Developer(s) Nextgen solo logo4
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Shift Online Logo Market
Release Date(s)
JPN - May 20, 2012

NA - May 21, 2012

EUR - May 26, 2012

AUS - MAy 30, 2012

Single-Player Levels
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Puzzle
Media Included Downloadable File
Sixty Four's Puzzler Retro is a downloadable game on the SHiFT Online service by NextGen Solo. It is a port of the original Sixty Four's Puzzler by NextGen Games, inc., with slightly updated graphics (biggest being the redesign of the cartridge sprites to remove any licensed material), and the ability to fully experience the game as it was released (the original version was littered with glitches that would crash or even permanently damage the game).

However, all other glitches and flaws remain intact, to "provide a better perspective on the improvement within the series." It is downloadable free of charge.


There are 16 levels ported from the original Sixty Four's Puzzler. As part of the update, another 5 levels and a boss battle have been thrown in, making the new total 22. The new 6 levels would be impossible to add to the original, considering the amount of space the opening scene took up left little space even for the original 16.

​Top O' The Pile

  • ​1-1: The Easiest Puzzle
  • 1-2: Sorting Through
  • 1-3: Enlisting Help
  • 1-4: Getting Harder
  • 1-5: X Challenge 1

Middle Ground

  • 2-1: Serious Stuff
  • 2-2: Getting Somewhere
  • 2-3: Helpful Hand
  • 2-4: Harder and Harder
  • 2-5: X Challenge 2

Bottom Bash

  • 3-1: Nearing the End
  • 3-2: Finding What Ya Looked For
  • 3-3: No Help Here
  • 3-4: At Its Hardest!
  • 3-5: Final X Challenge

Eight Bit's Last Stand

  • Final Level: Vs. Eight Bit

Tense Tower

  • 5-1: It Starts Again
  • 5-2: We Already Found It
  • 5-3: It Can Get Harder?!
  • 5-4: Ascending Help
  • 5-5: Tense Tower 1

Lord of the Tower

  • Final, Final Level: Vs. Jayl Cel


  • There is no longer a story (only the levels remain in the downloadable version, whereas the original game had an opening scene).
  • All licensed material is removed (the actual game cartridges are replaced with the now-standard colored ones).
  • The UI has been redone, but sticks to the general design of the original.
  • Game-breaking glitches have been removed.
  • The music has been slightly changed (converting the files to the new file system used by NextGen Solo has minorly altered the sound).
  • A new pack of levels was added (Tense Tower), plus a boss battle with Jayl Cel (Lord of the Tower).


Even though numerous glitches (including the infamous lines of code that appear) have been left intact (even in the added levels), the game fared surprisingly well among critics and consumers, many mentioning the fact that "it is marketed perfectly as an old, bad game, and it's free; you know exactly what you're getting into and you go into it with a different mindset."



  • This game was made to re-introduce the series to usher in the release of Sixty Four's Puzzler 3.
  • Level 5-5 is mistakenly named "Tense Tower 1." It should be named "Top O' The Tower."