Not to be confused with Siren.

Thorn, one of the most notable Sirens

Sirens are a humanoid race native to the Fantendoverse, known for their prolific genes. Despite being kept under the thumb of the Benefactors in recent times, many are still known as prominent figures in the universe.


Sirens are an ancient race with a history full of combat and culture, finding themselves in tune with nature despite their violent disputes. Upon reaching the stars, word of their strength spread fast, helped by the fact that they could pass their genes along with many of the universe's different species. Unfortunately, much of this history was wiped away when the Benefactors used their financial power to essentially absorb Siren civilization. It was around this time that many of the Siren men deemed unfit for combat split off into the "Insirens" and that the tradition of figurehead queens such as Rose became commonplace.


Most modern Sirens look fairly basic and resemble humans; their resemblance to any other parent species is usually hard to notice, often being more in facial structure than outright genetic traits like hair or eye color. Their hair most often falls on a range between vivid shades of green and blonde, though there are outliers.

Notable Members

† = Deceased




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