was mislead by Slanito in order to get rid of Princess Peach, does to her remembering her feud between her and Peach's ancestors who sealed Imperia away long time ago.

Slanito eventually get defeated despite the intense battle, but the battle had nevertheless leave such shock to the heroes, seeing a Toad becoming so evil and almighty.

Super Mario Team-Mania

Slanito is the main antagonist of this game and was fought three times, including his two phrases final boss battle in his giant size and then as Rainbow Slatino who combines many Power-Ups while retaining his huge size and looks more menacing.

He stole Bowser's Koopa Troop and his castle, then and many things by using the upgraded Airships with magnets, nets and mechanic hands. He even uses the Koopalings and Kamek as the holder of the Power Flower, which each gives a different effect. Before the final boss fight, he tells the players that things will never change as long as the pesky Bowser is around.

After being finally defeated, he got punished by Princess Peach for his dastardly acts to make labors to repair the fields for a week. Afterward, he sees Bowser on his Koopa Clown Car and attempts to kidnap Peach again, only that Mario and Luigi intercepted this time. He left a chuckle and shrugs, and return to his island.

Team All-Stars


Paper Mario Drawing of Disaster

This is the first time that Slanito appeared in a Paper Mario game (among with other Gear Games-made Mario characters). He is a reoccurring antagonist in Wario's interludes, but he and Wario had only fought once at Interlude 4, while the main antagnonist of the game, Monsieur Masteurpiece, was actually faced twice in Wario's interludes. The reason why Slanito gets on Wario's way is to retrieve the Great Power Pencil before the greedy plumber or Waluigi does.

He is also fought by Mario and the partners in Chapter 3, where he is trying to figure where are is the Unexplored Ruins. Mario and others had no ideas where is it when asked, much of Slanito's slight dismay. Slanito warns Mario that Wario and Waluigi would be more than likely to break anything on their path and to everything to get the Great Power Pencil. Goombella asked who is he, and Slanito boasted himself to be the great genius. Mario asked Slanito to help them out, but the latter one told them that he is too busy right now.

After the Were-Draggadon incident, the former one turned back into the poor Koopauvre (the lone Koopa) that Mario and friends met before. As Goombella explains how it happened but had no ideas to how to cure it, Slanito himself show up and tell the others that the only way to cure the Were-Draggadon curse is to feed it a Silver Mushroom. Mini-Yoshi thought that Slanito is behind this curse and wanted to fight him, much of Slanito's annoyance.

After being singlehandedly defeated by the Mini-Yoshi partner, it turns out that Kammy Koopa reveals herself and gloats at them, then tell them that she indeed caused the Were-Draggadon curse and will happen again at every Full Moon. Cloudine scolded her for being unjust with a miserable Koopa, which Slanito do agree as he doesn't deserve to be cursed. Kammy, scuffed up, decide to leave, and Slanito will be glad to help the poor Koopauvre. He will be a temporary ally (temporary allies does not take a Partner spot but does take an Enemy Card spot) until Koopauvre becomes healed from the curse.

After the mission, he wishes them good luck, without saying anything else. Rainizia suspected that he seems to be up to something, but Mario assures (in gibberish which the characters can understand him anyway) that he is not always evil. Rainizia then agreed, but warn the others that she actually meant that he and the Giant Thief are similar.

Turns out that she is right. At Chapter 5, after facing the Giant Thief himself, Baldozo had a chance to unmask the thief... which turns out to be Slanito himself, much of the heroes' shock and surprise. Slanito, while still giant but exhausted from the fight, reveal his true plan; help out Monsieur Masteurpiece and conquer Creation Island and also the Mushroom Kingdom.

Stampede Breakfast 2

Though Slanito is not physically present in Stampede Breakfast 2, King Boo does have an alternate costume based on him. He wears a large mushroom cap identical to the one Slanito has.

