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Sir Spryte
Spryte, the Narobi-Tron knight.
Ma'am, Ser, Rose
SPECIES Narobi-Tron
AGE 28 (as of 2018)
BIRTHPLACE Narobi-Tron Kingdom
NATIONALITY Narobi-Tron Kingdom
Queen Pixella (leader)
CLASS Knight

Spryte, known by her title Sir Spryte, was a knight/diplomat for the Narobi-Tron Kingdom before the destruction of Zeon. Having narrowly avoided the destruction of Zeon by being on a different planet at the time, Spryte has not given up her title and is currently searching across the universe for survivors of the planet's collapse while helping anyone she comes upon who's in need.

Created by Inora, Spryte doesn't belong to any one series but will rather appear in various games, primarily crossovers. Reception for Spryte has been (TBA).


Spryte is a female Narobi-Tron with short, sky blue hair, light brown skin, and dark orange eyes. She is almost always seen in a dull, silver suit of metallic armor that covers all of her body except for her head and hair, and her sword Rose is sheathed in a plain looking dark red scabbard at her side.


Little information about Spryte's childhood is known, but at the age of 16, she began training to become a knight for the Narobi-Tron Kingdom. The distant and cold Spryte avoided interaction with the others, not even telling them her name. The only thing they knew about the antisocial trainee was that her sword was named Rose, which earned her the nickname Rose.

Despite not working well with others, Spryte trained incredibly hard and passed all of her exams with high marks. Just two years after she started training, Spryte was knighted by Queen Pixella. Having a lot of respect for the queen, the two became fast friends, Spryte answering to no one except for the queen herself.

Worried about Spryte's anti-social behavior, Pixella began sending Spryte on diplomatic missions across Zeon and it's surrounding planets to improve her social skills. Although reluctant to do so, Spryte followed orders and was on one of these missions on a nearby planet when Zeon was destroyed by Doomulus Grime.

Devastated by the news, Spryte left the planet on her ship, the Reaper. Unwilling to believe everything she knew was gone, she kept the title of Sir and vowed to continue to protect innocents from evil wherever she went and find any survivors of Zeon's destruction.


Spryte is anti-social, stubborn, stoic, and short-tempered, having little patience for people making mistakes and showing almost no mercy to her enemies. Despite these negative traits, Spryte is loyal and follows a strict code of honor, helping people in need and giving respect where respect is due. Spryte is always working to improve herself, trying to be more social, emotional, and accepting of other's people's ideas, but she definitely still struggles with this.


Spryte, like all Narobi-Trons, can dump her consciousness into anything with a screen, potentially allowing her to live forever. Besides this, her rigorous training has made her stronger, more athletic, and more durable than the average person, allowing her to survive through a lot and make it out of very tough situations.

In battle, Spryte mainly relies on Rose, her sword. Besides being an excellent swordswoman and the sword being well-made and sharp, it can also convert blood or any other liquid spilt onto it into Red Energy, a substance that gives enemies a very painful, burning sensation. Rose, when fully charged with Red Energy, can be an incredibly powerful weapon.


  • Like other Narobi-Trons, Spryte's name comes from a technology related term, in her case the word sprite.
  • It's implied that Spryte has a crush on Pixella, but refuses to admit it.
  • Spryte's sword, Rose, was named after the Thorn character of the same name.
  • Similarly, her ship, the Reaper, was named after Rose Reaper.