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Siren's Call
Developer(s) Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Pyrohedron
Genre(s) 3D Action-Platformer
Series Siren's Call
Release Date(s) June 23rd, 2016
Mode(s) 1-2 player story mode

2-6 player battle mode

Age Rating(s) T
Media Included Pyrohedron Disc

Map of Crypta Sea

Siren's Call is an original game developed by Pyro Enterprizes as a homage to both Banjo-Kazooie and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It follows the adventures of pirate captain Robert as he travels the uncharted Crypta Sea, gathering treasure while evading the forces of the evil Siren.


The story begins with the Legacy sailing into the port of a small island with a few stone buildings on it. As the ship is docked by a bulky crew member, two crew members jump off of the ship; Captain Robert and his first mate, Sofia. Robert states that after having to rescue a princess from a volcano and later being stiffed for it, the crew should simply head ashore and grab a couple rounds of rum. As the crew wanders around the island, the player experiences a brief tutorial learning how to control Roberts.

Once the player arrives in the tavern, each of the crew members orders a glass of rum and settle down. Eventually, Roberts encounters an old man recounting tales of monsters and treasure in a barely charted region of the ocean. Roberts listens in, and the old man eventually falls unconscious due to too much alcohol. Roberts then manages to steal a treasure map from the old man, and tells the crew that they have a chance to really strike it big. A day later, they head off.

After much travel through charted waters, the Legacy eventually reaches a massive wall of black stormclouds, which seems to be encompassing a massive region of the ocean. Assuming that this is the uncharted region that the old man was speaking of, Robert orders his crew to sail in.

As soon as the ship enters the wall of stormclouds, they arrive in a normal-looking ocean save the roiling wall of electricity behind them. Robert has the crew sail onward, assuming that everything is fine save the freak storm. However, when the ship eventually travels out of sight of the storm wall, it is besieged by a group of skeletal pirates that climb aboard. Roberts quickly takes them out in a simple fight that acts as the combat tutorial.

Shortly after the escapade with the skeletons, a strange figure rises from the water- a woman with dark blue skin and massive multicolored wings. She introduces herself as Siren, mistress of the Crypta Sea and the dark forces within. Siren had been planning to generate massive amounts of pure darkness inside the uncharted region, eventually releasing it in order to cloud the known world in shadow. She then vanishes, complaining of having to work overtime now that the Legacy had arrived.

After sailing to a nearby sandbar and discovering a strange yellow chunk of crystal emananting unbelievable amounts of light, Robert decides to go off and collect as many of the crystals as possible, hoping to clear the Crypta Sea of the Darkness and end Siren's reign of terror.



Name Description
Captain Robert A relatively inexperienced pirate captain in command of the Legacy, a small but speedy vessel. Originally drawn to the Crypta Sea by promises of treasure, he and his crew soon encounter Siren and her hordes of undead sailors and sea monsters. Roberts is the primary protagonist and player character, and uses his sword, pistol, and wits in combating the dark forces.
Sofia Robert's first mate, and a pirate who has seen plenty of battles from her days before coming under his command. She follows him in his journey across the uncharted Crypta Sea, and uses her slightly more honed skills to assist him in certain puzzles and as the game's super guide. If a second player joins the game, Sofia becomes fully playable.
Siren Taking on the form of a woman with dark blue skin, glowing eyes, and large multicolored wings, the monster named Siren is the leader of the Darkness, the enigmatic force that obscures much of the Crypta Sea. Her lair resides at the heart of the dark fog, which can only be erased by Light Crystals, one of the game's many collectables. Of course, she also takes a more active approach in fighting against Robert...
The Panther Tribe A tribe of once fearsome warriors, the scourge of the Crypta Sea. Nowadays, with the lack of any real challengers and Siren's reign over the sea, the remaining tribe members have gotten fat and lazy and spend most of their days lounging around eating mangoes. They still offer to help in any way that doesn't involve physical exercise.
Jolly Rodriguez A dashing rouge and captain of the Majestic, Rodriguez is a privateer attempting to map out the entire Crypta Sea and bring an end to Siren. He is both an ally and antagonist, helping with missions in some instances and challenging Roberts to races or sword fights in others.


Siren's Call is a 3D platformer themed after the N64 titles Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie; players travel around the world, collecting items in order to aid progression. The biggest difference is how the world is split up; as opposed to the hub worlds of the original games, Siren's Call features a massive ocean to explore in the vein of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The ocean is split up into 6 "zones", each of which can be freely sailed around via the Legacy. Zones are unlocked by using the specified amount of Light Crystals.

Inside each zone, there are several islands, each with their own inhabitants and collectibles. Much like Banjo-Kazooie, the game features several types of important collectables, unlike Super Mario 64's singular Star focus. Unlike Banjo-Kazooie, not all collectables are required for the plot or even to unlock areas, and instead fufill other roles (such as Platinium Chunks, which can be used to upgrade Robert's weapons).