Super Mario Spikers

Slanito appears as a playable character in Super Mario Spikers, appearing as a Defensive-type character. He wears a red robe, similar to the one he wears in Paper Mario Drawing of Disaster, as well as utilizing dark magic to allow him to save balls and make spikes easily. His emblem is a skull, identical to the one usually found on his mushroom cap, and his theme is Ragge.

Mario & Luigi: Sage Quest

Slanito makes a surprise appearance as a mini-boss in Mario & Luigi: Sage Quest, first seen in Plumdrop Rainforest. In the story, when he first visited the rainforest, he encountered a ravaging Petey Piranha, whom he "accidentally" poisoned with one of his Poison Mushrooms. After this, Petey Piranha created lots of poison, polluting the rainforest. He still had a score to settle with him, and if the Mario Bros. were to interfere, they would not like it. Despite his warnings, they still carried on inside the forest. He eventually faces Mario and Luigi later on, and ends up defeated. He calls a truce with them so they can defeat the poisoned Petey Piranha after the battle. Once Petey Piranha is defeated, he leaves the Mario Bros., and is not seen afterwards for the rest of the game.


Presumably because of his villainous start, this Toad is obviously not like the other Toads. Slanito was once loyal to the Mushroom Kingdom when he was working as a landlord, but because of the constant troubles that should be solved in the first place, he dismissed his jobs and becomes sometimes a common foe of the Mushroom Kingdom and the Koopa Troop or just one of these, sometimes he is simply a neutral Toad, and sometimes, when Bowser dares to mess with him, he is not afraid to join Mario and co. without hesitation.

One thing is clear is that he have no wills to team-up with the Koopa Troop. Bowser wouldn't do it either unless if they have a serious problem anyway. Despite this, Slanito has been considered as a more complicated guy than others does to his complex personality and pragmatic villainy (and a token evil teammate at times).

Kyu T.

While the two may not always in agreement, Slanito did raised Kyu T. as she is his daughter (although a genetically made one), and his daughter is often loyal and devoted to him. Slanito's high esteem can cause him to ignore minor oversights that can get the best of him, something that Kyu T. often tries to fix when she saw an inconvenience (but doesn't always succeed to do so). Slanito still had to make sure that Kyu T. will become a responsible successor once she becomes an adult Toadette.


Slanito did not recognized her at first in Mario & Luigi: Trio Trouble until late-game, where Guramina seems to disavowed him at first does to the feud yet to be solved, but turns out that she still likes him as an intelligent yet evil man of a Toad. The two's solution for the persistent feud tend to clash, but Slanito is generally the one who leads the charge, being the great grand-father of Guramina's, with the latter only following so that she can have a chance to defeat Mario, Bowser and the one she dislikes the most, Peach.


While Mario doesn't show true grudge against Slanito despite his devilish act, the red plumber still needs to stay on his guard when the mischievous Toad is around. However, if Bowser is causing troubles and that Slanito is a potential victim, the latter one will not hesitate to join Mario, placing the rivalry aside. The opposite is also true; shall Slanito is up to no good again, Mario and friends better stop him, and the ego-maniacal Toad is not afraid to put them down if they get on their way.

Slanito actually admires his good acts, but usually, he tell him to change things up if he doesn't want that Princess Peach get kidnapped again. In addition, Slanito would rather warn Mario that as long as Bowser is around, things are unlikely to be changed that much.

Being more neutral doesn't stop Slanito to return in his wicked ways, and when Mario see him doing something evil or working with another villain for a common cause (like in the case of Paper Mario: Drawing of Disaster), the red plumber will not slow down to stop him.


Slanito wasn't that rude with Luigi, and does even remembered his feats like saving Mario from King Boo twice. However, he also likes to poke fun of Luigi's cowardice and constant shadowed state. Luigi, on his hand, doesn't appreciate Slanito but wouldn't compare him to Bowser or any other villains, as Luigi feels sorry for Slanito because of the fact that things wouldn't change so easily.

Slanito even warms up with Luigi once, in the final battle, that the green plumber is not that much of a coward and that if there is anyone who can stand against Bowser, that's him. This may indicate Slanito can actually compliment more often than Bowser.


