Shroom Invasion is a fan-fiction made by Atmmachine11 (tbc) and McQueenMario (tbc).


Evil Zombie Toads are taking over and Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, and many other characters are trying to survive.

Chapter 1

One night, Mario and Luigi were takeing a stroll with the Princess,when they heard a noise. The noise sounded like a shreek of terror, and it sounded like someone they knew. Mario hightailed it forward as fast as he could, he wanted to know what the noise was and if he could help. Behind him was peach running, and Luigi,with a frightened look on his face, walking slowly behind Peach. "Huff, do you guys know what that noise was?" Luigi panted. "No, that's why we were running dimwad!" Mario said to Luigi. "Hey calm down Mario." Peach said, pointing out at something.

"What,What is that!?" Luigi shuddered. "Its me Lucas!" Lucas said walking in with Ness beside him,Ness was holding a baseball bat, and Lucas had nothing,but had his Pk ready to use at anytime. "Wow, you guys scared us, what was the shrieking about?" Mario asked them. "That was not us...We were gonna ask you the same question." Ness said. "Oh." Mario paced a bit, thinking of what it could be. "Hey, how did you guys get into the mushroom kingdom anyways?" Mario asked them, confused a bit. "Oh thats right!" Ness jumped in the air, smacked something with his bat. "Whomp!" "Thud." Mario could see what it was now. "You killed Toad!" Luigi started crying, and running in panic.

"No! look at him, hes green and foaming at the mouth." Ness said. "What are they?" Peach asked, thoughtfully. "Zombies." "Zombie toads?" Mario countered. "Yes, me and Lucas came to help get rid of them,and help you guys try and survive. "Theres not enough of us!" Luigi said sweating all over. "PK Fire!" Lucas yelled as he launched a Pk fire at a Zombie Toad. "Blargh!" The toad squeeled. "We got to go, we have to find a safe place, were we can hide for now!" Mario and Ness were both saying at once. "Hmmm. I know just the place!" Peach said.

"And where is that?" Lucas asked starting to walk away. "Hey get back here!" Mario said. "Vrooooomm!" "Holy Cra-" "Boosh!" Lucas was hit by a Kart. He was on the ground all torn up and beaten. "Ow..who was in that thing?" Lucas started rubbing his head. "Are you okay?!" I saw who it was, it was Wario! and he was with Waluigi!" Ness said grabbing Lucas's hand and pulling him up to his feet. "Pssst." It was peach. Peach had her head sticking out of the sewers. "You guys get over here!" Peach said in a whispery shout. "Okay." Ness said, walking with Lucas limping behind him.

They both climbed into the sewers. "Thank goodness you guys are safe!" Mario said, now holding his hammer. "Hey you 2 have something to fight with now!" Ness smiled. "Hey so do I!" luigi said pulling out his hammer that had fell in the sewage. "Yeah...I see that." Ness said sitting down on the cold musty ground. "Well...did you guys see anyone else coming out of the other portals on your way into the Mushroom Kingdom?" Mario said looking at ness. "No actually I did not.." Ness said looking at the ground. "I did." Lucas said looking at Mario. "You did? Who came out?" Mario asked.

Chapter 2

"Hmmm....Samus, came out her portal...Uh Donkey Kong and diddy Kong came out of theres.." Lucas thought hard. "Oh! Kirby came out of his, I think someone was Link came out of his, with Ganondorf chasing behind him." Lucas stopped for a bit. "Is that it?" Peach asked. "No." Lucas said with a frightened face. "Whats wrong lucas, spit it out!" Luigi said. "it was." Lucas shuddered. "it was what?!" Ness,Mario,Peach and Luigi shouted. "Okay! Okay! A new portol opened! two new portols actually." "Really?" Mario asked. "No, Of course! Why would I say it if it was not true?" Lucas said, angrily. "Cracka-Boom!" "Thunk." "Huh?" Everyone turned to see the lid of the sewer had fell. "Thats him!" Lucas said. "He was out of one of the new portals wasent he?" Peach asked.

"Yes." Lucas said gasping for air, he couldint speak. It couldint be true, was what he was seeing a ilusion? "Brother...Claus.." Lucas said. "No..I am known as Masked Man, leader of the pig mask army!!!" The masked man launched at Lucas with his sword. "PKKKKKKKKKK LOVE!!!!!!!!!" Lucas yelled. A huge blast of energy smashed into the masked man, and he disapeared. "I knew it, my brother had been killed long was a ilusion." "But who was casting it?" Ness asked. "I was!" A shadow figure apeared. "Who-Who are you?" Luigi asked.

"I am none other then, Pupetere, the master of all ilusions!" The shadow disapeared, then reapeared behind them. "Cracka-Boom!" lighting struck a hole in the ground and Lucas fell through, along with peach. "No!" Ness yelled. Mario swung the bat at Pupetere. "To slow!" Pupetere laughed. "Rahh!" Ness smacked him over the head with his bat. "Argh!" Pupetere yelled. "I'll be back! I suggest you run!" Pupetere said as he slowly disapeared. "Nice work." Mario said walking towards ness. "We must find the others!" Luigi yelled. "No! We must save the princess!" Mario said. Ness started walking away from the arguers. He found another way out of the sewers, and climbed out.

