The Shiver Star is a frigid planet in the Kirby universe. Kirby, along with his allies, have visited this planet in their adventures at least twice. Many individuals know this planet as Earth. Although little was revealed in the planets appearance in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, the majority of the Shiver Star's background is found in Kirby: Onslaught.



In its antiquity, the Shiver Star, which was actually very temperate, was home to a peaceful utopian society of species known as the Humans. Dark Matter, upon seeing this society became envious, as it would later do with the Pop and Ripple Stars, and began infecting the unknowing Humans. The Humans were slowly transformed from a peaceful species into a violently greedy species. This insanity was so great that it leaked under the surface and combined with Dark Matter, creating a new, powerful manifestation of Dark Matter, known as "Mind Matter", due to its vast control over its victims' minds.

The Reign of Mind Matter

Mind Matter furthered Zero's cause by attempting to corrupt Humans into a race completely bound to Dark Matter, and eventually into Dark Matters temporary physical shock troopers. The Humans degraded further and further.

The Great Disaster

However, the Humans became so powerful and chaotic, that even Mind Matter itself feared them. Having failed his plan, Mind Matter fled the

shiver Star in hopes of finding a new race he can work with. Little is known what happened afterword, and the story that is told differs between each Human family.

The Modern Shiver Star

Somehow, a few sects of Humans were capable of surviving the harsh climate. Eventually they bounded together for mutual survival. The three biggest sects are the Himmelmensch Family, the Hito Family, and the Gor'kiy Clan. This society of Humans live in a single city located on the eastern landmass of the Shiver Star. Recently Dark Matter discovered the now thriving Human nation, and sought to destroy it with their new Demonic shock troops. However, Kirby was able to thwart Dark Matter's plans on the Shiver Star, and the planet once again returned to peace.





Western Landmass

The first of the two landmasses Kirby visited, this landmass is devoid of life other than monsters. However, its ruins still have electrical power due to the advanced technology of its extinct inhabitants.

  • The Charred Strands - There are two of these - one on the eastern coast and the other on the western coast. These locations on the northern part of the western landmass have been burned to the point that they are completely flat, and the earth is a pitch black. Gor'kiy believe that this is where Ember expelled Dark Matter.
  • Ancient Military Base - Due to its still running power, the factories located here can still run and continue there eery operations. Is found in the center of the northern section of this landmass.

Eastern Landmass

The bigger of the two landmasses, this is the only place on the Shiver Star where Humans still exist.

  • The Capitol - The main city of the Human Alliance, all of its members mingle here. Located in the northeast.
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