Shy RPG,is a new RPG video game released only for the Nintendo Omega. It revolves around Shy Dude, a silent hero who leads a rebellion against Bowser, because he thinks Bowser is a bad person. It is Wario Inc.'s first original game, and the first in the franchise.


The game has gameplay similar to Paper Mario. On the field each party member has special abilities needed to fight certain enemies, solve puzzles, and accsess new areas. In Battle, the game becomes Turn-Based, and Shy Dude, and one partner can fight against enemies.


Episode 1: A Hero is Born...

Shy Dude is a small Shy Guy who is silent,and a member if Bowser's Army. However,after he sees Bowser hurting a small Toad, he decides to leave the troop. However, Goomjoe, Shy's best friend does not want him to leave,he instead decides to join Shy's rebellion,and on their way out of Bowser's Castle, they fight some Goomba Gangsters, defeat them, and move on. Meanwhile,Bowser learns of the Power Crystals, which will giev him the power to become invincible,super-powerful,and able to kidnap Peach...FOREVER!! He then sends out 7 minions to gather the shards. The two heroes,hear of this an decide they must stop him. Goomjoe suggests the help of Merlon,so the two head for Toad Town.

Episode 2: Blooper Problems

Once in Toad Town,they get a magical map from Merlon, and locate the first Power Crystal. After defeating a Blooper they collect it.

Episode 3: Assasin's & Mountains

The next crystal is on top of Sandy Mountain. The two begin to climb it, but are assaulted by an assasin, who they defeat. The assasin the reluctantly agrees to join the party.

Episode 4: Yet another Crystal...

Using Koopassasin's powers, the three advance to the top of the mountain, but are cornered by Mummipokey! They defeat it,and move on.

Episode 5: King Boo's Mansion

Next, the heroes head for the Forest, and find the very large King Boo's Mansion. They meet RickBoo, who joins them, and the heroes barely escape from King Boo,himself.

Episode 6: Some Special Help

Using RickBoo,they find the Crystal,but have it stole by King Boo,who they chase to his mansion,where they confront him,and defeat him.

Episode 7: A Pirate's Journey

Next,the heroes board the SS Crazy,and head for Skull Island,but the embers and storms make the ship crash onto the island.

Episode 8: Skull Island Stars

In the island they find a lost pirate,who thanks them for rescuing him,and joins them. The heroes then head for the Ghostly treasure,and beat King Beardskull. They then find the Power Crystal in his vault.

Episode 9: Kings of the Jungle

While the others rebuild the ship,the heroes explore,and find a lost jungle,where they beat and redeem Buzzar,who was lost. Using his powers,the heroes locate the next Crystal,but have to fight the Lion to get it.

Episode 10: Climbing the Clouds

After returing,the heroes find that a mysterious cloud staircase has appeared. They then climb it,to find out what lies above.

Episode 11: Amazing Dayzees(NOT)

They arrive in Cloudy Kingdom,and learn that rouge Amazee Dayzees have taken over with the power of a Power Crystal. The heroes infiltrate their lair,and and steal the crystal.

Episode 12: Shivering Stars

The next crystal lies in Shiver Mountain. The heroes then use thier powers to scale the cold mountain. After doing that,they reach a hidden palace.

Episode 13: The Last Crystal

Inside the palace,the heroes fight many baddies and solve many puzzles. Using Koopassasin's shell,the heroes unfold a ladder,and climb to the mountains summit,where they fight Frost Yeti,and collect the last crystal.

Episode 14: Bowser's Castle Part 1

Using all 7 crystals,the heroes go to Bowser's Castle,and use all of thier powers combined to survive the great dangersof the humongus castle.

Episode 15: Bowser's Castle Part 2

The heroes finally reach Bowser,and use the power of all 7 Crystals to fight and defeat the ruthless dragon king. The heroes then escape the exploding castle.

The End...

Here is what happened to the others...

Shy Dude: Went home,and for his bravery earned a medal,and a girlfriend know as Snowy Gal.

Goomjoe: Goom,became a famous adventurer,and was shown with Kolorado at Dry Dry Ruins.

Koopassasin: He became a guard for Peach,and befreinded his Toad co-workers.

RickBoo: Got his own Video Game series called RickBoo's Mansion.

Bombo: Retired to a cozy home in Rogueport.

