Bethany Skye Caballero
Skye, a girl from Earth devoted to helping protect Earth
AGE 16
BIRTHDAY 5th December
ZODIAC ♐ Sagittarius
WEIGHT 97lbs lbs
BIRTHPLACE San Jose, California
Amy Jackson (best friend), F.A.N.T (allies), The Other Heroes (allies and friends)
SERIES SSB TayshaunandAmy

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Skye Caballero (real name Bethany Caballero) is a human from California. She has ice powers that she is slowly losing control over.


Skye is an average height 16-year-old girl who has long orange hair. She wears a dark green jacket, an orange tank top, black skinny jeans and cyan boots. Her eyes are a deep blue. As of episode four of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side, she wears black gloves. On her tank top, there is a symbol of a heart with the word "Love" in it. It's unclear what this means. If you look close enough on the shirt, a snowflake can be found in the heart. Skye's jacket has the Anaheim Ducks logo on the back.


Skye was born in San Jose, into a happy family. She was born with cryokinetic powers that she was unsure of using. In elementary school, she met Amy Jackson after an incident involving her powers. Amy and Skye clicked and became friends very quickly.

Skye's life is still somewhat simple. She still has a full family, she's going through high school and she has a great best friend in Amy. However, her life is complicated at the same time. She's on a mission to keep Amy's past quiet, knowing she's from the future and her entire life is currently covered up with tons of secrets and problems.

Skye's cryokinesis is slowly slipping out of her control, of which apparently froze her school solid at one point, which lead to her being unfairly suspended. Skye is determined to help her best friend save the world, and she is starting to use her powers more, even if they are beginning to escape her control.


Skye is somewhat panicky and anxious at times. She finds it hard to keep secrets quiet and she has had multiple dilemmas over this. She commonly passes out from stress, which is usually caused by her getting multiple pictures in her head. She tends to be upbeat the rest of the time, while trying to avoid letting these problems get to her. When it comes to ice hockey, Skye gets very competitive and yells at the team she supports (Anaheim Ducks) to win before every match. Skye tends to be calm during deadly situations, and can use her calmness to avoid her enemies being able to tell what she's going to do next.


Skye has had cryokinetic powers since birth. She used to be able to control how strong the powers were, but she has started losing control over them more recently, the best example being Living Like Caballero, where her powers freeze most of her room and a gymnasium floor. She can do all sorts with her cryokinesis, such as summoning blizzards, freezing things and so on. She has also been seen using these powers to break up fights, as shown in Back To The Fantendoverse.

It is also implied by Alex Schmidt in (Alex) Schmidt Happens that Skye can cause temperature drops with her powers. This ability is also implied in Class in Session, where Matt Bosh is left shivering after Skye had slept in his room, and it is confirmed in Three Strikes, You're Out, where Skye walks into the room and makes everyone in the said room shiver. Her temperature ability may be so that the ice she shoots doesn't instantly melt when it is fired. Skye is also rather smart, and has an IQ of 142. She tends to use her smarts to plan things out. She has also claimed to have precognition powers a few times before, but has never been able to back up these claims. In between the end of The Other Side and Tayshaun & Amy - Back to The Other Side, Skye picked up the ability to fly.


Amy Jackson

Amy and Skye are best friends. Skye met Amy in elementary school when Skye was transferred into her class after a problem rose concerning Skye's cryokinesis.

Jerry Sankovic

Jerry and Skye are good friends. They get along well and have good chemistry when it comes to working together.

Blaze Zednik

Blaze and Skye met in high school and are close friends. Blaze normally stands up for Skye whenever teachers gather up on her and Skye is grateful for Blaze's concern of her.

Krystal Pérez

Despite seeing Krystal as a bad role model in some ways, Skye gets along with Krystal fine and the two tend to chat late at night if they both can't sleep.

Link Perez

Link and Skye tend to get on well. Link is in love with Skye, but Skye's emotions for him are unclear. The two tend to hang out when nothing is happening.

Jess Pierce

Jess and Skye met in the first fight with D'Angelo, and didn't get along at first, but started getting along when Amy was in the Fantendoverse, when they started working together in saving the world.




  • Skye was originally created so that Amy had a best friend in the series.
  • Skye shares her birthday with Amy, and Amy was born exactly 1000 years after Skye.
  • Skye likes ice hockey, and follows the Anaheim Ducks.
    • She explains in some Tayshaun & Amy things that her father thought her cryokinesis would mean she would definitely like the sport and took her to many hockey games and she eventually liked the sport.
  • On the artwork by Exotoro, if you zoom in on the jacket you can see specks all around the jacket.
    • If you look close enough, you can see ice forming on the outline of Skye's hair.
  • Skye has arachnophobia and acrophobia.
  • Originally, Skye's outfit was going to be very different from the outfit she wears now, and it would've consisted of a yellow sweater, blue shorts and green Doc Marten boots.
  • Music-wise, Skye prefers 80s music, such as Michael Jackson.
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