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Sherpa Female
68 lbs

31 (mentally) years old

Sherpa, the hook sword assassin
POWERS Prowess with blades

Prowess with climbing
Halokinesis (control over salt)

BIRTHDAY October 26th





Himalayan Pink Salt


Being sedated



Sherpa is a artificially created Beorn from uHive, acting as one of the assassins that can be used for it's clients. She utilizes Chinese hook swords and has a generally insane personality. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) as a new character that could be used to further explore uHive as a concept, as well as serving as a rival to characters like Reten. She was also intended to be completely irredeemable.

Sherpa is an assassin for hire created by uHive, meant for clients who need to kill potential danger to their businesses. Packed with so much fighting data from sword fighters, this artificial Beorn knows basically nothing else beyond combat and is obsessed with salt. Due to her high kill rate, she is seen as uHive's best assassin. However, she is completely unstable and has to be controlled with with injections through needles by her handlers.


Sherpa is a white Beorn with bushy fur and lacks claws. She is about the same size as Unten. She has red inner ear ears and black marks on her hands and feet. Interestingly for a Beorn, she wears clothing fully around her body, wearing a puffy outfit with the uHive insigna on the chest. It is orange/pink colored and takes after Himalayan Pink Salt. She also is seen wearing shoes, which are very rare to see on a Beorn design. They are stylized after ballerina shoes. Her eyes, which are glossy and black, feature no pupils, suggesting she is in fact blind. She also has three eye lashes under each eye, which are sharp and have a fairly solid feel to them, just like other Beorns. She has sharp teeth.


Sherpa is a generally unstable individual- while not child-like or even feral, she does not take shit from anyone, even her creators at uHive. She is a psychopath, lacking empathy, a conscience, and concern over right and wrong. She is only interested in killing, and sometimes needs to redirect her focus back onto her original target as she tends to get into tangents with unrelated people during her hunting pursuits. She has to be sedated with numbing drugs in order to be taken back to uHive or she will kill anyone who attempts to take her back.

She is also blind, unable to see the emotions of people around her and perceives almost all talking to her as bitterly sarcastic, which enrages her further. She also has no sense of fear or love. She also does not like being compared to others, which does not put her into a blind rage but does make her upset, seeing her assassin work as art. She also seems to be able to eat her victims if hungry provided she is given the chance to "salt" them. She has been known to steal and smuggle bags and jars of various kinds of salts and eat them after awakening from sedation.


Sherpa was created by uHive as part of a project to create assassins to be used by clients who would need them to get rid of problematic people that could otherwise jeopardize plans or companies. Sherpa was unique in that she was the only Beorn as part of the assassin creating project, as while Beorns are a popular request among the clientele base, there simply isn't much you can cram into a Beorn compared to the other species that were being used in the assassin project. While she was the most limited in terms of her toolset, her focus on sword fighting and Halokinesis forced her to be the most creative as well as the most focused of the assassins created by uHive.


Trip to uHive

Powers and Abilities

Sherpa is able to use almost kind of bladed weapon, although prefers Chinese hook swords as they allow her to use them to scale up walls and climb things, as well as hook weapons out of aggressors hands. She is fairly skilled and creative with these weapons. She can also control salt to an extent, able to construct giant salt crystals or extract salt from a body. She can also use it to "salt" a corpse and make it more appetizing for her to eat- while not completely covering them in salt but enough to make almost anything appetizing enough for her to eat.





  • Sherpa is partially inspired by Reten, Pink Diamond from the Steven Universe series, White Diamond from the Steven Universe series, and the Joker from the Batman series. Her choice of weapon was not intentionally chosen but rather was simply a result from when she was being sketched out.
  • Sherpa is named after Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt, which was also where her color scheme comes from as well as her liking for various different salts.