Sky Warriors is an original, 3D Rail Shooter franchise which focuses on four pilots whom the main character can be chosen by the player. The first game takes place during the middle of a war where the main character must battle his/her way through to defeat the enemy nations and win the war. The second game however takes place in the far future.



Chris Skyflight

Chris Skyflight is the male main character for the player to choose. Chris is a graduate of the Pilot Academy as he goes into war for the first time in his life. Chris is energetic and always prepared to do his work, and he as well uses his plane known as "Hawkeye" during battle.

Alana Skyline

Alana Skyline is the female main character for the player to choose. Alana is also a graduate of the Pilot Academy as she works her way into the war. Alana has mixed personalities which varies in which situation she is, she also uses her plane known as "Skyline" during her time in the war.

Skyler Macvosh


Harper Adriel


Marlow Kaladrey







Sky Warriors

The first installment in the franchise, as it is as well on the Wii U. The game's story follows a mass war between enemy countries and the player can choose the main character (who is Chris and Alana), the player plays as one of them as he/she goes on a quest to stop the enemy nations and win the war. The locations in the game have a European feel into them. Sky Warriors is going to be released on November 2013 - January 2014.

Sky Warriors: The Lost Future

The second installment in the franchise, and is on the Wii U once again, and for the PC through Steam for the first time. The game takes 22 years after the war has ended, but a due to many nuclear strikes against enemy nations, the world has become a ruined wasteland. The player can choose the same main character again like the first game and the game also has many Steampunk elements, players can also create their own items to use during battle and on foot missions.

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