Despite that she does dislike what Slanito had done in Super Mario Team-Mania, she admitted that things are not going to change as long as Bowser is around, and even was glad that the Toad didn't become evil for no reason, but with a rather dangerous motivation. She still punished him for labor for a week, but then explained to him that Bowser is no better anyway.

Slanito, unlike the Koopa King himself, had no romantic feels to Peach, and had no intentions to kidnap her at all, although he did sid at one moment that he still cares for her and will only harm her if she means to stop him. He did recent her, but he only wanted to dethrone her once he had done with Bowser. But shall Peach would try to stop his dastardly plan, Slanito will not hold back.


Slanito had obviously had no respect for Bowser at all, thinking that he is a "simpleton who is way too prideful to learn a single mistake". Whenever the Koopa King is causing troubles, the Toad rather joins Mario and co. rather than helping his ambitions. But knowing Bowser, Slanito wouldn't deliberately annoy him either and knows that the former one is "too mean to endure the others".

Bowser shows no appreciation to Slanito either, and claims that he is a "nasty egomaniac who steals his villain spotlight". They will only fight if one of them had an ambition or if one of them annoyed them too much (which Bowser is enough short-tempered to start the fight more often than Slanito does), but they usually prefers getting a distance from each other.

Between the two, Bowser's troops don't like him too much, but it is not always the case for everyone; Slanito actually isn't disproportional towards his own minions, which makes some of Bowser's minions to start questioning about Bowser's way to handle his minions and if they should still admire Bowser or not, especially at occasions, the Koopa King treat them like enemies. Others, however, are simply jealous of Slanito's treatment toward his own minions and won't mind about Bowser's manners.

Bowser Jr.

Slanito found him the "spoiled prince of spoiled brats", and Bowser Jr. in return called him the "nastiest Toad alive", despite being the only truly nasty Toad at the moment. Slanito wouldn't dare to hurt a child, Bowser Jr. being no exception, unless if they would become a real nuisance. Bowser Jr.'s case is justified; shall the naughty Toad touch him, he needs to face Bowser's wrath.


The precise relationship varies between individual Koopaling, but when not brainwashed, almost all of them have no appreciation to Slanito for being a bothersome rival of Bowser. Slanito, in return, found them a bunch of pushovers and will not be afraid to give them troubles when he needs to.

Out of the original seven, he seems to dislike Larry and Ludwig the most, the former one because he looks so generic and never learns his lessons and Ludwig for being arrogant with him and for attempting to steal his leader position when they were brainwashed. The only Koopaling he does like is Roy, for being tough and a dignified man.


The Yoshis, especially the main green one, doesn't have any grudge against Slanito at all, but like Mario, he rather stays alarmed when he is around. The Toad on the other hand, wonders how they never get obese despite eating a lot of fruits and find this, at the same time, fascinating and mysterious, but will not hesitate to yell or even attack them should they annoys him too much.


Most of the Toads seems to be afraid of Slanito, but they still wouldn't compare him to Bowser as Slanito does have some points about the world will never change for the better. Slanito, on the other hand, likes to make fun of them because of their cowardice and can outmatch most, if not all, of them thanks to his ability to grow when consuming poisonous products like Poison Mushrooms and his superior intelligence.

Even Captain Toad would take his distance, as he claims that Slanito is "almost as scary as Wingo or even Bowser". He rather hides rather than take on him, unless if a close friend like Toadette is under danger or if Slanito becomes a big nuisance.


Toadette is actually not afraid of Slanito, but do tend to be aware whenever he is around like the others do. Slanito, usually amused by her bravery, often find her cute when she is angry, making Toadette feels embarrassed. While there is certainly no romantic connection confirmed, Slanito did found her smart and brace, while Toadette admittedly says that he is certainly intelligent, and the two agreed with him that Bowser will never change.


