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Shin Tezukka is one of first Boltzmann students and was involved in the battle that caused The Threat to attack Earth. She comes from Huxxabu and is trained in the art of the Shadow Spear. She has a former best friendship with Albha, the reason their "break-up" unknown.


Shin has pink hair and wears a black dress shirt with short sleeves. She wears a blue tie with a couple of circular rhinestones on it, and wears a red skirt. She has grey and turquoise striped stocks and grey shoes.


Shin used to be happy and believed she was fighting for justice and truth. As her life went on, the world kept letting her down and she began to believe that life is dark, cruel, and brutal. She fights not to make a difference, but rather because it's "the right thing to do". She has given up hope that this cosmic war will ever truly end after realizing it has spanned since the beginning of the universe. She keeps up a happy facade although her real aspects of her personality shine fairly often.



The Fan

The Enemy

The Threat


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