James Shroomicus McToad The III
BIRTHPLACE Mushroom City
Toad (nephew)

James Shroomicus McToad III, more commonly known as "Shroomy", is the mascot for the fan-game company, Black Diamond Fiction.

Personality and Personal Life

In his early appearences, Shroomy was a well mannered, gentlemanly toad. He is very fond of his nephew, Toad, and is good friends with Toadsworth. He is adventurous, also with a strong passion for justice, but also somewhat egotistical. Besides being Black Diamond Fiction's mascot, Shroomy travels around different worlds in search of ideas for new video game ideas based on real events. He lives in a fancy condo in Fan City in Fantendo, while also having a vacation home in the Hyrulian countryside. He has met with Mario on many occasions, often interviewing him about his adventures. He is also the self proclaimed Founder, President, Vice-President, Manager, Programmer, Art Designer, and Story Writer of Black Diamond Games, though he does barely any of these jobs.

In Shroomy: The Game, as well as his more recent appearances, his personality is somewhat different from other games. In the game, he is quite a bit more selfish and egotistical than in previous games. He is also very sarcastic, as well as being kind of careless, not paying attention to what he is doing when he inadvertantly creates Code. He is enormously arrogant, greedy, and dishonest. Despite his many personallity flaws in the game, his passion for good still shines through. Despite this, his demeanor is still gentlemanly, just less so.

Physical Appearance

Shroomy wears a black tuxedo with a yellow bow tie and cuff links. He has a black cap with yellow spots to match Black Diamond's colors. He has yellow pants and black shoes, as well as a thin mustache.

Game Appearances

Shroomy at least makes a cameo, though is sometimes much more important, in all of Black Diamond's games. He has so far appeared in:

Nintendo Heroes: Saga of Darkness

Shroomy appears as a purchasable playable character in Nintendo Heroes: Saga of Darkness. His moves are similar to Mario's.


Shroomy Makes a brief cameo in the ending as the sole colored thing in PictoQuest. He flies out of a portal, colliding with Scribble. He dusts himself off and asks Scribble a few questions, before saying he must go make a game of Scribble's adventure at once.


In Shocked, Shroomy's face appears on a billboard advertising Black Diamond Games.

Fantendo Wasteland

A twisted, evil, version of Shroomy reigns over Shroomtech City in Fantendo Wasteland. He claims that he is the "true" Shroomy, and that he deserves to be the mascot of Black Diamond Games. It is later revealed that this version of Shroomy was created by the resentment and hatred of the abandoned Black Diamond characters, and it manifested itself in this Dark Shroomy.

Shroomy: The Game

In his very own game, Shroomy actually causes the problem. He is messing around with the code for one of Black Diamond's games, trying to "improve" it, when he accidentally creates a virus. Calling itself "Code",it enters the CATEGORIES, and starts to destroy absorb the data, growing stronger. Shroomy is then forced by King Plumber to enter the CATEGORIES as data and defeat Code.

Nelson's Dungeon

In Nelson's Dungeon, Shroomy cameos as an Eidolon in Nelson's Dungeon. He is unlocked by finding a secret passage in a well in Arkus. His commands are:

  • Attack
  • Storm
  • Black Magic
    • Thunder
    • Thundera
    • Thunderaga
  • White Magic
    • Cure
    • Cura

The Beginning of the End

In The Beginning of the End, Shroomy makes a small cameo in the Black Diamond FPS. He appears as an alternate non-canon unlockable skin for Toad riders.


In the Purpleverse, Shroomy was one of the thousands captured up in The Reaping. He was turned into something of a pet project by Dr. Philth, and he had his internal organs gutted and replaced with machinery. His mind was wiped, and he was turned into one of the Twice Corporation's deadliest weapons.

Dark Purple

In Dark Purple, Shroomy appears as the third to last boss in Dark Purple in Indi555's story. He is eventually blown up, ending his tortured existance as a puppet.


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