Shrines 2017
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Bleak Industries
Genre(s) Hack and Slash, Action, Adventure, Fighting, Role-Playing
Series Shrines
Predecessor N/A
Successor TBA
Release Date(s) Flag of the United States 2017.
Flag of European Union 2017.
25px-Flag of Japan2 2017.
Flag of Australia 2017.
Age Rating(s) ESRB2013E460px-PEGI 7+.svg
Media Included Bleakbox Game Disc
Shrines is a hack and slash fighting video game created by Illusion Works to be released exclusively to the Pacifico. Shrines is the spiritual successor to The Temple of Dreams, and serves as the rebirth of the series in a more directed vision than the previous game had. However, it should not be confused with the series remake, The Temple of Paradise, which holds more of the features of the previous games. It is set to be released sometime in 2016, or possibly 2017.

The main musical theme for the game is I Went Too Far (MK Remix) by AURORA.


The game is set in a corrupted future. A group of renegades took over the government, and caused chaos on the island of Ociport. To ensure control over the island, all across the island there were guardians set in place that will wipe out anyone who refuses to listen to the renegades. 

After becoming extremely tired of this, a group was assembled to try and demolish the renegades and guardians one by one. This group, while trying to be discrete, quickly became known as the Shrine by other supporters.


Shrines plays similarly to the likes of Final Fantasy, Hyrule Warriors, and Bayonetta. As one of the characters in the roster, you can travel through a large expansive world. There are many different places to explore and visit, as well as fight. At the end of each level, there is at least one boss. After defeating a certain number of enemies and progressing through the level's story, you will be able to fight the boss who will appear somewhere on the map. 

Each boss has different ways to defeat them, which makes every boss fight a new experience. Some may be as simple as just attacking them at a certain place on the map or on their body, but others may require you to have certain weapons and capabilities which you may not have. 

All characters have a level, which will determine how powerful they are in combat. You can boost a character's level through either defeating enemies and bosses, or through special items known as XP Boosters, which come in small, medium, and large sizes. Weapons also have levels in the game, which can be levelled up through the same methods. 

Field Conditions are extra conditions that may be on a stage. For example, some stages may have water on them, which is a field condition, which may slow down enemies or possibly drown them if they're small. There are many different field conditions, you can find a list of them here.

  • Water: Water, such as lakes or ponds, can cause enemies to drown or be slowed down due to the terrain. 
  • Poison: Poison, such as poisonous lakes or smoke, can kill enemies instantly. Some poisonous terrains can cause characters to lose health gradually until they are out of the poisonous radius.
  • Fire: Fire can cause characters and enemies to become burned, which will make them slower and take gradual damage until they are healed.
  • Electricity: Electricity can cause characters and enemies to become paralysed, which will mean that they can't move until the effect is over.
  • Ice: Ice can cause characters and enemies to become frozen, which means that they cannot move until they are thawed out of the ice. If left long enough, they will be frozen to death.
  • Mist: Mist makes the area less easy to see, which makes it harder to kill more enemies since you can't see them all clearly.
  • Swamp: Swamp, similar to water, can make it harder for characters and enemies to move.

Game Modes

Here are the game modes for Shrines.

Story Mode

Like other games of the same genre, Shrines has a cinematic story mode. The story of Shrines follows Syron on her adventure to recruit other people to eventually form the Shrine group, and to bring an end to the reign of terror caused by a group of renegades.


Arena is a mode which unlocks upon completion of the game. In Arena, you are locked inside an arena and forced to fight as many enemies and bosses as you possibly can until you die. Reaching certain milestones in Arena will unlock new content in the game, such as skins or new characters.


Online is the second main mode in the game, which is unlocked upon completion of the first mission of the game. In Online, you can play against strangers or friends in order to become the best Shrine you possibly can. You can use any character in online, as well as any DLC that may have been released. 

There is a leader board in Online which shows some of the best players in the world, as well as their rank and your rank. You receive rewards based on your performance in online, such as free DLC passes or other characters or items which may be limited or special.


Practice is a mode where you can learn how to use different moves for different characters. It will easily show you how to use and activate specific moves you may be having trouble with, hopefully making it easier for you to learn that move to use in future fights.


