You may be looking for Silver the Hedgehog.

Silver (Trainer)
Silver's sprite
Full Name Silver
Current Age 30
Gender Male
Location New Bark Town
Class Gym Leader
Main Weapon(s) Pokemon
First Appearance Pokemon Iron and Amber
Latest Appearance Pokemon Copal

Silver was the rival from Pokemon Gold and Silver. Twenty years later in Pokemon Iron and Amber and Pokemon Copal he has become nicer and more mature, apologising to Proffesor Elm and becoming a Gym Leader in the newly opened New Bark Town Gym.

He has settled down and if you choose the boy he has two daughters Amber and Dia however if you choose the girl he has two sons Iron and Zirc. Either way he never stops bragging about his kids, in fact when you enter his gym he starts off the battle by saying how wonderful his kid is. He refuses to battle you until you grow strong enough to get all the other badges in Johto.


  • Lvl 37 Magmortar
  • Lvl 37 Electivire
  • Lvl 37 Tangrowth
  • Lvl 40 Feraligatr