Skyward is a game created by Claus the Mighty. It is a Fantendo adaptation of a series of games he created on an online game making website, Sploder.


Skyward is a mix of a 3D platformer and an open-world game. The game mainly focuses around combat, and each character has a variety of different attacks that they can pull off. Each character has various in-game stats which can be upgraded by leveling up by defeating several enemies. Similarly to the cancelled Mega Man Universe, there is a character customizer where players can create characters by using parts from almost every character model in the game. Also, players can customize the characters' stats and abilities, too. Also, hidden in the stages, are various upgrades, which can improve certain abilities or give the characters new ones entirely.

Stat Info

This game has stats, similar to an RPG, which determine various strengths and weaknesses of a character. EX: Matthew has high speed but low luck.

Attack- Determines how powerful a character's attacks are.

Defense- Determines how much damage hits take on the specific character.

Speed- Determines how fast a character is.

Evasion- Determines how often a character dodges attacks.

Accuracy- Determines how often a character's attacks hit.

Luck- Determines how often a character lands critical hits.



Playable Characters

Image Name Stats Default Abilities Description
Matthew Matthew Attack- 6

Defense- 3

Speed- 7

Evasion- 3

Accuracy- 4

Luck- 2

Ice Shield- Creates a shield which protects Matthew from one attack.

Ice Blast- Matthew shoots a powerful blast of ice from his hands which can hit multiple enemies at a time.

Ice Ride- Matthew summons a piece of ice that he can ride on down slopes or across water. Good for navigation, but is useless in battle.

Freeze- Freezes one enemy for a short time. When near water, Matthew can freeze whatever body of water he is near.

Ice Spin- Matthew spins in the air, creating a flurry of ice around him.

TBA Alex Attack- 5

Defense- 8

Speed- 2

Evasion- 4

Accuracy- 7

Luck- 6

Mirror Shot- Alex shoots a small mirror blast from his arm cannon. Does weak-moderate damage to enemies.

Hover- Hovers in the air. This move is very useful for tough jumps. Also, the move summons fire underneath Alex, which does small damage to foes and occasionally burns them.

Immunity- Allows Alex to walk through poisonous substances without being harmed.

Toxic Shield- Alex creates a small poisonous shield around him. Occasionally poisons enemies who touch it.

Charge Dash- Using his robot suit, Alex charges up a super-speed dash by adjusting the speed of the gears inside. This move takes a while to charge up, and when released, sends Alex rocketing in one direction. It defeats most enemies who touch it, but severely damages Alex if he bumps into a wall using this.

TBA Victor Attack- 8

Defense- 3

Speed- 4

Evasion- 6

Accuracy- 3

Luck- 3

Rising Uppercut- Executes a powerful uppercut which can easily defeat most weaker enemies. It can also be used to help with certain platforming sections, and can destroy various objects on the overworld easily.

Timber- Summons a tree which crushes opponents. In some instances, the tree can be used as a bridge.

Dash Punch- A technique taken from Matthew in Ultimate Fighters, Generic Umbrella Fighter, and Battle Boom, Victor dashes forwards and does a punch which ends in a small uppercut.

Illusion- Victor creates a clone of himself, which can confuse various enemies.

Bare Fists- Jabs the foe several times.

TBA Nick Attack- 3

Defense- 3

Speed- 6

Evasion- 7

Accuracy- 4

Luck- 7

Mine- Creates a mine, which hurts any enemy who steps on it.

Plasma Ball- Similar to his older brother Alex, Nick has a powerful long-range attack, being this.

Double Jump- Allows Nick to jump twice.

Plasma Charge- Charges up the power of Plasma Ball. If this move isn't used before using Plasma Ball, then the move is super weak. The longer you use this, the better Plasma Ball is.

Trap- Nick creates a trap, which will immobilize any foe who sets foot in it.

TBA Crystal Attack- 2

Defense- 7

Speed- 4

Evasion- 5

Accuracy- 8

Luck- 7

Hydro Beam- Shoots a beam of water at a foe.

Geyser- Creates a geyser, which when set off, can send a foe flying. The same can be done to the player to help with platforming.

Jewel Shield- Creates a rotating shield of four jewels around Crystal, which makes any attack that hits one take 1/4 of the damage that it would've done to her.

Wave Rush- Allows Crystal to cross water easily.

Jewel Blade- Crystal slashes with a blade made of jewels.




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