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Skylar is a human from Virginia. She is daughter to the Vice President of the United States and has picked up some skills from her mother's position.


Skylar is an average-height 19-year-old Latina woman who has long black hair with blue tips. Skylar tends to wear a dark blue denim jacket with a pink T-shirt underneath, khaki skinny jeans and black Doc Marten boots. Her eyes are hazel.


Skylar was born in Virginia and grew up in Washington while her mother was the Senator of West Virginia. Skylar never really showed interest in the political life, which seemed to upset her mother, who wanted Skylar to succeed her. Skylar ended up befriending Rosa Smith, daughter of the senator of Rhode Island, and mainly talked about their lack of interest in politics.

In 2012, Skylar's mother was named Vice President and Rosa's father was voted President. Skylar started to experience what she felt was hell, with her mother always talking about everything going on in the White House. Despite living the high life, Skylar just couldn't fully enjoy it due to her total disinterest in politics. Skylar eventually moved out of her mother's house to find some things to do in D.C., but knew she wasn't safe from her mother.


Skylar is usually very lax, and really doesn't care about how people see her. She likes to go out and have fun. Skylar is usually bored by the things her mother does.



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