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Ri the Space Pirate (formerly), Skeletrax the Marauder (presently)
Skeletrax New.png
Skeletrax's Current Image
GENDER Male (formerly), Unspecified (presently)
SPECIES Unknown (formerly), Skeleton (presently)
AGE 976,796 Years
ALIGNMENT Chaotic-Good

Skeletrax is a skeletal individual of the Fantendoverse, he is one of the older characters in the series and is a bit of a wandering character.


Appearing as a human-sized skeleton Skeletrax has a three horned skull with the horns curving upwards, his upper jaw features bony structures that appear to be teeth that have calcified into bone, his lower jaw features several cuts along it indicating fighting. His upper spinal section as well as his shoulder blades and most of both of his arms are visible as well as the mid-section of his spine.

Skeletrax has a hook on his left hand, this wasn't actually acquired while he was alive but instead was attached after he lost is left hand's bones. His right hand is concealed in a glove as are his feet in shoes. He wears a tattered black shirt with a strange moon-like symbol on it. He is also wearing a pair of long blue trousers that he suspends in place with a metal frame in the pants.


Due to his age, Skeletrax is a rather laid-back kind of guy, often just letting things go with the wind, he tends to think of himself as pretty knolwedgable. Skeletrax is in fact, an idiot, he tends to try and brute force his way through problems and often has to seek the help of his crew or Mimi, Ridan & Fizzle just to solve simple puzzles like sudoku. Skeletrax does however like to tell stories of his past ventures, expressing a somewhat wonderment towards exploring the universe.

In his earlier years Skeletrax was a bit of a silver tongue so to speak, Skeletrax often got into and out of relationships fairly quickly to bolster his reputation with a species and improve his trading potential with them. Although in recent years he's settled down, agreeing to stay loyal to a Space Squid known as Mimi, this hasn't stopped Skeletrax from flattering those he meets in attempts to create stronger trade bonds.


During his time before his capture, he was previously known as Ri. Ri was a mighty Space Pirate, raiding trading vessels and kidnapping many individuals. He commanded a monumentally sized spacecraft called the S.V. Eclipse, a Rank-471 Warship that was refitted with a Rank-209 Warship's hull (notoriously large even for a warship) and the engine power of a 280 Rank-385V3 Scouter Ship. His crew of nearly three million followed his every order and were loyal throughout. After their deaths and resurrections as the undead, his profits grew dramatically and Skeletrax became known as both a Space Pirate and an Investor. He was suspected of investing in many military endeavors, which most ended up being stolen by him soon after completion.

When the LPF came to capture him for crimes against the space code, he broke about every rule from Section 1-1 through to Section XB67-4. He was specifically charged on the law stating that no undead individual is permitted to be in courtship with more than 93 different species. Skeletrax was recorded as having put up the most impressive and longest resistance against the LPF, standing against them for 41 Days, it is estimated that his men destroyed over 20 million LPF Units. However, he was captured, with his crew escaping. Since his capture, little has been heard of the S.V. Eclipse and it is suspected his crew await his return.