Robert and Sofia possess the same skillset for combat and environmental traversal. Combat takes place on both melee and ranged fronts, due to each possessing a sword and flintlock pistol. Jumping on foes can also be useful in combat, but only stuns opponents and does not deal damage to them. Other weapons and abilities are unlocked as the game progresses, and upgrades can also be purchased with various collectables (Platinium chunks for weapon upgrades and Panther Scrolls for new sword techniques).


A listing of all collectibles that can be found throughout the Crypta Sea.

Name Description
Light Crystal A shard of crystal that emits incredibly pure, brilliant light. Scattered across the Sea by Siren in hopes that they will not disturb her plan, the Light Crystals are the only thing that can permanently dispel large amounts of Darkness. As such, Light Crystals are the only required collectible, and are used to unlock new islands and zones.
Guiding Compass Just because you've unlocked a new area doesn't mean you know what's there. Even after finding it, mapmaking is incredibly challenging- so why bother? Guiding Compasses fill in a small area of the map when used, enabling you to see islands and other important icons. Map everything or just important locations- the choice is yours.
Destiny Log The Destiny... Once the greatest pirate ship on the seven seas, it vanished and sank when it attempted to brave the dangers of the Crypta Sea. It is said that the ship once guarded a truly magnificent treasure; the scattered captain's logs should eventually help in locating the shipwreck.
Soundstone A light blue crystal with a music note cut into it. Soundstones record the sound from their surroundings as they develop, and store this sound to be released when scratched. These common items unlock a new song in the game's sound test when obtained.
Panther Scroll The Panther Tribe used to be an incredibly powerful tribe of warriors... before their culture slowly devolved due to a lack of willing enemies and they got lazy. These scrolls hold the secrets of Panther Tribe warfare, and can be used to teach Robert useful new techniques.
Platinium Chunk A perfectly cuboid piece of platinium, an incredibly malleable alloy that is incredibly useful in upgrading equipment. A Platinium Chunk can be spent at a Silversmith to unlock an upgraded variant of one of Robert's tools- due to the branching upgrade paths, multiple chunks can be spent to access more branches.
Silver Chip A strange piano key-like object made out of silver. Typically, these are found in remote, puzzle-filled areas in groups of 100. Collecting all 100 unlocks a nearby Silver Door or Silver Chest- the catch is that leaving the area resets your chip count.
Skeleton Orb Spheres of pure darkness, crackling with electricity. While they don't do much when collected, like other collectable types, Skeleton Orbs can be thrown in strange glowing whirlpools that appear in the water at night. This causes them to summon a horde of enemies, which drop another reward if bested.
Lucky Coin What appears to be a coin made of a color-changing crystalline substance. Bar none the rarest collectable type in the game, Lucky Coins can be thrown in the Goddess's Fountain, where she will give you rewards of increasingly high value. Get them all to obtain the ultimate reward!


A listing of all weapons that can be obtained throughout the game's storyline. Weapons have 2 branches of upgrades that can be purchased by Platinium Chunks. While both branches can be unlocked, only one can be active at a time.

Basic Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
A generic sword with no special properties. The primary form of close-quarters combat, its attacks can be strung together to form complex combos.
A curved pirate's blade that adds a larger swing radius.
Speedy Cutlass
Lighter metal results in faster swings that deal the same amount of damage.
Reflect Cutlass
Capable of bouncing back certain type of projectiles when it hits them. Does not effect energy or explosive projectiles.
A sharper, pointer sword that deals extra damage.
Regal Rapier
An upgraded hilt that adds a light element to sword attacks.
Pinpoint Cutlass
Improved accuracy results in super-increased power when the sword strikes a weakpoint on an enemy or boss.
A generic flintlock pistol. Used to fire projectiles to hit enemies and far-off objects. Hold the button to ready a shot and move around- while you remain facing the same direction, you can still move around.
Charge Pistol
If held long enough, the shot charges and gains much more power.
Flamelock Pistol
New gunpowder adds an incendiary aspect to shots both normal and charged.
Hypershot Pistol
Adds another level of charge, which turns the shot into an explosive ball fo flame.
Rapid Pistol
Doubles the rate that the pistol can be fired, leading to rapid-fire shots.
Longshot Pistol
Drastically increases the range that shots travel, making it easier to hit farther objects.
Lock-On Pistol
Move in range of a valid target to lock on to it. Up to 5 targets can be targeted before releasing, which strikes all targets at once.
Leather boots. While they serve little to no real purpose at first, boot upgrades affect the jump attack and jumping skills.
Metal Boots
Allows the jump attack to damage normal enemies.
Block Boots
Thicker soles prevent damage by jumping on spiked enemies.
Spiked Boots
Adds spikes to the soles, which decreases the effect of terrain that slows the player down.
Lightweight Boots
Increases jump height by 1.25x normal height.
Long Jump Boots
Increases the length of jumps after sprinting for a short time.
Magical Boots
Hold down the jump button to glide for a split second, increasing jump length.


The Crypta Sea is a vast overworld, with many islands and settlements. While there are small islands scattered throughout the sea, this section will only go over the larger islands that contain collectibles.

Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

Zone 4

Zone 5

Zone 6

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