Sir Daniel Fortesque
Sir dan PSASBR.png
SPECIES Undead Human
AGE Mid-Thirties, 636 (MediEvil 2)
BIRTHPLACE Gallowmere, England
NATIONALITY GB Flag.jpg British
Kiya (girlfriend)
CLASS Captain of the Militia

Hero of Gallowmere

Minister of Defence

WEAPONS Various Swords, Shields, Spears, Axes, Long Bows, Crossbows
SERIES MediEvil (Series)
It has risen again. See? The Hero of Gallowmere who fell at the first charge! The fog of war and the shrouds of time conspired to turn the arrow fodder into the saviour of the day. But we knows better...
Unimpressed Gargoyle
I'll show you!
Sir Dan, in retort
Let it alone! Fate has given it a second chance, a chance to forget the ignoble truth, a chance to defeat Zarok and live up to the legend. We hopes it does well.
Hopeful Gargoyle

Sir Daniel Fortesque (often shortened to either Sir Dan or Fortesque) is an undead, skeleton knight, and the protagonist of the MediEvil series of video games.


Originally a simple story teller in the kingdom of Gallowmere, the King enjoyed his tales of adventure and battle so much, he made him a knight, and the Captain of the Militia. Truth be told, Sir Fortesque was severely under-qualified to be a knight in the service of King Peregrin, but the time came to prove himself, when the evil sorcerer, Zarok invaded the land.

Sir Fortesque was appointed Minister of Defence, and would lead the battle to defeat Zarok and his armies. Unfortunately, Fortesque was struck by the first arrow shot minutes into the battle, and died. Yet, his reputation preceded him (thanks directly to an embarrassed King Peregrin wanting to save face), and Fortesque went down in history as a legend. Stories were told of how he stormed the gates of Zarok's fortress and struck the sorcerer down, whilst sacrificing himself.

A century later, Zarok returned to enact his revenge with no interruptions, and raised an army of the dead with his various resurrection spells; unbeknownst to him, he had accidentally brought back Sir Fortesque, who had been dead for so long that he had already decomposed to a skeleton, with one eye and no jaw.

Five centuries later, he is again resurrected when aspiring sorcerer, Lord Palethorn finds Zarok's magical tome and utilizes the very same spell. Sir Fortesque finds himself now a dusty, forgotten relic in a museum in London, and he strikes out with newfound friends Professor Kift, Winston, and Kiya to stop Palethorn.

Fanon Appearances

Heart of the Hero

Sir Daniel Fortesque appears as a main character in this 2017 animated series.

Live By The Sword

Sir Dan is one of several playable characters in this 2015 crossover title by Lunatic Entertainment. His starting location is Gallowmere.

Ultimate Showdown

Dan in US.

Sir Dan is one of the thousands of characters to appear in this 2D action battle royale, produced by Lunatic Entertainment that was begun in 2007. In the game his character is of the dual Weapons Expert and Die Hard class. His weapons and shields can be switched on the fly, but his armors (and some weapons) have durability and can be shattered with enough strikes. Once shattered, the items in his inventory will have a fairly long cooldown before they are automatically repaired, though he can locate anvils and Merchant Gargoyles strewn across the city to pay points to immediately end these timers.


