Shieldon Dream
Shielder the Shieldon
FULL NAME Shielder Def Ense
AGE 12
Shield GuideUncomfirmed
Shielder! The cops tried to freak me!
Freak you? What the hell does that mean?
They were touching me! In places!
Didn't need to hear that. Now get into your battle station damn it!
Axy and Shielder's conversation, Shield Guide

Shielder is a Shieldon who is the main character of the Defense series. He makes his first debut in Shield Guide. He has to stop the nictorious Dark-Clops. His friend Axy is his childhood friend. He has lots of interest in courage. He seems to have a liking in World War. He loves a better defense than offense. He was survived a nucleur explosion but later died due to the dangerous chemicals. He was later dug out and revived by Axy, making them best friends



In a vast forest, a Shieldon was born with two Bastidon. The Bastidon had trouble with the name, so they left the Shieldon with no name. Later , they seem to notice that the Shieldon used its head alot when catching prey. It used its attacks for defense. They then figured out that they had a name to call him , Shielder. He was very headfirst and never backed down from a fight. At the age of 4, He faced a Bronzong who used to bully him. One day, He faced that Bronzong and defeated him. The Bronzong never bulied him again. They became friends.

At the age of 8 , Shielder got jumped by a gang, They were beaten easily because their attacks were useless. They always attempted to jump him but it failed. One day , the gang brought their Leader Cruster. Shielder defeated him with offense except for defense for the first time. Cruster later wanted revenge and scurried away. At 10 , He later took interest in World War. He always played World War with his friends. One day, Cruster overhured him and planned a bombing. At the age of 11, Shielder was walking until he was suddenly in the mist of a bombing. He survived the blast but Bronzong , his parents , and other friends died. He then later died with them.


In 2012, He was later dug up by Axy. Axy went to Dr.Hydreigon. He revived Shielder. Shielder woke up and went to a defensive stance. Axy told him about where he was and what time he was in. Shielder asked where his friends were and Dr.Hydreigon sadly had a guess. Shielder now sad, took a breather and told him what he should do now. Dr.Hydreigon later told him that he examined his brain features and that his specialty was defense. He told him about incoming attacks on Qwatchra Island. He told him that brainwashed Pokemon and Monsters have been invading the island. So its up to Shielder and Axy to complete the job. Shielder thought and accepted the quest, leading to the events of Shield Guide.

Appearence & Personality

He is just a regular Shieldon but a harder head. He seems to have a soldier personality. He may say Maggot or Kiddet or Battle Stations. He also seems to love World War. With this observation, He was able to plan ahead time and suspect lots of hazards. This often helps Axy. He also loves Defense but is also clever and may switch it up. This shows that he is rather clever. He also can forgive. He will never give up. His most liked quote is " As you push me down , I come back stronger".


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  • Though Shielder survived, His armor melted off and the chemicals infected him, killing him
  • Shielder has the same exact appearence as an ordinary Shieldon
  • Shielder somewhat frustrates Axy at times
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