Sir Edward England is Mutiny Bay's finest, handsomeest pirate and unlockable character in Super Smash Merlin.


Edward England doing the second thing that he does best.


Edward is a bit of a ladies man, who thinks a lot of himself but loves a sense of adventure and is great leader. Due to his posh upbringing, his world revolves around him and he is overambitious. And a keen performing show-off.


Super Smash Merlin

He is unlocked in Super Smash Merlin by defeating Sid, Phalanx Controller and himself as any character in the event 2012 at Alton Towers. His home stage is the Heave Ho. stage, where you fight on or infront of the small pirate ship. His playstyle consists of quick blows and pirate based moves. His a moves consists of hooks and scrolls. But he grabs a lot of powerful weapons, but take time to get out and is vulnerable when doing so. He can jump in and out of his wagon at any times, still performing the same moves.

A - Hook Jab - A basic hit with his hook hand. It can be done twice in a row.

A+A+A - Hook n' Hand - Edward attacks with his hook, then a hand punch then a more powerful hook punch.

Neutral Air - Edward jabs his hook whilst turning it with his other hand to also confuse the foe.

Up Air - Edward slashes his hook upwards with the sharp edge facing up unlike his Up B so it doesn't give him a lift.

Side Air - Edward quickly slashes out his hat and hits the foe.

Back Air - Edward quickly throws down a plank of wood that the foe can use as a platform.

Down Air - Edward will take his cloth and use it as a cushion below, dealing minor damage and slowing down his descent.

Up Smash - Even if he isn't holding the item, Edward will grab his own personal smaller Mutiny Bay Flag and slash it upwards in a quick sunrise motion.

Side Smash - U-Turn Edward sharply charges a turn with his wagon that can send nearby opponents flying!

Down Smash - Edward leaps off his wagon and jumps into the foe.

Guard involves him covering his face with hook and hand and hiding in wagon.

Up B: Hook Life - Edward gets a slight lift by reaching into the air with his hook.

Side B: Wagon - Edward stroll's with his wagon at a moderate pace, hitting anyone in his way.

Standard B: Cannonball - Edward can fire a cannonball, can be charged up by holding down 1. Occasionally the fire left from the balls explosion can burn the foe. Referencing the fire effects in Edward's show The Pirates of Mutiny Bay.

Down B: Music Play - Edward plays a song and and he cannot be bothered for a short time as he recovers 1HP and can hit foes that touch him by dancing on the spot, he also reflects projectiles and discards the occasionally discards a CD that he has used to be thrown.

Cursed Attack: Wagon Wallop

Grab: Edward grabs with his hook.

Throw - Edward will grab the foe with his hook and toss the foe against his wagon, briefly stunning them.

Up Taunt: Edward will take his hat off and bow.

Standard Taunt: Edward asks: "Do you fancy me?"

Down Taunt: Edward recites a few lines from his part in the pirate show.

Alternates: Finn and the 3 other pirates of Mutiny Bay, or the current Edward England.
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Stiliose chillin' wid da new Edward England costume.


Victory Theme:

Victory Video (after completing bonus modes with him):


  • Despite the new Edward England actor being an alternate (pictured right), the old one is the main character as Sewn wanted a more unique personality to work with a moveset more easily.
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