AGE early 20's
WEAPONS Pentagram of Waste

Shiphrah is a major character in the Dark Woods series. She makes her first appearance in Dark Woods IV: Descend.


Shiphrah is a woman of average height with a tanned skin. She has white hair that reaches slightly over her shoulders and has silver eyes. She has a crusifix tattoo over her right eye, although it is covered by her bangs. She wears pink clips in her hair and also has a piercing through her eyebrow. 

She wears a pinkish shirt with a black belt and short purple shorts underneath. Most of her legs are covered by her long brown boots. She also wears a red cloak jacket which also is attached with a silver plate.



As revealed in a special chapter of Dark Woods: Hollow Remnants, Shiphrah was taken in by Father Trip at a young age, presumably when she was around kindergarten age. A woman came to Father Trip holding a little sick child in her hands, Father Trip said he would take care of her and trained her to become the paladin she is today.

Dark Woods IV: Descend

Ephraim and Shiphrah stand in the church of Father Trip. Trip tells them that they should head in and collect a being that looks like a zombie. It goes by the name Stein, and it is of importance that they capture him. The two understand the mission and head to the Dark Woods.

Once they are in they explore the area, having arrived somewhere around the fortress as Trip said that is the most likely location that he went to. However once they are there they are stalked by a strange being, they decide to follow it out of curiosity and find out that it is something bearing a resemblance to a plague doctor, only this time female. They fight and defeat the creature, with it simply dissolving into nothingness afterwards.

Seeing that Stein is not somewhere around the fortress they decide to head further and arrive at the Church where they encounter Hein and the others and engage in combat. The fight ends in a draw and both parties explain what they are doing here. Ephraim and Shiphrah continue their journey after that.

They travel through the Dark Woods where the encounter lots of monsters. Being clueless they return to the fortress where they suddenly see Hein, Lily and Rai battling with Stein. However the fight ends with Stein being able to flee. Ephraim and Shiphrah tell the others the back down as they will take over from here and chase Stein. They fight Stein at the top of the fortress and manage to defeat him. They take his unconscious body and make their way to the intersection, where they were first spawned, as the portal would open there soon.

As they arrive at the intersection they suddenly see Isis in her true form descend from the sky. They know that she means no good and taunt her, wanting to battle her. They lay Stein to the side and engage in combat with her. During the battle the portal opens and Trip calls for them, saying that they must hurry before the portal closes. A timer is added to the battle, and they drain as much health as they can from Isis before they have to depart.

Once they are back in their own realm, with Stein, Father Trip compliments them on a successful mission. He lays Stein on a table and says that this being is going to get a new life blown inside of him.




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