NOTE: This is an operating system made by Ninkancho. Please don't make major edits without permission. Leave feedback in the comment section!
SimpLE, codenamed Project:Desktop, is a graphical operating system developed by Ninkancho, a fork of which is downloadable for the Display Pad. Ninkancho has revealed that a later fork "will probably be used for the Display's successor". The name is a backronym of "straightforward, intuitive, minimal, powerful, lightweight, easy"—a list of qualities intended for the OS to showcase—with the capitalized LE standing for Low Energy.

Interface layout

In SimpLE, most of the screen is filled by a desktop environment, with a taskbar running along one edge, the bottom by default, and a HOME Button in its left corner. The taskbar fills with icons of any applications that are open at the time. This segment that can be scrolled if it becomes too large for its allotted space. Taking up at least the right half of the taskbar are the active application's iconographic controls.

Windows appear in the desktop environment, with a single bar along the top that can be filled with tabs for a tabbed interface. At the right of the bar is the close button. The top bar can also be clicked with different buttons to perform different actions on it. Double-clicking the top bar maximizes or restores the window, while middle-clicking closes the window and right-clicking collapses it to the top bar only. In addition, double-middle-clicking the top bar or double-clicking the close button will quit the application entirely, and double-right-clicking will minimize the window to the taskbar.

Pressing the HOME Button will display the HOME Menu, with a list of all installed applications in the place of the desktop environment, and a list of pinned applications in the place of the taskbar. The button can be pressed again to exit the menu. By default, the HOME Menu will also open when there are no open applications.

Default applications

Many applications are installed into the operating system by default, including the WorldWide browser, the Lisa image editor, and the SimpLE Sequence and Waveform Manipulation Program DAW.

Alternate input method support

Controller support

Several types of controllers can be connected to devices using SimpLE. Some, like the Display's m-control, can be used as a trackpad with multi-touch support, though most of them involve using buttons to select different things. The standard controls involve using DisplayL and DisplayZL as Shift and Control modifiers respectively, DisplayLP to move a pointer, DisplayD to move a menu-style cursor, the HOME Button to open the HOME Menu, DisplayR and DisplayZR as left-click and right-click respectively, DisplayA to select or confirm, DisplayB to go back or cancel, DisplayX to jump to the active window's top bar, and DisplayY to jump to the taskbar.

Touchscreen and stylus support

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