Sketchy Maleblue Femalered
Two basic male and female Sketchies.
First Appearance Doodlemen RPG
Latest Appearance Fantendo Epic Dodgeball
Notable Members
King Kanvas
King Kanvas
You pwitty.
Doodlemen RPG

Sketchies are the main type of species in the Doodlemen series. They are known as playful, good spirited, carefree, and most are quite brave. Sketchies have heads that look a lot like Dudle and Dudlette, but unlike them, and they only have legs, feet (with shoes), and a small bit of hair. Dudle is known as a more rare Hero Sketchy, which are considered legendary to them. Sketchies can be male and female and come in a few different colors.


Doodlemen Series

Doodlemen RPG

In their debut, Doodlemen RPG, Sketchies are created by Artie, yet are still good characters. They are led by a larger, oversized Sketchy named King Kanvas. In Artie's created story, the Rubolet, and huge precious gem (ruby), is stolen by Lord Shavings and Ferd the Nerd, and Dudle and Dudlette must save them from total chaos. At the end of the game, they are all erased, but soon redrawn after Artie's redemption.

Other Appearances

Sketchies mostly appear as background characters and play small roles in non-Doodlemen games. In Fantendo Kart Ultra, and appear as spectators, and and same for Fantendo Epic Dodgeball.


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