Original art by AgentMuffin (tbc)

The Skatin' Sockop is a plantlike species of enemy in the Super Mario series. Unlike their parent species, the Sockop, which is indigenous to brambly forest areas, Skatin' Sockops can be found in icy climates.

Though they heavily resemble the typical Sockop in form, with a yellow outer skin as opposed to the normal green, Skatin' Sockops also have a hard, blade-like appendage at the bottom of their body. This makes them adept at ice skating, but their lack of feet makes it extremely difficult to move around on rough surfaces.

If Mario or a similar character tries to jump on a Skatin' Sockop, they will briefly get stuck inside and lose a wedge of health. The Skatin' Sockop can, however, be Captured, allowing their body to be controlled in similar fashion to the ice skates in Super Mario 3D World.

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