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Type of Company Video Games
Founder(s) A Clockwork Raichu (tbc)
Founded at/in 2011
Area(s) Served Worldwide
Owner(s) CrunchyTommy (tbc)
No. of Employee(s) None yet.

Simple Studios is a video game creating company founded in September 2014 by ACR. The company is known to create many different ideas and media through video games and consoles.


Users employed in Simple Studios are allowed to edit pages, create new pages produced by Simple Studios, and use any artwork, ideas, characters, etc created by the company in their own works without restriction. However, any users not employed MUST ask permission before doing any of these actions, grammatical error corrections none-withstanding.

Video Games

  • Triggerbound:A First Person Shooter with inspirations from Quake game
  • Kandy Shop : a collaborated game between Simple Studios and Enigmatik Games. The game plays similarly to Super Smash Bros but with a unique twist.
  • Untitled Original Game A (Internally referred to as "TRAPPIST")
  • Untitled Original TV Show (Internally referred to as "MERCENARY")
  • Untitled JoJo's Bizarre Adventure game
  • Untitled Original Game B (Internally referred to as "JUMPINGJACKS")
  • Untitled Megaman Game


This is the current console lineup for Simple Studios. Currently, the company has created and distributed 1 console

Gemineye IRIS / Gemineye LENS

Main article: Gemineye

the Gemineye IRIS and LENS are a 2-part console,with the IRIS being a handheld device and the LENS being a home console,they share a library and the discs used will work in both consoles. The IRIS can also be used as a VR headset.



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