Buzzar: Became a respected fighter in the Glitz Pit.

Then,an ending screen came with Mario & Peach saying "Thanks for playing!".

Party Members

Shy Dude: The silent hero.



Hammer(Field Ability)

Goomjoe: A smart goomba who allways wears a fedora.



Tattle(Field Ability)

Fedora Hide

Chain Bonk

Koopassasin: An assasin who was hired by Bowser,but after being beat,lived up to his code and joined Shy's party.


Sword Shell(Field Ability)

ATK +2

Jump Slice

Charged Shield

RickBoo: A fan and spoof of McBoo,who wants to be a hero.


Tounge Smack

Hide(Field Ability)


Boo Backup

Captain Jack Bombo: A bob-omb who got stranded ona long voyage.



SS Escapee

Aerial Assault

Dynamite Flurry

Buzzar: The classic optional boss from Paper Mario,he decides to rebel!



Claw Attack

Wing Shield


Mario(Optional): In the final episode,you can pay 50 coins to release Mario. If you do,he'll join you!




Hammer Quake

Mega Mushroom

Crystal Powers

1. Earthquake

Description: A powerful shockwave,that can do up to 20 damage.

2. HP Gift

Description: Restores 10 HP.

3.FP Gift

Description: Restores 10 FP. 4. Crystal Up

Description: Boosts your Crystal power by 2.

5. Feast

Descrption: Gives a random gift that will be useful in battle.

6. Charge

Description: Ups your Attack Power by 4 for 2 turns.

7. Invincible

Description: Makes you invincible for 3 turns.

Boss Battles

Blooper(20 HP)

Koopassasin(20 HP)

Mummipokey(45 HP)

King Boo(50 HP)

King Beardskull(60 HP)

Lion(50 HP)

Frost Yeti(80 HP)

Bowser(50/101 HP)

Rawk Hawk(125 HP)(Optional)






Buzzy Beetle



Albino Dinos




Atomic Boo


Dark Boo

Amazee Dayzee

Pihrana Plant

Jungle Plant


Skull Minion


Bowser Impersonators


Chain Chomp

Dull Bones

Dark Bones

Dry Bones

Red Bones





Super Shroom

Ultra Shroom


Jamming Jelly

Fire Flower

Sleepy Sheep

Bowser Mask

Star Rain

Honey Syrup

Volt Shroom

Stone Cap

Thunder Rage


POW Block


HP Plus

Lucky Upgrade


ATK Plus

DF Plus

Double Dip

Triple Dip

Zap Tap

HP Plus Partner

Coin Plus

FP Plus

BP Plus


Shy Dude


Anti-Hood(50 coins)

Gold Hood(100 coins)


Fedora Costume(Default)

Nerd Costume(50 Coins)

Leather Jacket(100 coins)


Assasin Garb(Default)

Armor(50 Coins)

Power Hood(100 coins)


Spoof Suit(default)

Hard Hat(50$)



Captain Costume

Beardy Pirate(50)

Blackbeard Suit(100)



Blue Bird Costume(50)

Iron Claws Armor(100)


Mario,being optional has no armor other then his classic overalls.


During the adventure,Shy can visit the Glitz Pit,and fight to become the champion,he can visit Koopa the Quick and challenge him to a race,he can visit Yoshi's Island by paying a taxi,and then ride oon Yoshi,feed him,and train him. Also,following Episode 10,an arcade opens. There,you can play Pac-Boo,a parody of Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

Omega Live Mall Description

Embark on a crazy adventure,as you fight,platform,and solve puzzles through 15 exciting episodes! Become a classic Mario enemy,and save the day from the evil Bowser and his minions,across plains,mountains,deserts,and more! Demo is available now.


In Episode 1,it is possible to fall off the bridge,by standing against it,and doing a double jump.


1. Title Screen Theme

2. One Shy Guy-Shy Dude's Theme

3.New Episode!

4.End of Episode

5. Boss Theme

6. Miniboss Theme

7. New Party Member

8. Underground Remix

9. Sandy Mountain

10. King Boo's Mansion

11. Skull Island

12. Cloudy Kingdom

13. Cold Theme

14. Bowser's Castle

15. The End

16. Credits


Shy guy and koopa

Shy Dude by a random Koopa.




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