Shocked Box
Developer(s) Black Diamond Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Black Diamond Crystal
Genre(s) Action Stealth
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) T for Violence and Mild Language
Media Included Disk

Shocked is a game under development by Black Diamond Games. It is about the teenage mercenary group Shocking. It is the first game for the newly unveiled Black Diamond Crystal. It releases Fall 2009.


At night on June 10, 1997, 587 infants and young children were stolen from their homes all over the world. These children were taken to a facility known only as "The Lab". Scientists experimented and tested on the children who would never know a real life, genetically altering their DNA structure. Out of the 587, only 50 survived the procedures. Then, on February 13, 2008, The Lab's nuclear power core melted down, destroying the facility, killing all of the people inside. Except four. By a freak chance, their altered DNA made them immune to radiation. They then dropped off the face of the Earth. Until one year later. February '09, the 4 youth reappeared as the mercenary group Shocking, taking jobs for whomever would pay the most. Then, one year later, a shocking and disturbing truth reaches their ears. The organization that had stolen them from their homes had risen back to power, and even more disturbing, over 1000 children have disappeared from all over the world. The group then decides to quit taking mercenary jobs and take down the company, revealed to be known as Hydra. The group succeeds in destroying the company's headquarters.

They return to their home only to find a mysterious man who tells then about the story of the Hydra in Greek mythology. One head is cut off, then others emerge to take their place. There is a flash of lightning and the credits roll.

After all missions are completed, there is a cut scene where Venom finds an envelope with a letter inside. The letter reads:

Dear Shocking,

I have learned of your activities through one of my numerous contacts and have need of your unique... abilities. I would like to arrange a meeting. Meet me on the top floor office of the HadesTech. Inc. building next Friday night at midnight. I will give you your assignment there. Your reward will be ten million United States dollars. I look forward to seeing you there.' -Johnathon Hades


Game play uses a mixture of stealth, platforming, and a little 1st person shooting. It does not use motion controls.

Controls for Blade

  • A Button- Jump, twice for double jump
  • 'B Button- Swing right sword
  • Control Pad- Switch Character
  • '1 Button''- Grab onto wall or enemy
  • 2 Button- Smoke pellet
  • + Button- Pause
  • - Button- Mission Log
  • C Button- Lock on
  • Z Button- Swing left sword
  • Control Stick- Move, climb wall

Controls for Striker

  • A Button- Jump
  • 'B Button'- Right Punch
  • Control Pad- Switch Character
  • '1 Button'- Grab
  • 2 Button- Kick
  • + Button- Pause
  • - Button- Mission Log
  • C Button- Lock on
  • Z Button- Left Punch
  • Control Stick- Move

Controls for Venom

  • A Button- Jump, twice for double jump
  • 'B Button'- Electricity burst from right hand
  • Control Pad- Switch Character
  • '1 Button'- Hack computer terminal
  • 2 Button- Take control of robot or weapon
  • + Button- Pause
  • - Button- Mission Log
  • C Button- Lock on
  • Z Button- Electricity burst from left hand
  • 'Control Stick''- Move

Controls for Shadow

  • A Button- Jump, twice for double jump
  • 'B Button'- Fire right shadow blast
  • Control Pad- Switch Character
  • '1 Button'- Transform into darkness
  • 2 Button- Take enemy into darkness
  • + Button- Pause
  • - Button- Mission Log
  • C Button- Lock on
  • Z Button- Fire left shadow blast
  • Control Stick- Move

Character Switching

You can take control of one character at once. You switch to a different character by pressing a direction on the control pad. The others are controlled by the computer.

  • Up- Blade
  • Right- Striker
  • Left- Venom
  • Down- Shadow


The game is viewed from an isometric perspective. You see only the room you are currently in. You can see the whole room from the top, and the camera rotates to let you see the rest of the room.

Shocking H.Q.

The hub area of the game is Shocking H.Q. You return here after every mission, and can choose your next mission from here.


You complete missions to progress through the game. Most are optional, though you must complete a certain amount to progress in the story.


The game is divided into missions, most of which are optional. Each has it's own mini-story, most having nothing to do with the main plot.

Optional Missions

  • Emerald Heist
  • Capture Mr. Morris
  • Ruby Heist
  • Plant the Bomb
  • Hack the Main CPU
  • Diamond Heist
  • Stop the Missle
  • Obtain the Blueprints
  • Destroy the Base
  • Steal the Plans
  • Steal the Death Ray
  • Destroy the Doomsday Weapon
  • Rescue the General's Daughter
  • Chase Down the Truck
  • Kidnap the Scientist
  • Put out the Fire
  • Take Down the Blimp
  • Take Down the Jet
  • Sneak in Undetected
  • Destroy the Sky Scraper

Mandatory Missions

  • Escape!
  • Kidnap the President
  • Rescue the Children
  • Defeat the Director
  • Destroy the Lab
  • Fight the Ultimate Creation


  • Blade and Striker were the names of the main characters in the NES game Bad Dudes.
  • The game was inspired by the Maximum Ride and Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars books.
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