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The Threat Arc
Shiki Shidare
Shiki, the freaky servant of The Enemy.
CURRENT STATUS Doing tasks for the Enemy.
CLASS Servant
Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory (first official appearance)

Shiki Shidare (often shortened to just "Shiki") is the name of the Enemy's personal assistant in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. She is an entirely brand new character created as a contrast to Sam. She debuted in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory as a playable character.


Shiki remembers everything. Every slight, every bit of knowledge, every image she's ever seen, everything stored in complete and total detail. Memory wipes seem to only have a temporary effect on her, as she soon recalls everything stored in her mind. She uses her vast knowledge mainly to be snarky towards the Enemy.

Shiki is very mysterious and nobody, not even The Enemy seems to know much about her. She is apathetic to most forms of life but especially despises the Catonea species. While not emotionless, she rarely feels anything that isn't her being comedically ornery towards others. Her likes and dislikes are kept almost entirely secret, although it is known she likes The Enemy as a friend but feels no romantic feelings towards him.

Despite her personality being seen as rude, Shiki isn't cruel. She is very observant and has a good side to her that's shown every once in a while. She is often seen laughing when attacking, getting some kind of perverse glee out of it. Shiki is a casual weed smoker, having taken up the habit after becoming free from The Enemy's responsibilities on her. She hangs out with people like Rei Carnation and occasionally takes hard drugs with them, although she has no ill or addictive effects on them due to her alien biology.


Shiki is the replacement for the The Apprentice, although she doesn't seem to have been created by The Enemy or The Fan. Much of her remains a mystery, but she has been serving The Enemy for the past two years.


Shiki has pale skin and pink hair that covers her left side of her face and has two strands sticking up, with the back of her hair done up in a flared bun. She has no visible eyes, either covered up by her hair or the shadows her hair creates. She wears a maid outfit that exposes her stomach and belly and has detached sleeves.

Despite her human-like appearance, she can contort her body in inhuman ways, such as bending her spine to the point where she can fit her head past her legs or spinning her neck like an owl's. She also has a unusually long tongue and pointed ears and can stretch her tongue to become a whip.

Canon Appearances

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Shiki was introduced as a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory on 8/29/16. She is introduced as a contrast to Sam, albeit with a completely different moveset. She plays a major role in the plot, although not quite as substantial as some other characters.

Fantendo - Zenith

Pink Lemonade

Fantendo - Doomed

Non-Canon Appearances

Marvel vs. Fantendo: Battleworlds

Shiki Shidare appears in Marvel vs. Fantendo: Battleworlds as a playable character. This is the debut of her post-Victory look.

Powers and Abilities

Shiki has access to a dark energy known as "Malefactor" that allows her to do many things, such as float and summon items. She seems to use dark magic a lot, combined with needles or a bowl of dough that she can use to summon doughy monsters. Shiki has earned the title of "Seamstress of the Universe" through her skills with a needle and when she is at her most powerful, she can "unspool" her opponents and absorb their "string" to heal herself. She can also take out her own soul and absorb attacks, however this is easily one of her most draining spells.

She also is able to contort her body in ways that shouldn't be feasible. She can also absorb energy to heal herself without needing to take her soul out of her body, but she needs a strong connection between the power source and her body as seen in one of her victory poses where she is using car cables hooked up to a car battery connected to her fingers to take the energy out of it.

Innate Abilities

  • Everlasting Memory - Shiki remembers literally everything that happened to her or seen with great clarity, almost verging on videographic memory. She remembers stuff even The Fan and The Enemy forgot about.
  • Malefactor - This is a dark energy that Shiki has almost exclusive access to. This seems to be some variant on Power Chaotic. It allows her to do many things, such as float and summon items. It drains a magic resource that Shiki has. She can animate things, unspool cosmic strings, and float using it.
    • Malefactor Missile - Shiki's legs become covered in a dark energy and she briefly becomes suspended in the air before slamming into the ground with both feet. She looks kind of like an inanimate object moving when doing this. This attack does some moderate damage damage. Originally known as just Malefactor in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.
    • Tongue Slash - Lunges at the opponent, her tongue becoming a whip as she shakes her head wildly. This attack does weak damage of varying values. The tip of the tongue is the sweetspot of this move.
    • Annihilarity - Shiki laughs hysterically as giant needles come out from the ground, homing on the closest opponent for minor damage. The attack leaves her open while laughing. She can summon up to five at a time and will automatically send out more as they land.
    • Monstir - Shiki pulls out a steel bowl and a mixing spoon, stirring as little dough monsters fly out, biting opponents that they land on before dying themselves. Not a killing move, but certainly one that can rake up a lot of damage due to multiple projectiles having various arcs. Each dough monster bite does weak damage. She can summon up to seven at a time.
    • Rid - Shiki pulls out a giant needle attached to a giant string and spins it, striking it forward for decent damage to any opponent she hits. It launches opponents fairly far.
    • Killing Jar - Shiki pulls out a jar filled with a black substance and throws, it, creating a black bubble that floats around. The bubble pops either through contact or after 5 seconds and can do fairly powerful damage. Although the black bubble is pretty damaging, it's also easy to see and avoid. It launches opponents fairly far.
    • Dislocate - Shiki warps upwards, leaving behind a pod that sprouts out spiked legs that runs to the left or right. The pod does weak spiking damage on contact and runs to the bottom of the stage if possible. Shiki cannot do this move again until the pod is gone.
    • Ghost Spectre - Shiki's ghost exits her body, circling around her to absorb attacks that actually heal her a little. She can't do this too often or she'll just look exhausted while trying execute it and leave herself open.
    • Fabric of the Universe - Shiki throws a needle right through her opponents if they happen to be within the line of the needle, causing them to unspool into nothing. She then absorbs the "thread" and heals herself a bit. This can be done with multiple opponents, and Shiki heals a decent chunk from each opponent killed with the needle attack.
  • Power Absorption - Shiki can take power from just about any source of energy, including a car battery. She has to be connected through some kind of clamp or wire.
  • Incredible Flexibility - Shiki can contort every part of her body at 360 directions. She moves very fluidly and strangely, as if her body has no concept of humans actually move.


Feral Shiki


Feral Shiki Shidare is the name of a form that Shiki Shidare can take on when feeling starved or under particular danger. Taking on a more alien form, Shiki Shidare grows two extra arms and gains muscle mass. Her limbs take on dark colorations at the feet and arms. Her hair became unfurled and longer. Additionally, her mysterious "eye" appears as a shot of light that appears as a lens flare on every camera shot, obscuring it's true appearance. She grows eight tentacles across her back, which can stretch up ten feet and have no bones, allowing them to move very fluidly and sneakily. Her teeth become sharper and pink as well. She wears a loincloth and bandages as her outfit.

Feral Shiki's moveset changes entirely. She becomes rougher and more aggressive, taking on mobility as opposed to power. Her moveset also becomes physical, using her tentacles to wrap up her opponents and using her sharpened fingers and toes to slash into foes. She can easily move across ceilings and walls using her tentacles as almost bug-like legs, and her claws are capable of ripping even the roughest, coarsest skin.

Feral Shiki is defined by her desperate measure to active it, so the more feral she becomes, the more powerful she becomes but inversely, the less feral she is the less powerful she will become. She talks almost exclusively in grunts and harsh breaths, becoming even harder to communicate with and understand.



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