Sir Trainy was a boss in Paper Luigi. He was a train, and a big one at that. He attacked Luigi when he was riding in the Excess Depress. He got on the top of the train, and Luigi had to save the passengers, no matter how gloomy they were. Sir Trainy also has attacks such as letting little mini people, People Bots attack Luigi, while he recovered HP. His most basic attack was driving over Luigi, but this could be easily countered by jumping. Once defeated, Sir Trainy screamed in horror. He made his robots attack Luigi, and made Luigi and his partner tumbled off the train into a passing stream. He then blew up, and turned into his true form: A boo dressed up like a conductor. Luigi then meets up with Sir Trainy in rougeport in the 7th chapter. He says he is sorry to Luigi. Luigi accepts his apology, and Trainy is happy again. To show his appreciation, he gives Luigi a Party Shroom, and joins his party. His out of battle technique is to make Luigi invisible, and ride on train tracks- either real, or hand drawn at Train Pads.


  • Wow! That's Sir Trainy. Max HP is 50, max attack is 3, and defense is 4. He is a train who guards the entrance to Gloomy Town. He must of sensed you coming here, huh Luigi? His attacks include ramming over you, shooting smoke in your face, and honking his horn. Be careful, he will send out People Bots! Destroy them quick Luigi!