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Shy Guy
MPS Shy Guy Artwork.png
A Shy Guy from Mario Party Superstars.
Rarity Common
Alignment Good or bad
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. 2
Fly Guy
Spear Guy
Pyro Guy
Boo Guy
Fat Guy
Micool Guy
General Guy
Gourmet Guy
Game Guy
Sergeant Guy
Shy Bandit
Eagle Guy
Shy Gario
Koopa Troopa
General Guy
Shy Gal

Shy Guys are mischievous, masked creatures that appear in the Mario and Yoshi series. They are very childish and are super tricksters. They wear different colored robes and a white mask with three black holes for the eyes and mouth, and only Luigi has seen a Shy Guy without its mask (in canon), making them some of the most mysterious enemies in the series. Their most prominent members are the Shy Guy Bros.


The Shy Guys were created by Wart, a powerful king of frogs who commanded them to travel over the lands. When Wart/Mamu was defeated by Mario, the Shy Guys joined the Koopa Troop.


Super Mario MHL

Shy Guy appears along with Fly Guy and Captain Shy Guy in Super Mario MHL.

Technique Player

Shy Guy appears along with Fly Guy as his best partner in Mario Power Tennis 2. He is a technique player like Peach.

Super Koopa Mario!

Shy Guy is a foe in Super Koopa Mario.

Super Mario Television series

He appears also in the anime series. Shy Guy made his debut in season 2.

In the Arena

Shy Guy appears in Super Smash Bros. Madness as a playable character. His Final Smash is General Guy, a Shy Guy who rampages though the stage in a carriage.

Mario Super Party

Shy Guy appears in Mario Super Party as an Ally.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 3

Shy Guy and Goomba appear as partners in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 3.

Koopa Kart

Shy Guy appears as a light driver in Koopa Kart.

Mario Kart Powers

Shy Guy appears as an unlockable character in Mario Kart Powers. Shy Guy is a part of the small category and is unlocked by beating Mushroom Cup on 50cc as Yoshi. Shy Guy's signature Kart colors are red, brown, and white.

Toad Town Universe

Shy Guy appears as a low level enemy in Toad Town Universe.

Super Mario Bros. Warfare

Shy Guy appears as a very common enemy in all worlds of Super Mario Bros. Warfare, they attack with cannons and can breathe green fire.

Dangerous Wilds

Shy Guys appear as regular enemies in all of their known variants in this side-scrolling MMORPG by Lunatic Entertainment. Players can even join the 8-Bit Gang and become makeshift Shy Guys, themselves.

Klonoa Dreamscapes

Shy Guys appear as common enemies in Subcon, the world found within Mario's head. They are later found in the final world after the Nightmare Merging.

Mushroom War

Shy Guys appear in this MMO by Lunatic Entertainment as soldiers split between the Dark Kingdom of Bowser and the portions of the Subcon Kingdom ruled over by Wart Mamu. Players aligned with either of these two kingdoms will see them as allies throughout missions. Many times they are found to be allies with Snifits and Tweeters.

The Best of Us

Shy Guys appear alongside Snifits in this game by Lunatic Entertainment.

The Legend of Zelda: Dark Legacy

Shy Guys appear as strategic enemies in certain dungeons. Here they act like their Link's Awakening counterpart, and mimic Dark Link's moves.

Ultimate Showdown

A Shy Guy appears as one of the thousand+ playable characters in this battle royale title. His moves are taken from the various Shy Guy variants throughout the series.

Mario Hoops 3-On-3 Switch

Shy Guy appears in Mario Hoops 3-On-3 Switch (mainly known as Mario Hoops 3-On-3 Deluxe) as a playable character. He is an All-Around character type and his special move is Flutter Dunk. He is a starter character. His default partner is Shy Guy. His team name is the Shy Guy Masks

Super Mario Spikers

Shy Guys appear in Super Mario Spikers as playable characters, appearing as Defensive-type sidekicks. Their robe changes color depending on the team they're on, and they also wield lacrosse sticks that they use to spike and save balls. Their theme is a fast-paced remix of Shy Guy's theme in Mario Strikers Charged.

Mario & Sonic at the Previous Olympic Games

A red Shy Guy appears as a referee at the Athens 2004 and Torino (Turin) 2006 Olympics.

Super Mario: Emoji Battle

Shy Guy appears inSuper Mario: Emoji Battle as a playable emoji. Shy Guy's Special is: Shy Guy floats up the middle of the board using a balloon clearing any emojis he passes. Shy Guy's Attack Special is:Shy Guy stumbles across the middle of the opponent's board grabbing any ? Blocks it passes. Shy Guy is a common emoji that can be unlocked by opening a ? Block, opening a Brick Block, or battling Shy Guy in Character Battles. Shy Guy's favorite item is the Turnip. Shy Guy's emoji can be fought in the following Character Battles: Koopa Troopa and Shy Guy. Shy Guy's Badge can be unlocked by unlocking Shy Guy, getting trapped in an egg by Yoshi, and defeating Toad in a battle.

Shy Guy's Adventure (2014)

Shy Guy's gonna to save Shy Gal captured by Evil Peach. Shy Gal, is a Girlfriend from Shy Guy.

Koopa Kart series

Shy Guy is a playable character in the Koopa Kart series in every game except for Koopa Kart DS. He is a middleweight driver in the first four games, while he is a lightweight starting from Koopa Kart Wii. In Koopa Kart: Double Trouble!!, his partner is Chargin' Chuck, and their Special Item is the Golden Mushroom.


Mario Kart Live!

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