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Sketch, without the "Skrawing Translator".
Sketch D. Rawing
Sketch, a crudely made character.
BIRTHPLACE Sketchville
CLASS Sketch

Sketch D. Rawing is a crudely drawn stickfigure. He strangely has a brown glow omitting from him all the time.


Sketch, can't talk. He can make random sounds, like all Skrawings. He is stubborn, confusing but at the same time, helpful. In Game Freak 2, you get a "Skrawing Translator", which translates all of the random sounds made by Sketch, and his species (although unseen), into English (or whatever language you're playing the game in).


Hi everybody! I am Sketch, one of the most courageous Skrawings. I have come from my lovely town of Sketchville, in order of the king to help you defeat this... BOX fellow? Oh HAX! Sorry!
Sketch, with the "Skrawing Translator".



  • Sketch might be related to Styq, as they are both stickmen-like characters. Styq also has an unidentified home town, and species, so it could be likely.
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