Here is the entire playable roster for Shrines. You can also see how to unlock each character in the table below.


# Unlock Requirements
Syron Complete Mission 01 successfully.
Vaughn Complete Mission 01 successfully.
Lucie Complete Mission ?? successfully.
Adair Complete Mission ?? successfully.
Sorin Complete Mission ?? successfully.
Roze Complete Mission ?? successfully.
Aaliyah Complete Mission ?? successfully.
Blur Complete Mission ?? successfully.
Celeste Complete Mission ?? successfully.
Frankie Complete Mission ?? successfully.
Keaton Complete Mission ?? successfully.
Raina Complete Mission ?? successfully.
Xavier ???
Evie ???
Thomas ???
Joanne ???
Weeping Widow Kill 10,000 Weeping Widows successfully.
Guard ???
Elite Guard ???
Maura ???
Syarkha ???
Assassin ???
Dancer ???
Andrew ???
Priest ???
Surfer ???
Punk Rocker ???
Henchwoman ???
Priestess ???
Admiral Male ???
Admiral Female ???
Sophie ???
Hana ???
Henchman ???
Gothima ???
Keyonnah ???
Khameleon ???
Embress ???
Ashanti ???
Lucius ???
Elizabeth ???
Cristopher ???
Domatrix ???
Valrie ???
Madison ???
Midnight ???
Rockwell ???
Ursula ???
Millie ???
Nightshade ???
Tammy ???
Harmony ???
Pinkie ???
Miaya ???
Francesca ???
Undianne ???
Lotta ???
Yelena ???
Zachary ???
Tetra ???
Polece ???
Heaven ???
Felix ???
Sarah ???
Malice ???
Tempest ???
Vixen ???
Cerise ???
Dark Angel ???
Watercolour ???
Skyler ???
Violetta ???
Antoinette ???
Quinn ???
Mable ???
Ember ???
Katya ???
Claire ???
Felicia ???
Arabella ???
??? ???
Carnation ???
Chrysalis ???
Agent Shadow ???
Brendan ???
Masked Duelist ???


There are over 40 planned characters to play as in the game, with DLC a possibility if the game sells reasonably well. Characters are unlocked through various different methods, such as completing story mode chapters or playing as a certain character enough times in freeplay.