Wario certainly dislikes him, because one, Slanito had stolen his "Well-Collected" Coins, and two, he constantly poke fun of Wario's greed. The greedy plumber will certainly punch him out really hard shall they met again. Slanito seems to be actually afraid of Wario because he is "ugly, fat, gross and makes him dizzy with his Wild Swing-Ding", which is unusual, as he is not afraid of Bowser for some reasons. Shall they meet again, a fight is likely to occur unless they have a common problem like Bowser, especially when the latter one is being a common foe of the two.


Their feud is obvious, since Waluigi, being a partner of Wario, does dislike Slanito for the same reason mentioned by Wario, but in the insult one, Slanito finds Waluigi "foolish, reckless and mostly a cheating show-off". The rest is the same; next time they met, they would not hesitate to fight, unless that a serious common problem is on their way.


Slanito is somewhat envious to her powers and often dreams to dwell around the galaxies just to see what the aliens look like. They usually have bitter terms but not much, and sometimes does respect each other. Rosalina does see Slanito as a threat but does not mind him as long as he is not up to something very harmful to the galaxy.


Slanito found her very annoying does to her gloating, and doesn't see her as a threat does to her lacking skill of using her Black Hole Gun. That being said, he does understand how Cosmetta is so envious toward Mario and despite her constant gloating, Slanito might find a mischievous way to swap Mario and Cosmetta's reputation for a day, just to see what would it be like if Cosmetta is the one who receives so much attention.

Bandinero King

While they had a bad relationship at first, they eventually gain the trust of each other does to having problems with Wario, and the Bandinero King is also starting to be impressed by Slanito's charm and respect. They eventually become allies but tend to keep a secret about it, with only each other (and the Shake King to an extent), and Slanito would only stop them if their goal would become detrimental.

Kong Family

While they don't meet each other very often outside of sports and Slanito's first invasion, the latter one does have a generally bad relationship with them but doesn't mind each others overall, as long as Slanito isn't up to something harmful. He had a difficult time to hang with Cranky Kong does to the latter's nostalgic-biased complaints, which caused the poison Toad to disregard him as an "old-schooled fleabag".



  • His real name was originally going to be called Slapnut which means "slapstick" and "nut" but because of being a potential innuendo, his name was changed to make it more appropriate, although the old name had reverted into Slapsnot and becomes his embarrassing nickname.
  • There is a running joke on the Internet that Slanito could take over Unten's role as the mascot in Fantendo, despite being made for the Mario series. A variation is that Slanito would become the mascot for the Fantendo-made Nintendo games, instead of Fantendo in general instead.
  • While Slanito does not physically appears in Super Mario Powers 黒, the antagonist called Jigea had shared similarity to him; both have purple as a main color, are both intelligent and manipulative, but also vain and egotistical, as well as "scary-cute". They however also have contrast such as below...
    • Jigea wears wears more white while Slanito wears black.
    • Jigea had extreme temper and claims that she is too perfect to fail, while Slanito is able to control his anger, except in the most desperate situations, and knows if his plans are succeeded or ended in failure.
    • Jigea tend to be far more extreme and do anything that is way too risky for most people, while Slanito, as already said, is pragmatic and even reject any plans that he deems too extreme.
    • Jigea's goal is more global, but she does it so she will show her beauty to everyone in the world, lest those "inferior beings" will regret it. Slanito's goal is more confined to the Mushroom Kingdom, but Slanito being more sadistic, might have the rebels to suffer fate worse than death.
    • Lastly, while Peach is obvlious about Jigea's non-mutual rivalry, the former tend to be very cautious with Slanito at best, because the evil Toad wanted to get rid of her more than Jigea would.
  • Slanito was served as a mild inspiration of the evil Yoshi sorcerer Zinith, as both are evil outcast of their friendly species (Slanito being an evil Toad, and Zenith being an evil Yoshi).
    • Notably, both are dark sorcerers and able to make themselves larger (although Slanito did so with his Poison Mushroom, Zinith with his own magic).