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#865 Sirfetch'd
Artwork of Sirfetch'd for Pokémon Sword.
Category Wild Duck Pokémon
Original Region Galar
National Dex Nr. #865
Galar Dex Nr. #219
Generation VIII
Pokémon Color White
Type(s) Fighting
Ability/ies Steadfast
(Hidden: Scrappy)
Average Height 2'07" (0.8m)
Average Weight 257.9 lbs. (117.0 kg)
Evolves From Galarian Farfetch'd

Sirfetch'd (Japanese: ネギガナイト Negiganaito) is a Fighting-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII.

It evolves from Galarian Farfetch'd after landing three Critical Hits in a single battle.


Only Farfetch'd that have survived many battles can attain this evolution. When this Pokémon's leek withers, it will retire from combat.

Sirfetch'd is a solid white duck of short stature, and has yellow legs and a sharp beak that resemble those possessed by that species. Its facial features consist of stern eyes, the pupils of which are a brown colour, and it has a thick black unibrow that bends between its eyes in a V-like shape. Like its pre-evolution, Sirfetch'd possesses three feathers that stick up off the top of its head as well as prehensile wings that allow it to carry items; unlike Farfetch'd however, the wings of a Sirfetch'd appear to have four digits rather than three.

Much like Farfetch'd before it, Sirfetch'd are rarely seen without weapons that invoke the image of leeks, which it will also use as a food source if need be. In their right hands, Sirfetch'd carry sharpened sticks that are just over double the height of the Pokémon's body. It appears to be peeled around its base with brown roots sprouting from the bottom of the weapon, and as such resembles a giant longsword. In its opposite hand, Sirfetch'd carry shields that appear to be made from leaves. The Pokémon's shield takes a rough, jagged appearance and includes spiky protrusions off the top and bottom as well. The overall appearance of the shield makes it appear to be almost the same size as the body of Sirfetch'd.

Sirfetch'd value the experience of combat, and it is believed that fighting is what causes Farfetch'd to evolve. The Pokémon seems to possess a symbiotic relationship with its leek-based weaponry, and will give up on battling others once it begins to wither.

It is the first known species of Pokémon that is capable of learning the move Meteor Assault.


Stat Range
At Lv. 50 At Lv. 100
HP: 62
122 - 169 234 - 328
Attack: 135
126 - 205 247 - 405
Defense: 95
90 - 161 175 - 317
Sp.Atk: 68
65 - 132 126 - 258
Sp.Def: 82
78 - 147 152 - 289
Speed: 65
63 - 128 121 - 251
Total: 507   Other Pokémon with this total  
  • The minimum stats were calculated with 0 EV's and IV's, plus a hindering Nature, if applicable.
  • The maximum stats are calculated with 252 EV's, 31 IV's, and a helpful Nature, if applicable.

Game Appearances

Jake's Super Smash Bros.

Sirfetch'd appears in Jake's Super Smash Bros. as a playable fighter. Despite its small size, Sirfetch'd is classified as a heavyweight fighter due to the size of the leek sword it carries into battle. This leek also serves as the basis for many of its attacks and special moves, with some of the latter including Brutal Swing, Fury Cutter, and Counter. For its Final Smash, Sirfetch'd cuts through the entire length of the screen as it uses Meteor Assault. The alternate costumes for Sirfetch'd reference the colour schemes for both Farfetch'd and its Galarian counterpart, its Shiny coloration, a Kantonian Farfetch'd's Shiny coloration, and other Pokémon based on birds (namely Articuno, Corviknight, Xatu, Oricorio, and Pikipek).


Madame's sprite from the leaked Pokémon Gold and Silver ROMs.

  • Sirfetch'd bears a slight resemblance to named Madame (マダーム Madaamu), a Pokémon who was cut from Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions during development. Like Sirfetch'd, Madame was to evolve from Farfetch'd and possesses a much larger leek-based weapon than its pre-evolution. Other aspects of Madame's design imply that Sirfetch'd may have merely been inspired by it's existence and not directly based on it, such as the fact that it was based on a swan or goose rather than a duck and that it would have been Normal/Flying rather than Fighting. Madame's existence was left unknown until the ROM of Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions used as demos for Nintendo's Space World event in 1997 leaked online in 2019.
  • Sirfetch'd and Farfetch'd are the only Pokémon to have an apostrophe in their name.
  • Like Mr. Mime and Mr. Rime, there is an equal chance that a Sirfetch'd can be male or female, despite "sir" traditionally being a masculine honorific.


Sirfetch'd is aesthetically based upon a duck, while its weaponry (a sword and shield) is commonly associated with knights. Its Japanese reveal trailer seems to present it as an honourable Pokémon, similar to how samurai are often presented in fiction. Like Farfetch'd, it is possible that Sirfetch'd may have been inspired by the Japanese saying 「鴨が葱を背負って来る」 (Kamo ga negi wo shotte kuru). This saying, which roughly translates to "a duck comes bearing bunching onions," refers to something surprising or unexpected yet also convenient. Sirfetch'd is also based on Sir Lancelot of Arthurian legend in his "White Knight" identity due to his armor being colored white.

Name Origin

Just as its pre-evolution's English name is based on far-fetched, so is that of Sirfetch'd. It also appears to be derived from sir, a title used to respectfully address a man.

The original Japanese name of Sirfetch'd, Negiganaito, seems to be a combination of the words 葱 (negi, a bunching onion), the prefix giga-, and the Japanese transliteration of the English word knight. It is also likely a pun on 葱がないと (negi ga nai to), which translates to "must have a bunching onion."

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