Item Name Class Kills Needed to Unlock Notes
Wooden Sword Melee (Sword) 0 Initial sword. Can be upgraded into the Short Sword after killing a single other character.
Short Sword Melee (Sword) 1 Useful weapon, far better than the near-worthless Wooden Sword that comes before it. Can be upgraded into the Broad Sword after killing six other characters.
Broad Sword Melee (Sword) 6 Much stronger than the Short Sword, with a wider swing arc. Can be enchanted at Merchant Gargoyles for 100 points—this allows it to be used 20 times against enemies at a much stronger attack base. Can be upgraded into the Magic Sword after killing fourteen other characters.
Hero's Sword Melee (Sword) 8 Unlocked after killing eight other characters. Does not replace the Broad Sword, but is about mid-way in damage output between the Broad Sword and the Enhanced Broad Sword/Magic Sword, making it a potentially better option for the player, at least for a few kills. Can be upgraded into the Woden's Brand after killing 18 other characters.
Magic Sword Melee (Sword) 14 Even longer than the Broad Sword, and permanently enchanted, making the Broad Sword all but obsolete. No longer needs to be enchanted at Merchant Gargoyles. It is the final main sword upgrade.
Woden's Brand Melee (Sword) 18 A massive sword that replaces the Hero's Sword but not the Magic Sword. Sir Dan's most powerful melee weapon, it can kill most lower tier characters in a single strike. However, it is a two-handed weapon and thus, shields cannot be equipped while wielding it. It is the final secondary sword upgrade.
Club Melee (Cudgel) 0 A crude weapon with multiple uses: It can smash rocks, weakened walls, and enemies; and can be used as a makeshift torch. However, it has durability and once this runs out the item must be recharged. Although upgraded into the Hammer after killing three other characters, it is not replaced due to its use as a torch.
Hammer of Thor Melee (Cudgel) 3 A devastating weapon that has the strength of the club but never wears down. It can be charged up to produce a shockwave that expands outwards a short distance.
Throwing Daggers Ranged 0 Initial projectile weapon but also the weakest. However it can be useful in keeping your foes at bay or for taking out fleeing, wounded targets. It comes with 150 ammo, and once it runs out the player must wait for it to recharge or pay to refill instantly. Although upgraded into the Crossbow after killing a single other character, it is not replaced due to its usefulness.
Chicken Drumstick Ranged (Special) Perhaps Sir Dan's oddest weapon, he can throw down this piece of chicken onto the ground as a sort of trap. If another player picks the item up thinking it's a restorative health item, they will take serious damage and, if slain, will be transformed into a roast chicken, which can be picked up to heal 20 HP. It is unlocked after killing seven other characters.
Crossbow Ranged (Crossbow) 1 Sir Dan's first upgrade, the crossbow outdoes the Throwing Daggers in nearly every way... except ammunition. It fires fast and its bolts ricochet off of walls, but only carries 50 ammo before needing to be recharged. Although upgraded into the Longbow after killing seven other characters, it is not replaced as it still has its own unique uses in combat; however it is eventually replaced with the Hero's Crossbow after killing eleven other characters.
Hero's Crossbow Ranged (Crossbow) 7 An upgrade to the Crossbow that deals more damage than the initial crossbow, while maintaining the same attributes.
Flaming Crossbow Ranged (Crossbow) 11 Along with the fiery arrow upgrade, Sir Dan receives fiery bolts and thus upgrades his Crossbow to this weapon. It still has its original attributes but now can light foes on fire and does more damage because of this.
Longbow Ranged (Bow) 7 An upgrade to the crossbow, it fires slower and its shots cannot ricochet off of walls, but it hits heavier. It is replaced with the Flaming Longbow after killing eleven other characters.
Flaming Longbow Ranged (Bow) 11 The longbow's arrows have been upgraded to be lit on fire, causing them to do more initial damage but also letting them burn other characters struck with them that do not have resistance to such attacks, dealing more damage over time. Although upgraded into the Magic Longbow after killing thirteen other characters, it is not replaced due to its unique burning effect.
Magic Longbow Ranged (Bow) 13 A longbow equipped with powerful, magically-enhanced arrows that deal significantly more damage to foes.
Arm Melee / Ranged 0 A last resort item, this combination melee/ranged weapon is Sir Dan's weakest item choice and should only be considered if his other items have run out of durability. It does minimal damage but can be thrown and returns like a boomerang. Cannot be used alongside a shield, however.
Axe Melee / Ranged 10 A combination melee/ranged weapon that is unlocked after killing ten other characters. It has a standard melee attack with minimal range, but if thrown it will return to the hand like a boomerang.
Lightning Ranged (Magic) 15 Unlocked after killing fifteen other characters. It is incredibly powerful but limited; once it runs out its cooldown timer is the longest of Sir Dan's items. When charged up it will strike multiple foes at once.
Good Lightning Ranged (Magic) Must use Ultimate Unlocked upon the first use of Sir Dan's ultimate, which summons several Knights of Gallowmere. Intended for use to keep the Knights alive longer by restoring their health, but at the cost of Sir Dan's own HP. Once the ultimate has triggered once, Sir Dan can choose to select the weapon to heal other players as well, but again at the cost of his own health pool.
Spear Melee (Spear) 8 Unlocked after killing eight other characters. Can be stabbed forward for an extended ranged melee attack or can be thrown at foes at a distance. Throwing will use up one ammo however, and once out of ammo the weapon needs to recharge.
Trident Melee (Spear), Ranged (Magic) A long-ranged spear that gives Sir Dan a lunging attack that greatly extends his overall attack range without wasting ammunition. It can also be used to fire magic lightning bolts, though with less power and less ammunition when compared to Lightning, itself.
Pistol Ranged (Gun) A standard six-shooter firearm. Although it can hold 200 ammo, it must go through a secondary cooldown every 6 shots.
Blunderbuss Ranged (Gun) 7 Unlocked after killing seven other characters. Fires in a wide arc, similar to a shotgun. Holds 200 ammo.
Gatling Gun Ranged (Gun) 20 Unlocked after killing twenty other characters. Sir Dan's ultimate weapon. It does the most damage and holds 500 ammo, but burns through it quickly thanks to its very high rate of fire. Cannot be used alongside a shield as it requires both hands to operate.
Bomb An explosive weapon. Holds 30 ammo.
Cane Stick Melee 1 A fencing-style weapon that allows for quick forward thrusts as its main attack. Charging it up will let you strike the ground with it, sending a three-pronged wave that snakes forward.


Sprite Name Class Notes
Dragon Armour Body Armor Makes Sir Dan resistant to fire and allows him to breathe fire.
Super Armour Body Armor Effectively doubles Sir Dan's lifebar while worn, but breaks after taking 300 damage. Cooldown is quite long, and it is advised to find a Merchant Gargoyle to recharge it, instead.
Helmet Head Armor Protects Sir Dan from direct head shots.
Copper Shield Shield Protects Sir Dan when raised. Breaks after taking 150 damage and must be recharged.
Silver Shield Shield Protects Sir Dan when raised. Breaks after taking 250 damage and must be recharged.
Gold Shield Shield Protects Sir Dan when raised. Breaks after taking 400 damage and must be recharged.
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