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Sia, one of the most notable Siandralls

Siandralls are enlongated bipedal creatures, native to the Fantendoverse. Their home planet was Zeon, which blew up during the events of Tragedy (2015), however they had been spreading the race to other planets such as Huxxabu long before the events of Tragedy (2015).


Siandralls do not have a well documented history at all, it seems. Prior to the events of Tragedy (2015), Siandralls were rather high-class and civilized compared to many of the species on their home planet of Zeon. Siandralls were separated into tail districts; districts that Siandralls lived in based off the number of their tails.

Siandralls had apparently discovered space travel before Narobi-Trons, gifted with knowledge from the Runes of the Primordial that were discovered in a cave. Siandralls are the only species able to read this ancient writing and it is inherent knowledge, not learned. This suggests that they may have precursors, however what these precursors are is unknown.


Siandralls are usually very tall and "lanky", with long gangly limbs. They tower over most species in the Fantendoverse, especially Beorns. They usually have rather light hair, often white or light green in color. Their eyelids are black, and they have two thin slits for a nose. They have flat teeth usually. On the top of their head is a set of four to two pink horns. They have three fingers and toes on each hand and feet. The number of tails varies, however it usually is around 5 to 6.


Siandralls are the only known species to be able to read the Runes of the Primordial and activate their inherent powers. Thanks to the Runes of the Primordial, Siandralls were able to accelerate their growth well beyond many of the species existing on Zeon.

Notable Members

† = Deceased

Alternate Universes

Exist only in alternate realities.