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Shelley Revenson
Shelley Revenson, the post-modern Prometheus.
AGE 124 (immortal; appears to be in late 20s)
BIRTHDAY October 15th, 1824
Rubelline Tifft ('enemy')
Izuka Tifft ('enemy')


Meditating, hard work, chilly nights
The Tifft family, crowds

Shelley Revenson is a revenant gravedigger living in a mausoleum on the outskirts of Seattle, often reclusive and mysterious. Shelley and her family were created as butlers for the Tifft family in the 1800s, but after years of mistreatment, Shelley left to live a life on her own, holding a grudge against the Tiffts even as her memories faded.


Shelley is a fairly tall woman with pale skin; almost white, but with a tint of green to it, and various stitches all over. Her eyes are more like glass domes with no pupils and she has two large bolts on the sides of her neck. Her hair is dark brown and incredibly messy, almost covering her 'eyes' usually. Shelley wears a long-sleeved white shirt with a black vest over it, along with skinny black pants and some old worn-out leather boots.


Shelley is usually incredibly quiet and reclusive, rarely speaking unless spoken to. She doesn't accept many visitors and feels ostracized when she leaves the mausoleum for supplies, so she tends to only trust a few individuals. Though she often seems ambivalent and depressed, Shelley is actually very happy with her life in her graveyard, and will talk for hours with those who have earned her trust.

Shelley is incredibly driven, especially when it comes to her grudge with the Tifft family, but living for a century means she's often picked up habits and forgotten why. She doesn't remember starting her job as a gravedigger, and she occasionally forgets why she's mad with the Tifft family; she gets self-conscious about her poor memory often, and leaves reminders for herself around the mausoleum to compensate.


Shelley Revenson was created as a butler to serve for the Tifft family in 1892; she and her "family" are precursors to the various golems employed by the Tiffts in modern times. Shelley tended to the gardens at various mansions, but as her fellow revenants died off and got replaced with cheaper, more obedient golems, Shelley grew bitter and snuck away in the night, cutting off all ties with the Tiffts and travelling from job to job until becoming a gravedigger in Seattle at some point in the 1980s.

Power and Abilities

As a revenant, Shelley doesn't age and is immune to disease, although she can feel pain and be killed. Shelley has the power to "compost" natural material like dirt and dead leaves through her hands to fuel herself, meaning she rarely has to eat or sleep. She can also redirect this energy to briefly reanimate corpses, although it'd drain her entire body to fully raise the dead, so she only uses this ability in short bursts.



Rubelline Tifft

Shelley holds an intense grudge with the Tifft family, although she hasn't seemingly met any of the newer additions to the family face to face. She occasionally considers visiting one of Rubelline's parties, but hasn't gone through with the idea.


  • Shelley was named after Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein.
    • In addition, her title as "the post-modern Prometheus" is a reference to the book's full title: Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.