Skærsilden (also referred to as the Darktendoverse) is a universe created by The Enemy, which exists alongside the Fantendoverse in the Fantendo Multiverse.


During the creation of the Fantendoverse, the Beast Between asked of The Enemy to leave a space between the universes for him to reside within. From this experience, The Enemy realized that he could create his own universe, which lead to the creation of the Darktendoverse.

Gradient Hue

In Gradient Hue, the Darktendoverse is the second in a string of final levels. Gradient and Nightwolf come here to fight The Enemy on his home turf. The Enemy as well as The Enemy No. 2 are both fought here after fighting 100 of The Enemy's shadow warriors. After defeating The Enemy No. 2, Nightwolf is shocked by an attack from a shadow warrior sending him back home. Gradient tosses Bladion at the shadow warrior, and the Bladion disintegrates. The Enemy's fallen corpse is overtaken by a great evil who calls himself Dreary. Dreary is the master of curses, and the one who put the curse on Gradient and his friends to further his legion of cursed souls, which will make him rule all worlds. Dreary envelops Gradient...



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