Character Description
SyronShrinesIcon Syron is the first character that play as and unlock in the game. Syron is a very brave character who isn't afraid of anything, expect for the unknown. Sometimes her paranoia can get the better of her, and make her vulnerable if enemies were around. But overall she's a very good fighter with many different talents which help her in combat.
VaughnShrinesIcon Vaughn is an angel who helps out Syron when she begins her journey. Vaughn usually heals Syron and her allies in battle, and doesn't have many physical fighting attributes, which can make him a lesser used character in online battling. Throughout the story he also gives characters hints on where to go in the game if they are stuck.
AdairShrinesIcon Adair is a new human who is able to control sound waves and attack using them. He can use them to keep enemies away and to deafen them, which can make enemies become slower and easier to avoid. His attacks aren't all too powerful though, which can be a big downfall in situations where you may need to rely heavily on attack.
LacieShrinesIcon Lucie is a spectacular person, she's half human and half demon, which makes her a very rare species in the universe. She can attack using spiritual based attacks, which all vary in damage. She also has a different play style which uses weapons instead of magic, which can lead to a completely different character in online play.
SorinShrinesIcon Sorin is a primary magic user. He uses a lot of moves which revolve around light, and so he can slow down enemies through blinding them. He is also able to summon the light God Helios to the stage sometimes to battle alongside him. He can also use some weapons, but he isn't as skilled with them as he is with magic.
RozeShrinesIcon Roze is a hands on attacker. She loves to use a range of weapons and is skilled with pretty much all of them, which makes her a great physical attacker. She mainly uses close range weapons, such as a sword or hammer. She is also a very fast character, which makes her one of the tougher characters in the game to defeat when it comes to online.
AaliyahShrinesIcon Aaliyah is a very mixed character. She isn't the most offensive character, but is great when it comes to defence. She can use her umbrella to give herself more space and to keep enemies away from her, however, she can also use it to send enemies flying across the stage too, and if there are field conditions active, then she could kill a lot of enemies at one time.
BlurShrinesIcon Blur is one of the fastest characters in the game. Being of a ninja descent, Blur has always been taught to be fast and quiet. As far as weapons go, Blur's best bet is his long sword, which can kill several enemies at once. His weapon is also one of the easiest to use when it comes to combo attacks, since usually spamming either the A or B buttons will deliver a decent enough result.
Boss27Shrines Celeste is able to use cloaking methods to hide herself and silently attack her foes. However, this only lasts for a short amount of time, but has no cool down, so she can use it many times in succession. She is able to use most weapons in the game, which makes her have a variety of attacks in comparison to some of the other characters who cannot use certain weapons.
Boss25Shrines Frankie has a very unique ability. He is able to control and use the power of birds to attack others. He can fuse with a bird at will to be able to attack, and he can see through their eyes and peck his enemies to death! But in all seriousness, when he fuses with a hawk or another bird of prey, there will be some huge trouble about to kick off.
Character29Shrines Keaton is one of the smartest characters in the game. He usually prefers to plan his attacks in advance, and also make the best use of whoever he is aligned with. He mainly attacks using melee attacks like punches or kicks, because he isn't the most skilled when it comes to battling with weapons or other items. 
Character34Shrines Raina is a very hard hitting character. She uses her staff as a weapon to bash and crush other enemies in the field, as well as casting powerful spells which can boost her power even further. She can also attack using her hair, which can stab enemies due to how sharp it is, making her hair act similarly to knives or other sharp objects.
Character41Shrines Xavier is a mixed attacker. He mainly uses melee attacks like punches and kicks, but he also has a few recovery moves and he can also manipulate colours in order to camouflage himself, which means that he can avoid taking damage from moves and also move around without being detected, so he can strike in silence.
Character62Shrines Evie is part fairy, which gives her access to a wide range of recovery moves such as quicker cool down times on abilities and health recovery. She isn't the best with heavy weapons since she is so small and light, but she can use simple swords and other weapons that are similar in weight. She is also able to use nature to her advantage.
Character76Shrines Thomas is a pretty average guy, however, he also knows how to attack. He mainly uses projectile based attacks such as rockets and slingshots to attack his enemies, which are pretty powerful. His attacks are more powerful than most other characters, however, they have a larger cool down time which means you can't use them as often as melee weapons. 
Character58Shrines Joanne, similar to Xavier, is able to manipulate colour, but only black, white, and any shade between, explaining why she wears bland colours. She can turn any object into black or white, and teleport through them, which allows her to be anywhere on the field at any given time, and strike whenever she feels. She can use most weapons, but prefers to use scythes.



Enemy Description
WeepingWidowShrinesIcon Weeping Widow is the most common enemy in the game. Weeping Widow will attack you whenever she can possibly see you, so if you're low on health it's always a bright idea to stay away from them. The best way to defeat one of them would be to break the glass head, similar to a zombie.



Boss Description
Fought in Story Mode


No. Location Description Objective Character(s) Enemies Boss(es)
01 TBA. TBA. TBA. SyronShrinesIcon WeepingWidowShrinesIcon TBA.


Reception for the game is neutral.



Here are all the characters in the game.


  • There are several reasons as to why it makes sense for the series to be remade.
    • The main characters had pretty stale development, bar Commander Redd, who was supposed to represent a supportive role.
    • Many of the characters have the same designs to old Eternika characters.
    • The project lacked direction and ended up being very different to how the creator envisioned it, which led to the project being generally disliked by him.
    • It was poorly written and didn't have a lot of continuity.
  • The name of the island, Ociport, is Tropico spelled backwards.
  • Shrines is a spiritual successor to The Temple of Dreams, however, The Temple of Paradise is a remake of both The Temple of Dreams and The Temple of Void.
  • Shrines acts as what the creator originally wanted The Temple of Dreams to be like, but due to a lot of other things, the series became more of an RPG series rather than a Hack and Slash series. Shrines is also more modern with a larger roster and more bosses to fight within the game.
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