"Hello Ness!" Kirby said jumping onto his head. "Kirby. Nice to see you again." Ness said pushing kirby off his head. "Yeah, same goes for you, I haveint seen you in forever." "Wait a second! Your not infected are you?" Ness shrieked. "No! I just sucked up a zombie toad." Kirby said smiling with glee. "Well swallow something else or someone will mistake you for a zombie. "Slash!" "Yowwwwwwww!" Kirby screeched as he got slashed by something. "Ooops..sorry Kirby." Link said with his blade thrusted out. "Blam Blam Blam!" "Ow Ow Ow!" Kirby screemed again. "Kirby? Is that you?" Fox said, walking out of the darkness and into the light, falco and Wolf behind him. "Yes thats me!" Kirby said, uninpressed.

Chapter 3

"Sorry little guy." Fox said. "You looked like a zombie." "Im not little!" Kirby said, kicking fox in the face.

  • Now to were Mario and Luigi are.*

"Your to slowww!!!" Sonic said speeding around the trees. "Huff, Huff." "Stop sonic!" Mario yelled. "Screeeech." "To fast?" Sonic asked, walking towards Mario, Luigi and Ike. "Boo." Ike said behind Luigi. "Aaaaaaaah!" Luigi said running around in circles. "Since when did you get here?" Mario asked, confused. "Oh a few seconds ago, Marth is with me to." "Hi." Marth said looking at Mario and Luigi. Sonic was running around the trees in front of them. "Soniiiiiiiiic!" Tails said, running with Amy and Knuckles on both sides of him, towards Sonic. "Hey guys! I met up with Mario and some of his buddies." Sonic said, still running.

  • Now to where Peach and Lucas are.

"Where are we?" Peach said getting up and looking around. "Your with us!" Diddy Kong jumped out and smiled at Peach. "Woah! Hey you two." "We saved you before you guy's fell." Donkey Kong said smiling. Lucas got up, looking around, seeing someone in the distance,someone that was holding a sword. A sword that was engulfed in flames. "Rah!" Geno said as he screeched to a halt in front of the four of them. "Geno here, reporting for duty." Geno put his sword into it's sheath. "Geno...?" Peach wondered. "Yes, I am back from my journey, I now know the arts of this sword." Geno said walking towards peach. "Where are we?" Lucas asked everyone. "Bowsers castle." Geno smiled.

"Bowser?!" Lucas asked, a little confused and frightened. "Yep, he's getting his minions ready to help us fight the evil shrooms!" Donkey Kong said proudly. "Why would Bowser want to help us? He has kidnapped me over a dozen times!" Peach cried out. "I'm not sure, but it sounds reasonable." Geno smiled again. "Guys watch out!" Diddy kong said, shooting some zombies with his peanut blasters. "Woah!" Lucas said backing up. "Rahhh!" Donkey Kong said, smashing a zombie over the head, with his fist. "Pk Starstorm!" Lucas said with all his might. A array of bright lights and blasts came out of lucas's hands as the Pk move was said. About twenty zombies were destroyed. "Huff, if you guys think thats easy, its not." Lucas said, catching his breath. "Take this!" Peach said, throwing an innocent turnip at a zombie.

Chapter 4(not done)

"Blargh!" A zombie said as the turnip smacked against its ugly face. "Haha! That will teach him!"Geno said slashing zombies with his sword. "Slash" "Bang" "Wow, when is bowser gonna be ready?!" Geno said, looking behind him while slicing zombies in front of him. "RA HAHAHAHAH!" "Here I am!" Bowser shouted as he jumped off the top of the castle. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Diddy Kong shouted, seeing bowser falling about to crush him. "Ugh.." Diddy kong said as bowser sat on his face, laughing madly. "Get off me please." Diddy kong said. "Bwahhaha! No, I dont have to!" Bowser said triumphtly.

Where everyone is

The Streets:Ness,Kirby,Fox,Link,Wolf,Falco

The Forest: Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Ike, Marth Bowsers Castle: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Peach, Lucas, Bowser

???:Pupetere,Meta Knight,The koopalings,Ganondorf,Wario,Waluigi,Death Koopa,The skull Army,Master Hand.


Image Name Description
150px-MarioNSMBWii Mario
215px-LuigipartyDS Luigi
Fox Mcloud Jumping Fox
800px-Kirby Wii Kirby
180px-NessBrawl Ness
Lucas Lucas
432px-Falcorocket Falco
525px-Wolf O'Donnell Wolf
200px-MKAGP2Peach Peach
210px-Donkey Kong Donkey Kong
200px-DiddyDKJUNGLE Diddy Kong
213px-Link Artwork 1 (Twilight Princess) Link
Ganondorf Ganondorf
Bowser Bowser
Dark Metaknight 2-D Meta Knight
Geno Geno
N/A Pupetere
Larry Koopa 3D Larry Koopa
Morton Koopa Jr 3D Morton Koopa
Lemmy Koopa Lemmy Koopa
Iggy Koopa 3D Iggy Koopa
Wendy O Koopa 3D Wendy Koopa
Roy Koopa 3D Roy Koopa
Ludwig Von Koopa 3D Ludwig Koopa
288px-Sonic 180 Sonic
Tails Tails
Amy Rose Amy Rose
Wario Wario
250px-WaluigiMP8a Waluigi
180px-Fepr-ike Ike
250px-MarthFE3DS Marth
Knuckles2006 Knuckles
Death Koopa Death Koopa
MasterHand Master Hand


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